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  • Christ and Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church

    2012-13 Parish Directory

    charles Draft

  • Christ and Saint Luke’s Church Staff Directory

    Name and Title Phone Number E mail address

    The Rev. Canon Win Lewis 627-5665 x 14

    Rector, Time Certain

    Mrs. Charlie Davey 627-5665 x 11

    Assistant for Formation and Pastoral Care

    Mrs. Joyce Safford 627-5665 x 15

    Business Administrator

    Mr. Charles Porter 627-5665 x 12

    Executive Assistant to the Rector

    Ms. Jane Dembert 627-5665 x 15

    Finance and Membership Assistant

    Mr. David Lee Roberts 627-5665


    Mr. Kevin Kwan 627-5665 x 18

    Organist and Director of Music

    Ms. Marjorie Setnicky 582-3978

    Assistant Organist

  • People Directory Page: 1Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church


    Adams, Mr. Ornado PO Box 2481 Virginia Beach, VA 23450-2481 Preferred Phone: 419-4981 Ornado

    Business Phone: 557-1600

    Anderson, Mr. Christopher 6220 Rolfe Ave Norfolk, VA 23508-1027 Preferred Phone: 321-1499 Preferred E-Mail:

    Anderson, Ms. Marsha 715 Stanwix Sq Norfolk, VA 23502-3905 Preferred Phone: 757-818-7494 Preferred E-Mail: Marsha

    Mobile Phone: 757-818-7494

    Andrews, Mrs. Elizabeth (Betsy) Harbor's Edge Apt 901 1 Colley Ave Norfolk, VA 23510-1038 Preferred Phone: 622-4584 Preferred E-Mail: Betsy

    Mobile Phone: 620-1060

    Archer, Dr. Robert Archer, Dr. Linda

    619 Mowbray Arch Norfolk, VA 23507-1852 Preferred Phone: 622-5566 Preferred E-Mail: Linda

    Business Phone: 446-6190

    Atkins, Mr. A. (Brad) Waibel-Atkins, Mrs. Christine (Chris)

    919 Jamestown Cres Norfolk, VA 23508-1432 Preferred Phone: 489-8566 Alexander, Christine

    Atkinson, Mr. Dean 7211 Granby St room 123 Norfolk, VA 23505-4001 Preferred Phone: 440-7434

    Atkinson, Ms. Joan 7219 Shirland Ave Norfolk, VA 23505-2937 Preferred Phone: 440-6951 Preferred E-Mail:

    Avery, Mr. Clark Avery, Mrs. Kelly

    7011 Mallard Dr Norfolk, VA 23505-4340 Preferred Phone: 423-0058 Preferred E-Mail: Kelly

    Alternate: 7468 N Shore Rd Norfolk, VA 23505-1756 Phone: 216-3708

    Mobile Phone: 285-0264 Lucille, Camilla

    Avery, Mr. Edward (Waightstill) Avery, Mrs. Brook

    6120 Sylvan St Norfolk, VA 23508-1034 Preferred Phone: 423-6840 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Waightstill

    Business Phone: 496-0995 Brook

    Mobile Phone: 647-4340 Emily (Straeten), Leah, Meredith (Meredith)

    Avery, Dr. Stanley Avery, Mrs. Lee Ann

    509 Brackenridge Ave Norfolk, VA 23505-4325 Preferred Phone: 423-5346 Preferred E-Mail:

    Awuou, Mr. Deng Deng, Mrs. Rabecca

    2884 E Princess Anne Rd Norfolk, VA 23504-3145 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Deng

    Mobile Phone: 339-4295 Rabecca

    Alternate: 730 Harrison Rd Apt 3 Norfolk, VA 23505-1353

    Mobile Phone: 339-6985 Deng, Ader

  • People Directory Page: 2Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church


    Backus, Mr. Robert Backus, Mrs. Cynthia (Cindy)

    800 Bryan Ct Chesapeake, VA 23320-8311 Preferred Phone: 548-2167 Preferred E-Mail: Paige

    Baird, Mr. Edward (Eddie) Baird, Mrs. Abby

    1711 Cloncurry Rd Norfolk, VA 23505-1717 Preferred Phone: 423-1923 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Eddie

    Business Phone: 627-4217 Abby, Mr. Edward (Ned)

    Baker, Ms. Carolyn Goe, Ernie

    1305 Llewellyn Ave Norfolk, VA 23517-2266 Preferred Phone: 630-6890 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Carolyn

    Mobile Phone: 630-6890 Ernie

    Mobile Phone: 646-2500

    Baker, Mrs. Mary Ellen 363 Pender Ct Norfolk, VA 23517-2262 Preferred Phone: 622-3443

    Baker, Mr. Robert-Allen (Allen) 1700 Ashland Ave Norfolk, VA 23509-1234 Preferred Phone: 757-416-5364 Preferred E-Mail: Allen

    Mobile Phone: 757-375-5273

    Ballard, Mr. Caroll (Chad) Ballard, Ms. Caroline

    5421 Walton Ave Norfolk, VA 23508-1335 Preferred Phone: 610-864-0538 Preferred E-Mail: Chad

    Business Phone: 617-2543

    Ballard, Mrs. Dorothy (Dottie) 7433 Flicker Pt Norfolk, VA 23505-3113 Preferred Phone: 423-1236 Preferred E-Mail:

    Barnes, Ms. Nora 613 Colonial Ave Norfolk, VA 23507-1805 Preferred Phone: 627-1867 Preferred E-Mail: Nora

