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Working with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, Steljes has developed the Business Productivity Suite to help you change the way you work for real and lasting benefit. The Business Productivity Suite comprises of the cream of today’s productivity technology, under one roof, designed to address five focus areas that businesses tell us they need to make more efficient: meetings, video and data conferencing, workspaces and flexible working, training and marketing and communications.

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  • 1. Its notwhatyou do...ItsthetIMewayPLaCethatyoudo It.This is Business ProducTiviTy
  • 2. 88bn Non-productive time costs the UK 88 billion a year. Source: Proudfoot Productivity ReportthIs Is busInessProduCtIvIty.Running a business is challenging. And when We invest a lot in training (never enough And my marketing department drives me up Weve probably all felt similarits got 500 people in four offices across three I know), but running courses across the UK the wall because new products seem to takecountries and an entire sales force working and Ireland is challenging and our remote forever to get to our retail network product frustrations from time to time. butremotely then its not for the faint hearted. workers never engage with it. We live in a development certainly needs to be faster, but digital age, but in meetings we still scribble why should distribution take so long? steljes believes that there is a WayCompetition is fierce, so we need to fight for notes on pads and use flipcharts like theyreeverything. Moneys tight, so we need to be going out of fashion. It means progress Above all, I just feel like were wasting forWard. What We do may neverlean, fast and smart. can be slow, actions can be missed and resources, and Im not just talking money. everything feels very archaic. What concerns me above all is peoples time. change, but the time, the Way andIt can be frustrating at times. Weve got a We waste that too often, and we need to stop.good business here, but I know we could Our off-site staff feel disconnected from the the place that We do it can. today.have a great one if we made more of what business, and theyre often the people we Its not what were doing thats the problem,weve got. Our people are talented, but we need to stay closest to because theyre on the its the time, the way, the place that weredont seem to communicate and collaborate ground with customers. We had to put travel doing it. We need to change the way we well as we should. Our products are restrictions in place to reduce costs, but its read on, and Take The firsT sTePoutstanding, but they take too long to get ended up just being an excuse not to getto market. And weve embraced new teams together. The offices themselves are a Towards a very differenT scenario.cost-cutting technologies, but we havent big part of our ongoing costs every time Imreally seen the returns. there I just feel were not really maximising what were getting from this investment: it feels like an unproductive place to be. 1 this is business productivity
  • 3. it Was a no-brainer, really. not only can When you ignore Where, When and hoW We noW process our Work quicker, We Work is done you empoWer people to need less people and roughly 25 per cent be more productive, more creative, and feWer meetings to do so. more successful. Victoria Slight Telework Research Network Cable & Wirelessthe futurestarts todayWere all under pressure to do more with less The world of work is in the midst of significant The Time ThaT we do iT The way ThaT we do iT The Place ThaT we do iT these days. Maintaining a competitive edge cultural change, and businesses need to Working faster Working smarter Working anyWheremeans getting every drop of value from your change too with creative and flexible work Your staff can be free just to make things Your people can eliminate unproductive The employer that supports truly flexiblefacilities, your real estate and your people. spaces, effective training and responsive happen, with smooth and interactive meetings, dramatically cut their travelling working is rewarded with a more committedWork patterns are changing too, with smaller, marketing tools that make the most of every technology that feels natural, that dispenses time, improve communication and save and more effective work force not tomore focused teams coming together to bring resource. With the right technology in place, with flipcharts and typed-up actions and money. They can collaborate more effectively, mention lower travel costs and less desknew ideas to life and launch them to market you can embrace this new way of working. that energises teams and enriches their across any distance, sharing documents with space. Your people can work from home,fast. And employers are working harder to You can make your workforce more engaged working day. They can be 100% involved ease and working intuitively together to solve from another city, from another continent attract the best staff improving their and fulfilled, make your operations more and focused, launching products or services problems and generate ideas. And your so your carbon footprint shrinks as their jobwork-life balance and keeping them fulfilled efficient, improve communication and faster than ever. And when theyre ready to training can be richer and more effective, satisfaction grows.and skilled with career-building training. collaboration and help your business to leap go, your marketing team can react instantly, with technologies that increase engagement into a more productive future. with digital, cloud-based displays that get and retention and allow your staff to access your messages out there with a few clicks training sessions from anywhere. of a mouse. The fuTure holds a Brand new way To work. leTs sTarT Today.2 this is business productivity 3 this is business productivity
  • 4. 55% 40% Over 55% of desks in an average office Companies surveyed believed they all i need is a room, electricity and the smart podium are empty at any given time, so why is would save up to 40% of their travel it still so hard to find a meeting room? costs and associated expenses by interactive pen display and