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Transcript of Strategic Planning Assignment

(Front sheet for BTEC Level 7 assessment in Business)

Front Cover sheet BTEC Level -7, Advanced Professional Diploma in Management Studies

Strategic Planning and Implementation (Unit 4)(Submitted to Mr. Sumesh S Dadwal)


Learners Name:DIXITA VISHALKUMAR KHATRI ID0909BHC214.. Class (Course)PGDBM-C.. Section UNIT 4. Unit titleSTRATEGIC PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION Date assessment details issued.. Date handed in 09/07/2010. Words Count: 3533.

Learners signature___________________ Date 09 /07 /2010

Submitted to: MR Sumesh Singh Dadwal

Submittedstudent must attach this assessment sheet as 2nd page of your report Note: Each by :Name :

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Table of ContentSr. no.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Introduction A business structure Criteria for reviewing potential options A strategy and its resource implication Organisations ethical, cultural, environmental, social and business background Vision and mission statement Objectives and measures for evaluation Outline timetable for implementaion An appropriate commitment dissemination processes to gain


Page No.3 3 4 8 13 14 14 15 17 19 21 21

Monitoring and evaluation systems conclusion References

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INTRODUCTION: Affordable and ecologically friendly venue = Echotel Make your holidays comfortable, healthy and enjoyable at this noise free and ecofriendly hotel Jay and Chris are two entrepreneurs who have embarked on a project that involves building a chain of green hotels called EcHotels . EcHotel provides you sustainable, fresh, noise -free and healthy environments that you are looking for your leisure activities at an affordable price. To develop other ecologically friendly venues in order to appeal to a segment of the market that prefers sustainable tourism is the primary objective of the Echotel.


Hotels organizational structure is very important but hotel s organizational structure is very different from one another because of different size and type. EcHotel ltd can provide enough services for attracting many parties and stakeholders to this hotel. ECHotel can achieve this situation when it accepts below situation for the Right Approach.

General Manager

House Keep g

1). Front Office: - Hospitalitys most important part is Front desk because guests and staff first contact the front desk (Reception Counter). Hospitality Business venues face office is where stranger are greeted when they arrive, where they are registered and assigned to a room, and where they check out. So i t is necessary that he/she has very good communication skill, polite ness, good organizational skill and any other required skills. 2). House Keeping: - House keeping departments main duty is to keep guests room and public space clean and tidy. It means guest rooms, bed sheet, towel, every little items need to be clean and tidy. 3). Engineering: - Engineering department is responsible for hotels maintenance, repair, replacement, improvement, variation of furniture and fixtures, utilities and regular test and examination of the equipment.






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4). Marketing and Sales department:- Marketing and sales departments are also responsible for selling of hotels facilities and serves. They meet potential clients through direct relations, publicity and conference meetings, and give you information for hotels structure and facility so clients can attractive for this hotel. 5). Accounting Department:- Accounting departments are responsible for many of the duties such as hotel operation, cost accounting, guest accounts, staff salary, purchase ledger, sales ledger, maintenance exp and any other duties. 6). General Manager:- General manager is a responsible for all hotels work and all department (both administration and organizational) so also called that second of hotels owner If ECHotel can accept that structure, many parties and stakeholders can be attracted to this hotel. Because this structure is very good as every responsibility (work) is devided so work can be done fast, with ease and without mistakes. Reference:1) Hotel

Oisrganization Structure | -organizationstructure.html#ixzz0sGjG6xQy 2)

1(b). Criteria that can be used when analyzing development : -

Potential options for

ECHotel Ltd can use many of the tools for the development. Such as market development, SWOT analysis, BCG matrix Analysis:y y y y y y y

core competencies core business Market Development Required inputs SWOT PEST Porters five forces

Market Development : Market development is the most important part of the business development because this tool will useful for the increase market share, increase market revenew and grew the business. Market development process is a very simple. They meet potential clients through advertising, and conference meetings, and direct contacts, and give you information for hotels structure and facility after that i knew thatPage 4 of 22

customers need and expectation and at the same time build stronger relationship with your customer. Reference: 2004 ODonnell & Associates, LLC Page 2 Required Inputs : y Land > to develop ecologically friendly venues y Labour > to get skilled & unskilled labours required y Capital > the type and cost of capital to achieve the strategy SWOT : S = Strengths, identify Echotels existing strengths W = weakness, identify Echotels existing weaknesses O = opportunities, market opportun ities for Echotels to exploit T = threats, to come for future success of Echotel PEST : P = political, local national & international may affect the Echotel How / In what ways? E = economic issues that may affect Echotel S = social trends that may affect Echotels operation and future planning. T = technological change can impact advantage of company fast. Porters five forces : 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Strength of barriers to entry Extent of rivelry between firms Supplier power Buyer power Threats from substitutes

Porters three strategies:Porters generic strategies is more profitable and attractive for a business and it is divided in three parts. Cost leadership strategy, Differentiation and Focus strategy. But ECHotel ltd can use cost leadership strategy to get more profits. y Cost leadership strategy:There are many competitive advantages for low cost leadership but it is possible that lower price can produce good level of quality. This is a focus on cost benefit. This strategy will help company to purchase every goods in a bulk order. That means lower expenses and thus benefit to the company and this benefit will be useful to manage the companys product price. ECHotel ltd has this internal strength so they can succe ed cost leadership strategy.Page 5 of 22

Company has taken many sustainable eco friendly ideas to redues cost in many areas of hotel operation and they are looking for more ideas to implemented in the future . Anssoff Matrix : provides the basis for an organization's objective setting and sets the foundation of directional policy for its future' (Bennett, 1994). Very useful to determine business growth opportunities.

ECHotel ltd should use the market development strategy because they are the new entry in the competitor market. There are two market development strategies. y Identify users in different markets with similar needs to existing customers. y Identify new customers who would use a product in a different way.


BCG matrix : This tool is helpful for the hotel management, portfolio analysis, and strategic management and marketing. BCG matrix is also helpful for business, in which the best way for the use of opportunity and source will take advantage of profit in the future. Two factors for the BCG matrix, market share and market growth.

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Dogs (Low market growth/ Low market share):Dogs mean your business situation is weak. ECHotel ltd a Weak situation in the presence market so that its necessary for the hard work and difficult to gain a lot of profit. Second side ECHotels market growth is slow that means ECHotel obtain a lot of hard work to progress the condition. Cash Cow(High market share/Low market growth): Cash cow means high profit and cash generaion . ECHotels to settle in the market so its easy to gain a new opportunity but it have a limited opportunity because market growth is low so expend limited money. Star (High market share/ High market growth): ECHotel is reputable in the market and market growth is high. This is a fantastic opportunity for the ECHotel and if this situation ECHotel should hard work, the top position in the market. Question marks (Low market share/ High market growth):- New products or services with good commercial potentials.

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1 (c) Company Strategy and include all associated resources: -

Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfil stakeholder expectations.(Johnson and Scholes, page - 10)

Strategy defined by Glueck is: Unified, Comprehensive & integrated plan Relates to the strategical benifits of the firm to the challenges of the environments Designed to ensure that basic objectives of the enterprise are achieved through proper implementation process.

Plans can be seen as the strategic