    Business Phone: 624-3434

    Batten, Mrs. Jane 8104 Ocean Front Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Preferred Phone: 481-9532 Preferred E-Mail:

    Beauchamp, Dr. Richard Beauchamp, Mrs. Mary

    308 Botetourt St Norfolk, VA 23510-1104 Preferred Phone: 624-3614 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Richard

    Business Phone: 594-7960 Mary

    Business Phone: 624-9575

    Bell, Dr. Charles Bell, Mrs. Carlotta

    6150 Eastwood Ter Norfolk, VA 23508-1113 Preferred Phone: 423-1222 Preferred E-Mail: Charles

    Mobile Phone: 389-3323 Carlotta

    Mobile Phone: 214-4220

    Belvin, Mr. Michael 5357 Achilles Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23464-2402 Preferred Phone: 490-7135 Preferred E-Mail: Michael

    Mobile Phone: 477-3027

  • People Directory Page: 3Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

    Bernert, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Bernert, Mrs. Carter (Carter)

    1421 W Princess Anne Rd Norfolk, VA 23507-1040 Preferred Phone: 622-8472 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Larry

    Mobile Phone: 620-2580 Carter

    Mobile Phone: 535-8472

    Bernick, Mrs. Gail 5501 Briarwood Ln Portsmouth, VA 23703-3517 Preferred Phone: 484-6920 Preferred E-Mail: Gail

    Business Phone: 686-8400 Mobile Phone: 729-1860

    Bernick, Miss Sarah 351 Court Street #3 Portsmouth, VA 23703-2526 Preferred Phone: 484-6920 Preferred E-Mail: Sarah

    Mobile Phone: 515-9078

    Bernick, Mr. Stephen (Steve) 501 Jewell Ave Portsmouth, VA 23701-1528 Preferred Phone: 679-0424 Preferred E-Mail: Steve

    Business Phone: 539-8787 Josef

    Berry, Mr. David (David) 528 Redgate Ave Norfolk, VA 23507-1715 Preferred Phone: 622-7157

    Berry, Mr. Scott Berry, Mrs. Donna

    300 Farrell St Norfolk, VA 23503-4914 Preferred Phone: 583-7462 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Scott

    Mobile Phone: 633-0786 Donna

    Business Phone: 531-3080 Mobile Phone: 207-712-4865

    Grace, Kate, Molly

    Berry, Mr. Wayne Berry, Mrs. Diane

    1213 Hartford Ct Virginia Beach, VA 23464-5847 Preferred Phone: 474-2220 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Wayne

    Business Phone: 519-9665 Mobile Phone: 439-8241 Business E-Mail:

    Diane Business Phone: 547-0169 Mobile Phone: 439-1848

    Bickford, Mr. James (Jim) Bickford, Mrs. Blair

    7220 Shirland Ave Norfolk, VA 23505-2938 Preferred Phone: 423-1090 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Jim

    Business Phone: 252-261-6565 Mobile Phone: 757-395-0860

    Blair Mobile Phone: 287-2668

    Bilisoly, Mr. John (Lindsay) Bilisoly, Mrs. Kathleen (Koggie)

    1435 W Princess Anne Rd Norfolk, VA 23507-1040 Preferred Phone: 626-0131 Lindsay

    Business Phone: 640-8234 Mobile Phone: 675-1858

    William (Nash), John

  • People Directory Page: 4Christ and St. Luke's Episcopal Church

    Black, Ms. Caroline 429 West York St Apt 3A Norfolk, VA 23510-1126 Preferred Phone: 282-1646 Preferred E-Mail: Caroline

    Business Phone: 213-3377 Mobile Phone: 282-1646

    Blasch, Mr. Robert (Bob) Blasch, Mrs. Betty

    303 Atlantic Ave Apt 800 Virginia Beach, VA 23451-3650 Preferred Phone: 425-7946 Preferred E-Mail:

    Bonney, Mr. Mark 711 Stockley Gardens Apt 1 Norfolk, VA 23507 Preferred E-Mail:

    Boring, Mr. David Boring, Mrs. Alisha

    7042 Kirby Cres Norfolk, VA 23505-4215 Preferred Phone: 757-223-0121 Preferred E-Mail: Anne

    Born, Mr. John 1138 Larchmont Cres Norfolk, VA 23508-1405 College:

    Csu 4117 P O Box 8793 Williamsburg, VA 23186-4117

    Preferred Phone: 757-451-3549 Preferred E-Mail: John

    Mobile Phone: 757-451-3549 Rachael

    Bozman, Jeff 420 Monticello Avenue Apt B306 Norfolk, VA 23510 Preferred Phone: 609-306-0562 Preferred E-Mail: Jeff

    Mobile Phone: 609-306-0562

    Bozman, Dr. Raymond (Ray) Bozman, Mrs. Patricia (Patti)

    6528 Harbour Pointe Dr Suffolk, VA 23435-3180 Preferred Phone: 757-686-2238 Preferred E-Mail: Preferred E-Mail: Ray

    Business Phone: 757-953-1198

    Branch, Mr. Mal Branch, Mrs. Nancy

    334 W Olney Rd Norfolk, VA 23507-1821 Preferred Phone: 622-4123 Preferred E-Mail:

    Brewster, Ms. Baylies 1111 Llewellyn Ave Norfolk, VA 23507-1850 Preferred Phone: 622-3673 Preferred E-Mail: bayliesbrews