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  • St. Lukes Episcopal Church

    The Northern Light

    September 2017 The Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac: Being Communies of Gods Mercy and Delight

    I !"

    Opportunies to Serve p. 2

    From Mother Barb p. 3

    Fall Learning Offerings p. 4

    Foyers Second Serving / Book Group p. 4

    Eischens Pilgrimage / Ellio's 50th p. 5

    Meeng Those We Worship With p. 6

    CHIP / Birthdays and Anniversaries p. 7

    Directory Changes p. 7

    Earth Care Workshop p. 7

    September Calendar / Lay Ministry insert

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    Managing Change in Congregations

    The Commission on Congregaonal Vitality will be hosng a

    workshop on managing change in congregaons, to be repeat-

    ed in each of the deaneries. This workshop, presented by

    Leslie Gunter, the Rev. Diane Murray, and the Rev. Ralph Os-

    borne, is designed for both clergy and lay leaders. The work-

    shop in each locaon will begin at 8:30 with a connental

    breakfast, with program beginning at 9 am. The day concludes

    by 3 pm. A registraon fee of $15 per person includes the con-

    nental breakfast, lunch and materials.

    Dates and locaons are: Cathedral of St. Paul, Fond du Lac

    Sept 16; St. Annes, DePere, Sept 30; St. John, Wausau, Oct 7

    To register go to h'p://


    A Message to the Church from the Presiding Bishop Michael Curry:

    Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?

    In this moment when the stain of bigotry has once again covered our land,

    and when hope, frankly, somemes seems far away, when we must now re-

    member new martyrs of the way of love like young Heather Heyer it may help

    to remember the deep wisdom of the martyrs who have gone before.

    The year was 1967. It was a me not unlike this one in America. Then there

    were riots in our streets, poverty and unbridled racism in our midst, and a war

    far away tearing us apart at home. In that moment, the Rev. Dr. Marn Luther King Jr. wrote a book, his last one, with a

    message that rings poignant today. It was tled, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?

    One of his insights then was that a moment of crisis is always a moment of decision. It was true then and is true now.

    Where do we go from here? Chaos? Indifference? Avoidance? Business as usual? Or Beloved Community?

    Im a follower of Jesus of Nazareth because I believe the teachings, the Spirit, the Person, the life, death, and resurrec-

    on of Jesus have shown us the way through the chaos to true community as God has intended from the beginning.

    Through the way of love, he has shown us the way to be right and reconciled with the God and Creator of us all.

    Through his way of love, he has shown us the way to be right and reconciled with each other as children of God, and as

    brothers and sisters. In so doing, Jesus has shown us the way to become the Beloved Community of God. St. Paul said it

    this way: In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself and now he has entrusted us with the message of recon-

    ciliaon (2 Corinthians 5:19).

    I know too well that talk of Beloved Community, which Jesus was describing when he spoke of the kingdom of God in

    our midst, can be dismissed as nice but naive, idealisc yet unrealisc. I know that.

  • The Vestry

    Betsy Rogers, Sr. Warden

    Doug Schwartz, Jr. Warden

    Norma Bramsen (2018)

    David Skidmore (2018)

    Ralph Blankenburg (2019)

    Steve EllioF (2019)

    Judy Bush (2020)

    George Hughes (2020)

    Vestry minutes appear

    monthly on our website at


    The Northern Light Page 2

    Please dont wait to be asked if you want to get involved. We invite you to pray

    about serving and see what you discover. You can let any vestry member or

    Mother Barb know you are interested. Training is provided.

    Counters for Sunday Offering.

    Reading the lessons and/or the Prayers of the People during Sunday worship.

    Serve as a chalice bearer -- they offer the cup of wine, the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Some also assist at the table during communion.

    Altar Guild they prepare for worship services including communion bread and

    wine as well as flowers. Added bonus, great gatherings with scrumpous food.

    Lay Eucharisc Visitor (LEV) they take commun-

    ion to parish members at Scandia.

