Spying in the break!

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Transcript of Spying in the break!

Spying in the break!

Spying in the break!By Alex and Andrei

Vlad is learning at France in the break! How can it be possible!

Vlad , again , he is showing us his building talent!

Vlad is having a little bit fun with his friend , Hitler.

Right now , he is trying to hunt me , because he saw the camera !

A new day with Vlad . He is now trying to eat Andreis head !

Today , Vlad is throwing pieces of chalk in the class.(Not a new thing)

Emi is eating one of his favorite types of food a chocolate roll.

Andrei is carrying the roll and milk basket ? Im so confused.

Razvan is dancing a little bit to show to Gherman that he is much talented than him.

Andrei is smiling a little bit , he doesnt know Im taking a picture of him!