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How can disciplines work together to achieve a structured design based on evolving, creative storytelling?

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  • 1. Structuring content in an evolving design. @emcguane

2. About me. @emcguane 3. I used to work like this. 4. Now I work like this. 5. A project. 6. Pitch rst, reverse engineer later. 7. Writing for everyone, from scratch. 8. Platform Backbone Gaps 9. What are you willing to sacrice? 10. Agile, kind of Mobile-first, sort of Responsive, mostly 11. The story. 12. All the products. 13. Structure to support content delivery? 14. Structure to support editors. 15. Narrative structure. 16. Im$a$sheep$farmer$and$use$my$Honda$generator$to$power$sheep$scanners,$ as$soon$as$the$sheep$become$pregnant.$It$is$used$at$an$early$stage$in$ pregnancy$to$tell$whether$a$ewe$is$in$lamb$or$not.$ The story of every product. 17. The story of the brand. 18. The arc of a page. The hook A single telling detail Choice Comparison at the heart Benefits in a narrative Emotion as an anchor Choice Choice 19. Story told in sequence. 20. The whole story. The teaser The proof The technical stuff The fun extras The decision 21. The reader rules all. 22. Mobile rst inevitably. 23. Where we went wrong. 24. Lets focus on structure to begin with, and think about content all the time. - @markboulton 25. We wrote words early. And looked to words already written. 26. Content modeling? 27. What formats should we build? 28. Just how much content variety does one site need? 29. How do you communicate these decisions? 30. Tools and documentation. 31. Own your IA. 32. Source material is only one input. 33. Structure cant be siloed from meaning. 34. @markboulton again: Designing a magazine or newspaper system requires the designer to exercise rigorous restraint with a hugely variable melting pot of content. 35. Structure without goals or needs is useless. 36. A Page Description Diagram? (I hate naming things) 37. A trigger, not a nished brief. - Greig Robinson 38. Structure and the CMS. 39. Always be OK with letting things go. 40. Work better together. 41. The best solution isnt to build tools that hide that complexity from the user, that make them think that the styling theyre adding to the desktop site is the real version of the content. - @karenmcgrane 42. Need to think visually and structurally. 43. My success story. 44. Price. Rate. Service. 45. Why it worked: precise. reusable. needs-based. 46. Structure is a common thread between disciplines. 47. Content modeling is the practice by which disciplines collaborate on the design of structured content. - Cleve Gibbon & Rachel Lovinger 48. All design should be the practice by which disciplines collaborate on the design of structured content. - Everyone someday, hopefully 49. Thank you. @emcguane