Stretching Techniques Static/Passive Stretching Ballistic Stretching Active Stretching PNF...

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Stretching Stretching Techniques Techniques Static/Passive Static/Passive Stretching Stretching Ballistic Ballistic Stretching Stretching Active Stretching Active Stretching PNF Stretching
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Transcript of Stretching Techniques Static/Passive Stretching Ballistic Stretching Active Stretching PNF...

  • Stretching TechniquesStatic/Passive StretchingBallistic StretchingActive StretchingPNF Stretching

  • Calf StretchStretching Knee extended Knee flexed 15-30 degrees

  • Hip Flexor StretchPosition KneelingForward legFoot in front of kneeBack legInternally rotate hipGreater stretchShoulders over hipsAbdominal muscles tight

  • Quadriceps StretchPosition StandingEmphasis Knee behind hip Foot away from buttocksTight abdominal musclesAlternate technique: Use hand to hold foot or ankle

  • Quadriceps StretchStretchingPartner stabilize low backPlace Hip in flexion by elevating kneeFlex knee jointHurdlers Stretch is dangerous for knee and back

    Doesnt stretch quads very well. Does stretch sartorius

  • Hamstring StretchKeep abdominal muscles tightBring your knee to your chestSlowly push out into hands while straightening knee (5 seconds)Hold straight (5 seconds)Slowly reverse motion until your knee is back on your chest (5 seconds)

  • Hamstring Stretch

  • Gluteus Maximus StretchButtocks StretchSingle Knee to Chest StretchDouble Knee to Chest StretchMotionFlexion of hip

  • Gluteus Medius Stretch

    Cross leg positionUsing hand on same sidePress knee away from you

  • Adductor StretchButterfly stretchGood techniqueAthlete sits up straightHold both ankles with handsUse elbows to press knees down Bad techniqueHead pulled down towards feetRounded backGrabbing feet

  • Piriformis Stretch

  • ITB Stretch

  • Low Back StretchFlexion StretchesDouble knee to chestCat Back StretchVariationCat/Camel Stretch

  • Low Back Rotational StretchesRotate to side of bent legRight leg bent - rotate rightLeft leg bent - rotate left

  • Press-upsProne positionPush up trunk until hips are unweightedImmediately return to start positionDo not hang on extended spine with hips off groundAlternate position is push-up position pushing up from hands instead of elbows

  • Neck StretchesSide bend head Assist with handArm at side reaches down behind backScalene StretchSide bend headLook into opposite armpitUse hand to assist stretch

  • Pectoralis Major Stretch

  • Wrist Flexor/Extensor Stretch