    Providing transportaon to church for members

    who live at Scandia. Speak with Gwynne Schultz,

    Deacon Joy or Mother Barb.

    O4456!" T5 S"68"

    But I also know this. The way of Beloved Community is our only hope. In this most recent unveiling of hatred, bigotry,

    and cruelty, as Neo-Nazis marched and chanted, The Jews will not replace us, we have seen the alternave to Gods

    Beloved Community. And that alternave is simply unthinkable. It is nothing short of the nightmare of human self-

    destrucon and the destrucon of Gods creaon. And that is unthinkable, too.

    We who follow Jesus have made a choice to walk a different way: the way of disciplined, intenonal, passionate, com-

    passionate, mobilized, organized love intent on creang Gods Beloved Community on earth.

    Maybe it is not an accident that the Bible readings for the Holy Eucharist this Sunday (Genesis 45:1-15; Isaiah 56:1,6-8;

    Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32; and MaFhew 15:21-28) all point toward and bear a message of Gods passionate desire and

    dream to create the Beloved Community in the human family and all of the creaon.

    This Sunday and in the days and weeks to come, as we gather in community to worship God and then move about in

    our homes, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, social circles and more, we will be faced with a choice. I ask and invite

    us as congregaons and individuals who are together the Episcopal Church of the Jesus Movement to intenonally,

    purposely, and liturgically rededicate ourselves to the way of Jesus, the work of racial reconciliaon, the work of heal-

    ing and dismantling everything that wounds and divides us, the work of becoming Gods Beloved Community. Re-

    sources that can assist us in doing this work are included with this message, including an adapted version of the Be-

    coming Beloved Community vision that our churchs key leaders shared this spring. I urge you to spend me reflecng

    with them individually and in your churches.

    Where do we go from here? Maybe the venerable slave songs from our American past can help us. In the midst of their

    suffering, they used to sing

    Walk together children

    And dont you get weary.

    Cause theres a great camp meeng

    In the promised land.

    We will walk there together. We will make this soil on which we live more and more like Gods own Promised Land.

    So God love you. God bless you. And lets all keep the faith!

    The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate, The Episcopal Church

    A Message to the Church from the Presiding Bishop Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?

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  • The Northern Light Page 3

    Much is happening around St. Lukes !!

    New sound system. The vestry has deliberated for a number of months about

    puMng a sound system into the Canterbury Room. They voted to do so and

    the new system is now in place. Members of the congregaon most likely to

    use the new system aFended a tutorial on its use. For right now, youll no-

    ce a couple of speakers near the ceiling and a pull-down screen against the

    west wall. The system will facilitate events including classes, presentaons

    and the movie series.

    Fall is almost here (can you believe it?) and well be resuming our schedule of classes. This year the leconary class will

    meet on Wednesday mornings at 10. The leconary group takes an in-depth look at the upcoming Sunday scrip-

    tures, including looking at the history and theology of a given passage. Needless to say, that makes listening to the

    sermon on Sunday a much more rewarding experience. This class isnt sequenal, so feel free to drop in on any


    The Thursday morning class will again meet at 11. This year, Roger Johnson will lead the first six weeks. The class will

    take a serious look at reading the Bible. Roger has an MA degree in theology and a life-long interest in biblical studies .

    Following Rogers contribuon, the class will connue with a study on the people of the Bible. See page 4 for fur-

    ther details on Rogers class.

    A Burial Service was conducted for Barbara Kleid on August 19th

    . Barbara had spent many summers in Door County, but

    had more recently lived in Texas. I ask for your prayers for the repose of her soul and the comfort of her family.

    LITURGICAL MINISTRIES. Periodically, we ask if anyone is interested in helping with one or more of the ministries.

    These include reading, ushering, being a chalice bearer and serving as a Lay Eucharisc Minister to take communion

    to those unable to join us at the Sunday service. It also includes, of course, what some people call the 8th


    ment in the Episcopal Church, hosng coffee hour! We do have a need right now, especially for hosts and ushers