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2Snowden revealed that the NSA has been hacking computer networks around the world for years. Many countries have a long history of spying on foreign corporations and countries for their own benefit. However, the U.S.A describes its own actions for spying in terms like espionage, or intelligence-gathering.

3Governments around the world are getting into cyberwar big time. About 30 countries have cyberwar divisions in their military: the United States, Russia, China, the major European countries, Israel, India, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and a handful of African countries. In the United States, this effort is led by U.S. Cyber Command at the Department of Defense.

4the Department of Defense.Stuxnet is the first military-grade cyberweapon known to be deployed by one country against another. It was launched in 2009 by the United States and Israel against the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran, and succeeded in causing significant physical damage. In 2012 allegedly Iran use it to attack Saudi Aramco and damaged about 30,000 of the national oil companys computers.

. Many countries buy software from private companies to facilitate their hacking.One of these is an Italian cyberweapons manufacturer called Hacking Team that sells hacking systems to governments worldwide for use against computer and smartphone operating systems. The mobile malware installs itself remotely and collects e-mails, text messages, call history, address books, search-history data, and keystrokes. Cyberwar for Sale - The New York Timeswww.nytimes.com/2017/01/04/magazine/cyberwar-for-sale.html5 days ago -After a maker of surveillancesoftwarewashacked, its leaked documents shed light on a shadowyglobalindustry ... usingsoftwaremade by anItalianfirmcalled Hacking Team just one of .... Documents show that thecompanyhas alsosolditssoftwareto some of the world's most repressive governments.


6It can take screenshots; record audio to monitor either callsor ambient noise, snap photos, and monitor the phones GPS coordinates. It then sends all of that data back to its handlers.These are some of the most common ways your being spied on. Through License plate readers, Public cameras, Personal Computers, Cell Phones, Cars, Most electronic devices, Credit Cards, The internet such as social media sites, like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and many others.

Drones, and Satellites.

8the Department of Defense.

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