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Surgical Tools and Equipment. Topics. Open heart surgery (Julianne) Heart lung machine (Philicia) Patent Foramen Ovale (Kelsey) Catheter-based procedures (Suzy) MEMS (Ashley). Open Heart Surgery. Sternotomy Cardioplegia Heart-lung machine (Philicia will discuss) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Background for LVAD papers

Surgical Tools and EquipmentTopicsOpen heart surgery (Julianne)Heart lung machine (Philicia)Patent Foramen Ovale (Kelsey)Catheter-based procedures (Suzy)MEMS (Ashley)

Open Heart SurgerySternotomyCardioplegia Heart-lung machine (Philicia will discuss)Most common in most adult patients:Bypass surgery Valve surgery Open Heart Surgery Aortic Valve ReplacementWant to read about the first open heart surgery/ a movie made about it?

Cut through breast bone down middle and use cannulas to divert the blood away from the heartsolution that stops the heart during surgeryUse an artery or vein from the chest wall to bypass the diseased areaInternal mammory/thoracicReplacement or repairSophisticated electrical moniters: surgeon and aneastheseologist can monitor how people are doing3References,r:3,s:43,i:252,r:1,s:71,i:336Cardiopulmonary Bypassaka heart-lung machine, the pump

5video: machine in action:$1486 Foramen OvaleA hole between the left and right atria of the heart fails to close naturally soon aftera baby is born (first 2 years)

Relatively common - 10-20% of adults

Can be diagnosed by an echocardiogram or bubble test

The lowest mortality rates are achieved in individuals with a pulmonary artery systolic pressure of less than 40

Not usually treated unless there are other heart problems, or the person had a stroke

Closure of an ASD in individuals between the ages of 25 and 40 who are asymptomatic but have a clinically significant shunt is controversial.

Repaired by surgery, cardiac catheterization procedure, or percutaneous closureA cardiac catheterization involves slowly moving a catheter (a long, thin, flexible, hollow tube) into the heart. The catheter is initially inserted into a large vein through a small incision made usually in the inner thigh (groin area) and then is advanced to and into the heart.

ASO - AmplatzerSeptal Occluder TheAmplatzerSeptal Occluder (ASO) consists of two self-expandable round discs connected to each other - Nitinol wire mesh filled with Dacron fabric)

Cardiac CathetersCatheter= long, thin, and flexible tubeDiagnostic and treatmentCan do minor surgeries during the catheterization such as removing the bloackage Minimally invasive inserted into a blood vesselSmall incision is made after local anesthesiaDye is introduced into the catheter X-ray pictures are takenOnce removed, incision is stitched upRisks? It is a surgery after all. and Their FabricationWhat are MEMS?Technology of very small devices [1]



[4]13MEMS and MaterialsSiliconPolymersMetalsCeramics


[8]FabricationThree Basic Steps [2]

Fabrication [2]