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  • 1. SUPPORT i.n.v.e.n.t 2.0INSPIRING NIGERIAS VANGUARD OF EXCEPTIONALLY NOBEL TALENTSSHEBA Events Centre, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos31st May, 201311am promptgrooming the next school of visionary leaders

2. What is I.N.V.E.N.T?I.N.V.E.N.T is an acronym forInspiring Nigerias Vanguard ofExceptionally Noble Talents. Itis a platform for ensuring thatthe appropriate measure ofinformation reaches Nigeriaspotential future leaders. Weare quite aware that thestudents (protgs), mentors(certified career professionals),schools, parents, peers ofparticipating protgs andeveryone who have so far beenpart of the I.N.V.E.N.T projectwould attest to the fact that ithas unarguably beenimpactful, fulfilling, inspiringand invaluable. 3. Testimonials 4. I want to thank the organizers for this programme, ithas indeed been helpful. Saidat has improved on herperformances both in school and at home. She hasbecome conscious in the way she manages her time andshe said that is what her mentor taught her. I am verygrateful, may God bless you- Mr. O.A Bakare (A Parent)This is a remarkable job, I can see improvementsin the student both morally and academically andin the manner they go about their studies. Theyhave become more focused on their career and Ihave a conviction that if they find themselves inleadership positions tomorrow, they will performexcellently well- Mrs Adeshina (A teacher:Ayedere Ajibola Senior Secondary School, Mile 12,Lagos)I like I.N.V.E.N.T because it has help me tomeet a mentor who understand what I wantto become and have helped me, I am moreconfident now.I will like the organizers to goto my brothers school too- Vivian Ezeh(Baptist Girls Academy, Obanikoro) 5. This is a programme focused ontransforming lives and perspectives of thefuture leaders. It uses practical hand-onexperience and interaction with personswith leadership experience to groom futureleaders. Each step is a lifelong experience -Adeyi Ladipo (Head, Modern Trade, NESTLE,NigeriaIn a country where the lagging moralstandards have eaten deep, and young peoplefind themselves at a loss as to where theirfuture is headed, the I.N.V.E.N.T project isindeed a welcome development. I am quiteconvinced that it has relevance in the lives ofouryouths throughitsmentoringprogramme and should be supported bygovernment, private entities and World carebodies- Victoria Onwubiko (Senior Manager,Marketing and Communications, First BankNigeria 6. Challenge 7. The I.N.V.E.N.T project has beenSome of the protgs during adesigned to run largely onphoto session at Baptist Academycorporate funding throughsponsorship participations andpartnerships but they have notbeen forthcoming as expected.In the last one year, the projecthas been running on self-funding by the organizers. Thefinancial burden has howeverbeen weighty and thusthreatening the continuity ofthe project which has widelybeen lobbied to be extended.We cannot afford to surrenderthe future of our upcomingleaders to the precipice ofindiscretion. There had been notime in human history when agrowing generation had beenmore vulnerable as now! Thereis therefore the need tocontinuously feed thisgeneration of future leaderswith the right information thatcan empower them to make theright choices/decisions/changesSarah Ballah (Senior Manager, publicthrough well informed sources.affairs, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)during a mentorship session with herThis we have vigorously pursuedmentees in the last one year and we arehoping to continue this year. 8. Support Make a DONATION 9. In order for the organizersFor making donationsto continue to make theyou will be recognizedmuchcelebrated for your generousity asconstructive difference in a campaign supporterthe lives of the studentson our fully operational(protgs), we seek your custom built onlinecommitment for thismentoring interactivelaudable project (even portal and on all otherwhile we await corporate media platforms that is deployed for sameparticipations). We will be purpose.glad if you join in the questof grooming the nextgeneration of visionaryleaders for our dearcountry. We earnestly hopethat at this time theNigerian child can counton your support to makedonations for this justcause.I.N.V.E.N.T Leadership Summit and Mentorship Programme 2.0(2013 Edition) is depending on your support and generousity.Feel free to visit our corporate facebook to see pictures ofmentorship session that have so far taken place. 10. Individual Donations N5000-Above (Equivalence of $30) Corporate Donations N50,000-above (Equivalence of $300) Benefits Media credits and official recognition of the sponsorsname, logo, images and trademarks integrated into allthe events publicity vehicles; Prominent placement of companys logo on eventsignage at the venue; Display of the sponsors logo for a duration of 30 atintervals of 60minutes at the project launch; Access to the vast post event database of participantsand school information (upon request);To pledge your support, please make payments to theaccount below;Account Name: Elderberry Integrated Resources LimitedAccount Number: 0114776221Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB), Nigeria 11. Promise 12. Be assured that your contribution(s)will be put to good use as we aremost convinced that this project isone of the most pragmatic, effectivesure-fires and purposeful resultoriented projects for grooming thenext school of visionary leaders forNigeria. 13. Enquiries 14. #INVENTproject | @elderberryworld 234-802-908-3852 234-802-427-3381 15. Thank YouApproved by: