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    Dear Recruiter,

    Due to the economic slum coupled with todays constantly evolving environment, the process of talent acquisition has become even more critical. Leading organizations know that exceptional business performance is driven by superior talent and that people are the difference. With so much competition and such limited time, the need to recruit the best resources with the least amount of time and effort has become a necessity. To address all Industry needs including but not limited to recruiting, NUST created the Industry Liaison Office (ILO).

    It is the ILOs mission to provide all employers with a talented pool of resources in the least amount of time and we are determined to facilitate all employers in the recruitment process however possible. With the aim of making NUST graduates the preferred choice for all recruiters, the ILO takes feedback from Industry members on a regular basis and uses the feedback to bring about the necessary change.

    In line with this mission, the ILO has adopted several key initiatives in its work cycle. These include: Employers sessions HR Conferences and Forums Networking Nights Student Development Workshops International Industrial Linkages Recruitment Drives Industrial Tours

    We look forward to working with you!

    Best RegardsTeam ILONUST

    Industrial Liaison Office an Introduction


    Ranking/ Accreditations

    NUST is currently ranked in the top 400 universities in the world by The Times Higher Education- Quacquarelli Symonds (the QS). It also has the privilege of having the distinction of being the first University in Pakistan to achieve the ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification. As one of the largest and most distinguished public sector universities in Pakistan, NUST offers graduates from 25 engineering, 5 medical and 5 social management and basic science disciplines, each of our program receiving top ranks from national and international publications. This recognition reflects our innovative curriculum, excellence in teaching, cutting edge research and industry involvement.


    NUST currently has over 870 highly qualified faculty members out of whom 300 have acquired PHDs from premier International universities. Each faculty member at NUST has vast experiences and broad backgrounds enabling them to be the best in their respective fields. Faculty members at NUST are committed to providing a superior learning environment to all their students. To ensure high quality teaching and learning, we have maintained a faculty to student ratio of 1 is to 10 as per best international practices.

    Industrial Linkages

    Realizing the universal importance of University-Industry linkages, NUST has established a dedicated Industrial Liaison Office (ILO). The ILO works day and night to bridge the industry academia gap. By reaching out to the industry the ILO attempts to ascertain the direction the industry trends are moving towards, enabling NUST to provide graduates with education which they can gainfully employ, benefiting not only the students but the industries that they are employed in as well.

    Career Development Center

    To help students and alumni explore and make the right career choices, NUST has established a Career Development Center (CDC). The CDC provides programs and services that assist students in setting and achieving both their career and personal goals. These programs help students to foster professional networks with employers and prepare them to meet all recruitment needs.

    Center for Counseling and Career Advisory (C3A)

    In order to enhance and advance the academic and personal growth of the students, NUST has in place a Center for Counseling and Career Advisory (C3A) which offers professional, psychological and educational assessment, guidance and counseling and other related services to members of the NUST community.

    Professional Development Center

    Responding to the ever present need of continuing education for working professionals in the country, NUST established a Professional Development Center (PDC). This is an initiative supported by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The aim of the PDC is to enable working professionals to remain up to date with all the latest developments in their respective disciplines. Since its launch, the PDC has conducted hundreds of high value workshops, short courses and seminars.

    The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is the dynamic face of higher education in Pakistan today. Established in 1991, NUST has come a long way in a short period of time. Since its launch, the University has expanded in scope, services and stature and has emerged as a leading comprehensive University in the public sector. Each of the 16 constituent schools and colleges of NUST provide a stable and disciplined academic environment that prepare students to excel in all fields and take on leadership roles.As one of the largest and most distinguished University in the country, NUST produces professional and researchers of very high caliber, who are capable of developing indigenous technologies to meet the growing demands of the 21st century. Our graduates stay in demand for jobs in both the private and public sector because of the sound education, trusted skill levels and discipline provided to them at the University.

    Why is NUST one of its Kind?


    ILO Recruitment supportThe ILO provides constant support to students and employers in all recruitment activities. It works to ease and simplify the hiring process through the following channels:

    Industrial liaison officeThe ILO was created to facilitate you and to capitalize on this departments functions; we have formulated a system that ensures a smooth flow of information between the industry, our office and the students. The ILO makes available the best human resource available within 48 hours of the request and arranges for recruitment drives which bring together students from all the relevant schools of NUST on one platform, making it easy for the recruiter to pick and choose appropriate candidates.

    Online Job PostingsOne of the ways of circulating career/internship opportunities amongst our students is by emailing us all pertinent information regarding the vacancy and sending it our way. The ILO then shares the job opportunity with all the relevant schools and colleges of NUST, gathers resumes of interested candidates. This method is especially useful when attracting profiles for fewer and specific vacancies.

    Graduate Profile CDs and BooksNUST offers Graduate Profile Books and/or CDs. These facilitate employers to search and access the profiles they seek at any point in time. The Graduate Profiles enable employers to sift through the resumes based on students area of specialization. It allows them to view student projects, past experiences and so on. To get Graduate Profiles, send in a request at .

    Employer SessionsEmployer Session are the most interactive and personalized platforms for employers to educate students about their respective organizations. These sessions are used to guide students about the recruitment process and any upcoming opening in the organization. We encourage and invite all employers to conduct these sessions, giving both employer and students an opportunity to interact with and network with one another.

    How to Recruit at NUST

    Recruitment DrivesThe ILO administers all day recruitment events for any recruiting partners who wish to limit the recruiting activities to a day. These drives give employers the opportunity to conduct tests, interviews, group discussions, company presentation etc. all on the same day. Recruitment drives are organized upon request keeping in mind student availability. If you wish to conduct a recruitment drive, send in a request at or get in touch with the ILO at least 3 weeks prior to your preferred date.

    Interviews/TestsThe ILO also facilitates its recruiting partner through various stages of the recruitment process. This includes on campus company specific recruitment tests, interviews, groups discussion etc. For any recruitment of our graduates, we will assist and facilitate you however we can.

    Talent ExpoIn an effort to strengthen industry academia ties, the ILO arranges an Annual Talent Expo. The expo provides a unique platform for the Industry members to meet the most talented human resource and demonstrate how the faculty prepare and groom their students to meet the ever increasing demands of the job markets. The Expo serves as a talent fair, giving students the opportunity to showcase their final year projects and display their business and entrepreneurial talents.

    Recruitment Calendar

    InternshipsAll 3rd year students at NUST are required to do a mandatory summer internship, 4 to 6 weeks long. S