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Transcript of ST LUKE’S NEWSLETTER · PDF file 2017-08-02 · ST LUKE’S NEWSLETTER ST...


    Phone: 9309 2949 Email:

    Website: 2nd August 2017

    VISION STATEMENT This is a place of courage where everyone can give voice to their aspirations and concerns. Our relationships are marked by

    empathy and trust. The adults here are strong and conscious role models. In this place power is always at the service of the

    people. We take risks and so sometimes we make mistakes. We learn their lessons and move on stronger. Laughter is heard

    here often and we celebrate our success. People here are passionate in their advocacy of depth in learning

    and in the pursuit of a more just world. We know that the dignity of our work is that we touch the future through

    and for our children and that tomorrow is being built today.

    Issue No 23.

    Prayer for Artists Bless the creators, O God of creation,

    who by their gifts make the world a more joyful and beautiful realm.

    Through their labors they teach us to see more clearly

    the truth around us.

    In their inspiration they call forth wonder and awe

    in our own living.

    In their hope and vision they remind us

    that life is holy.

    Bless all who create in your image, O God of creation.

    Pour your Spirit upon them that their hearts may sing

    and their works be fulfilling.


    2nd August 2017 Table of Contents Principal’s Message Mary Mackillop Feast Day Communion Photos Bishop’s Literacy Assessment Performing Arts Festival Merit Award Winners Parish News Birthday Greetings School Fees Information Guitar Lessons Book Week Iona College Open Day Notes Accompanying this Newsletter Father’s Day Breakfast


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    This week sees the first of our group performances in the Catholic

    Performing Arts Festival. On Thursday 3rd August, our Liturgical Dancers

    will be performing in the Christian Dance section at Mercy College,

    Koondoola. No doubt they are both nervous and excited and we wish them

    the best of luck for the performance. The Year 3's and 5's have their creative

    dance in Week 5. To the liturgical dancers, as they say in show business,

    'break a leg'.

    This week I have been fortunate enough to attend the Catholic Education

    Western Australia, Leader's Forum. These forums are held twice yearly and

    outline system initiatives and direction for the near future. It is an exciting

    time to be part of Catholic Education, as much of the 2 days revolved around

    our 'Digital Transformation' and 'Vision for Learning'. More details about the

    'LEADing Lights' project are included below. …...continued

    Dates to Remember Tues 8 Aug Mary MacKillop

    Feast Day

    Wed 9 Aug Parish Mass


    Wed 15 Aug ICAS Maths

  • PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE ...continued

    ICAS Science/English Yesterday, over 40 of our students participated in the University of NSW ICAS testing in English. Results and

    certificates have been received for those children who sat the ICAS Science Assessment last term and will be

    presented at this week's assembly. Congratulations to all students who participated and challenged themselves!

    We would like to especially mention the following students who did extremely well in the competition-

    Credit awards Jay Firth, Samuel Leeks, Casandra McKrill, Lucas Noonan, Caoimhe Pettit, Mitchell Trimboli

    Distinction award - Ashton Lewis

    High Distinction awards – Ethan Mackie, Joshua Nguyen

    City of Joondalup Parking Infringements Thank you to all those parents who sent me copies of their City of Joondalup infringements. I finally received

    written correspondence on Monday in regards to vehicles being 'stopped' contrary to the no stopping

    prohibitions. I have attached the letter later in the newsletter. My interpretation of the communication would be

    that parents who arrive prior to the official bell time of their child may not be stationary in the queue. To avoid

    future infringements, parents are to arrive after the official pickup time of their child. If you do turn up prior, it

    would be recommended that you either a) park in an approved space until the bell time or b) continue driving

    around the block until the bell time.

    School pickup times are as follows:

    Pre-Primary: 2:40pm

    Year 1-6: 2:55pm

    Those parents who were fined may like to approach the City of Joondalup on an individual basis about their


    Mary MacKillop Feast Day

    This will take place next Tuesday 8th August. Please see the information later in the newsletter from Mrs Hunt.

    Tech Blog: LEADing Lights Over the past 12 months Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) have been designing and building a

    platform for all students, parents and staff in Catholic Education, to enable us to have a more integrated,

    system-wide approach to our children. From the teaching and learning cycle, to pastoral care, student attendance

    and administration and finances, the LEADing Lights initiative aims to provide a single platform for parents,

    students and staff. This system initiative began with the migration of staff emails, and is now in the early stages

    of rolling out to our students. Over the next two terms, the Year 4-6 children will be accessing their Office 365

    Portal and the suite of products available to them. Mrs Cobern and Mr Scattini have already begun accessing

    OneNote Class Notebook, as a tool to complement their teaching and learning programs. Ideally, these suite of

    products would be best utilised in a 1:1 mobile device environment to allow children to take full advantage of

    the potential learning applications of the portal. As this Digital Transformation happens at a system-level, we

    are excited at the opportunities LEADing Lights presents for our children at St Luke's and the types of

    meaningful learning experiences that can take place within the classroom.

    Finally, our thanks to the Mater Dei band who performed for the whole school this afternoon. It was a fantastic

    opportunity for children to see some of the instruments and talented musicians on display from a neighbouring

    Catholic Secondary School, including some ex-St Luke's students. It may have inspired the next Slash, Dave

    Grohl, or James Morrison. Hopefully, some of you recognise at least two out of those three names!

    Have a great week everyone!

    Jason Baker

    Acting Principal



    Tuesday the 8th August is the Feast Day of Mary Mackillop. We will be celebrating this with a short

    assembly on Tuesday. Children in the Mackillop Faction can wear their faction shirt for the day. They

    will also receive an icy pole at lunchtime.


    Year 4 Parents

    Following our recent communion photography by Kapture, you can now view and order any photos taken

    on the day. When visiting You will need to enter our school code under

    the Sports & Event tab to access the gallery; Code: SEGC8G

    Jackie Hunt

    Assistant Principal


    The Year Five and Year Three students will be undertaking the Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment

    over the next two weeks. This is a curriculum based assessment which reflects and supports the

    progressive nature of the K-12 Religious Education Units taught. It focuses on students’ ability to recall

    content about the Catholic religion and to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of Religious


    Students are given the opportunity to complete a practice assessment in the week prior to the final BRLA

    assessment. The dates for these assessments are as follows:

    Year 5 practice assessment: Tuesday 1st August

    Year 3 practice assessment: Monday 7th August

    Year 5 BRLA assessment: Tuesday 8th August

    Year 3 BRLA assessment: Monday 14th August

    Lisa McClue

    Assistant Principal


    With the commencement of Term 3 we have the WA Annual Catholic School's 'Performing Arts Festival',

    which runs throughout July & August.

    St Luke’s is blessed in having a beautiful Performing Arts Centre where our children have available to

    them everything from piano, flute and guitar tuition to our awe inspiring dance lessons.

    In this last week some our piano students have already Performed & shared their musical talents at Zenith

    Music with some outstanding results. Congratulations to Emily Walker, Beatrice Yu, Ruby Manov, Nika

    Golab & Lucas Noonan.

    In the coming week we have some Yr 4 to 6 students performing their Liturgical Dance

    & the