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Transcript of Statement of Purpose and Function - Homes 2 Inspire .Statement of Purpose and Function. Registered

  • Edgecote House Statement of Purpose

    and Function

  • Registered Provider

    Edgecote House is an operated by Homes2Inspire Limited

    Telephone: 01283 532167


    Registration Number: 1256135

    Provide care and accommodation for up to 5 children & young people

    We are registered to provide accommodation for children and young people with Social,

    Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD)

    Reviewed: 26.06.18

  • Index

    1. Quality and purpose of care at Edgecote House

    a. A description of Edgecote House

    b. The surrounding area

    c. Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

    d. Who to contact if you have a complaint

    2. Views and feelings

    a. How we consult children about the quality of care they receive at Edgecote House

    b. How we approach anti-discriminatory practice and childrens rights

    3. Education

    4. Enjoyment and achievement

    5. Health

    6. Positive relationships

    7. Protection of children

    a. How to access child protection policy and behavioural policy for Edgecote House

    b. Our approach to behavioural support at Edgecote House

    8. The fire precautions and associated emergency procedures for Edgecote House

    9. Quality assurance and inspection

    10. Leadership and management

    11. Care planning and admissions

  • 1. Quality and Purpose of Care at Edgecote House

    At Edgecote House we do not believe that any one model or tool holds the answer to supporting

    children and young people reaching their potential. We have found through years of experience

    that a humanistic approach through child centered practice works in a way to empower our young

    people to be in control of their lives. Much of the focus of our work lies within task focused

    approaches to behavioral management, setting small achievable targets identified by the young

    person leading towards a bigger objective. All children and young people in our care are involved

    in planning and decision making based on what is important from their own perspective.

    We focus on the core values of being non-judgmental, providing care and empathy, accepting

    each child as a unique individual. We recognise that in order to offer an outstanding service, the

    needs of the individual must lie at the heart of everything we do.

    This approach encourages young people to flourish and grow in confidence as they begin to

    recognise their own potential and self-worth. Many of our children have complex needs and have

    experienced trauma and loss and enter our homes at a time of crisis. Our staff work hard to build

    positive curative relationships with young people supporting them to manage their behavioral

    complications. Our staff teams pride themselves in their level of commitment and consistency

    with all children and young people and apply the principles of good enough parenting

    throughout their practice. Our staff teams strive to offer a safe family environment that

    promotes healing as well as growth.

    Our child centered approach ensures that our young people feel valued and listened to. We

    remain steadfast in that whilst we may not accept certain behaviours our acceptance of the young

    person is unconditional. We offer a bespoke service specifically tailored to meet the childs needs,

    we recognise that this has to be a dual process so our staff and young people work together to

    identify their specific requirements.

    Statement of Care:

    Edgecote House is where Every Child Matters and quality is key. We work in collaboration

    with our young people, parents and professionals to ensure that all our young people thrive,

    make progress and enjoy their experience.

    Care and Pathway Planning All children and young people accommodated within homes2inspire will be encouraged and supported to achieve positive outcomes and progress. All children and young people will have a comprehensive Pathway Plan, where applicable, that ensures their safety and wellbeing and fulfils their future aspirations. This is supported through a detailed Care Plan which involves all significant stakeholders working collaboratively to deliver these outcomes in an appropriate and measurable way. Following the Government's 'Keep on Caring' white paper and Sir Martin Narey's independently commissioned report ,'Residential Care in England'(2016), homes2inspire welcome the recommendations around supporting young people in residential care approaching independence and beyond. We will commit, where appropriate, to support young people during this transitional period to prevent the cliff edge conclusion to their time in residential care. We will consider bespoke packages in conjunction with Local Authorities, internal and external stakeholders and the young person, to enhance their transition into independence and deliver a proactive and positive experience of leaving care.

  • a. A description of Edgecote House

    The main purpose of placing children and young people with the staff team at Edgecote House is

    to integrate them into the community and, without prejudice or stigma, address the behaviours

    and attitudes that have made life difficult for them in the past.

    We are registered as a provider of care for children and young people who are experiencing

    emotional and behavioural difficulties. The staff are committed to raising awareness and self-

    esteem of the children and young people in our care. Our aim is to respond positively to suitable

    behaviours and develop appropriate strategies to challenge inappropriate behaviour. There are a

    number of external agencies that are used to aid this process when necessary.

    Working in partnership with each child, their families and other professionals, we endeavor to

    enhance each childs levels of self-esteem by creating and maximising safe opportunities in which

    to learn, develop and realise appropriate degrees of self-determination. This partnership work is

    focussed around placement plans which will inform future stability. Where it is possible we aim to

    achieve family reunification, but when that is not an option we work towards other preferred


    Edgecote House Provision details

    Edgecote House is a six bedroom detached property situated on a side road

    location on the outskirts of Burton on Trent town centre.

    The home has three storeys, consisting of a newly decorated lounge and

    dining room, fitted kitchen; education room along with a Chill out room

    located on the second floor.

    It offers five young peoples bedrooms, which can be tailored to the young

    persons personal taste, and a room providing staff sleeps in facilities. Each

    bedroom has its own en-suite facilities. The staff sleep room also has its own bathroom facilities. They

    is also one main communal bathroom located on the second storey of the property, with a communal

    WC on storey two and a downstairs WC for visitors and staff.

    There is a small garden located at the front and a larger one to the rear of the

    property, which offers, garden furniture and various pots, shrubs and plants are

    located in this area.

  • Cooking and washing facilities are accessible to all the children

    and young people resident in the home and they are actively

    encouraged to prepare food and when appropriate wash their own

    clothes. Each young person has a single bedroom to which they

    and the staff on shift both hold a key. After a period of time and

    based on the length of their placement, children and young people

    are given the opportunity to choose personal colour schemes for

    their bedrooms. Furniture is regularly checked and maintained in

    good order.

    Edgecote House has a small, friendly and welcoming staff team who enjoy arranging and participating in

    outings and family visits. We have a house car but as a team we try and encourage the use of public

    transport as much as possible in order to encourage and promote independence and confidence in

    getting to know the local area, with staff supervision if necessary.

    b. The surrounding area

    The home is located in a community that offers good local amenities, including a doctors surgery,

    chemist, and a number of churches, library, superstore, newsagents, post office and a local bus service.

    The area in which the house is situated is close to several schools in the local area including a high

    school. It is accessible and provides learning support, where necessary, and operates effective anti-

    bullying policies. Good working relationships will be further developed and the schools will be supportive

    to the children and young people living at Edgecote House.

    c. Equality diversity and Inclusivity

    Ethnic identity must be recognized by all carers within Homes2inspire, we must meet the needs of

    children from all groups in the community and must show understanding, awareness and

    sensitivity towards all children and young people. We must also recognize the sense of self identity

    and pride that ones culture, race and religion can provide. As carers, we must be open to

    acknowledging that a child from an ethnic minority group is likely to be in the minority in both the

    home environment and in other community settings.

    The care team should have a clear understan