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1. Telling Your School Story to the World Joe Sanfelippo, PhD Superintendent Fall Creek School District 2. Hope this is not 3. Clearly this will not be 4. Ground Rules 5. Where do many stakeholders live? 6. Where do many stakeholders live? 7. 2005 8. 2013 Image via 9. Kindergarten Concert Image captured by Joe Zydowsky, Cadott School District 10. Hell Parents, 11. Frustrations 12. The Experience Feels Different for Everyone! 13. Brandingwhat is it? The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products 14. 1. What is Your Identity? What is the identity of district? If you had only 15 seconds to tell your story, what would you say? What is the most amazing thing about your district? 15. Building Your Brand Who knows your identity? Does everyone within your space tell the same story? How do you differentiate your space from those around you? How do you share your story on the path to branding your space? 16. Celebrate Find something. put it on EVERYTHING 17. Brand Promise = Brand Experience You cant fool the people around your space Are the stories you are telling about your space real? Do the experiences of those within your space match the stories you are telling? 18. One more 3 Reasons to tell your story 2 things that dont allow it to happen 19. The year that was