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Transcript of Specifications WIRELESS DOORBELL ... Specifications WIRELESS DOORBELL Specifications Receiver...

  • Please note that when the receiver has weak chime volume or has no sound, please replace the battery by following the instructions below.


    Removal and Installation of Transmitter Battery

    ① Use the screwdriver to open the cover. See the picture.

    ② Use the screwdriver to remove the battery. Do not push too hard or the parts

    may be damaged.

    ③ Replace the battery as the picture shown. Do not press the "+" pole hook


    ④ Replace the cover to complete.

    ④① ②

    1. The receiver is for indoor use only. 2. Keep the product away from high temperature (such as near heater or gas strove) or high humidity (such as in bathroom or near pool). 3.�Please do not open and repair it without professional guide in order to avoid any breakdown �����of components. 4. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight or rain. 5. Keep the product far away from metal for better use.

    �The range of the doorbell depends on location, temperature and battery condition. 6.� 7. Remove batteries if the product is not in use for a long time. 8. Dispose of batteries according to the local laws and regulations.


    WIRELESS DOORBELLSpecifications Specifications Receiver Transmitter

    DC 4.5V (AA*3, )not included (CR2032×1, included)

    ≤0.3mA ≤2uA

    ≤200mA ≤20mA


    About 100m (Open Area)


    76.8g 22.8g

    85*24*85mm 28*17*85mm

    -20℃ ~ 60℃

    Power Supply

    Standby Power Consumption

    Working Power Consumption

    Working Distance

    Chime Volume

    Working Frequency

    Working Temperature


    Outline Dimension


    Trouble Shooting

    1. Doorbell does not ring

    Problem Solution

    2. Doorbell still does not work even though the installation and batteries are proper

    Please check if batteries are installed properly or not. Please check if batteries have enough voltage or not. If necessary, please replace batteries. Please check if the receiver is properly plugged into mains socket or not. Please check if the transmitter is paired to the receiver properly or not. If necessary, please refer to the pairing instructions on page 2 to pair the devices.

    Do not place the product on metal or install it on the wall which is near rebar. This may shorten the working distance or affect product's working. Keep the product away from the ground which is near reinforced concrete. This may shorten the working distance or affect product's working. Make sure the distance between the receiver and transmitter is as close as possile. Adjust the angle of the receiver or transmitter in different locations to prolong the working distance.

    Re-install batteries. If the battery voltage is not enough, please replace with the new ones.

    3. Transmitter does not work (Blue light does not flash)


    If any assistance required please contact us at : hm005@iholahome.com For more information, please visit : www.iholahome.com

  • Package Contents Receiver, Transmitter, Screw Pack, Screw Driver, Battery for transmitter(CR2032)

    1 2 3

    Button Press

    Select Chime Code Button

    1.Learning Code

    Use the screwdriver to press down the "Code" button and then release the button.

    Press the transmitter button

    (The indicator light will be on

    and the transmitter will send

    a signal).


    A "Ding-Dong" tone will be heard and the indicator light will flush blue to indicate that code is learned successfully.

    Working Indicator: The light will flash blue in the working state. Low Voltage Indicator: The blue light will be "always on" when the voltage is less than 3.3V. Note: When the light indicates that the voltage is low, please replace batteries in time.

    Install Batteries

    1 Insert 3*1.5V AA batteries into the receiver. Select proper location to install screw. It is

    recommended that keep receiver close to transmitter.

    Peel the protective covering from one side of the 3M sticker and then apply it to the back of the transmitter.

    Remove protective covering from the other side of the 3M sticker and lightly mount the transmitter in the proper position (Do not mount it on metal, for example, iron door or iron door frame).

    Do not pull too hard or the battery may be pulled away from the place, which will cause the transmitter unable to work properly. (Open the back cover to check the battery if problem occurs).

    Press the button on the transmitter to test if the receiver can ring properly or not (If the receiver does not ring, please refer to the code learning and chime selection methods above to pair the devices before attaching 3M sticker ).

    2 Drill Hole and Install Screw

    Pull to remove the battery insulator tab3



    Attach 3M sticker

    3 M

    3 M

    5 Mounting

    6 Slide to Power OFF.

    Use the screwdriver to long press the "Code" button.

    Slide to Power ON.

    2.Clearing Code

    A "Ding-Dong" tone will be heard and the indicator light will flash blue to indicate that code is cleared successfully.


    Note: If code is cleared unintentionally, please re-learn code according to the steps mentioned above so that the product can work properly.

    Select Chime Press the " " button to select chime. To select the chime you like, play the chime without playing the next.

    Release after 2s





    1 1

    1 2

    2 1

    2 2

    HM-DC05 3 2

    Model Receiver Transmitter


    Receiver / Door Chime (Indoor)

    Remote Control/Transmitter/Push Button (Outdoor)

    How it works: Press the push button of Transmitter which will activate the wireless doorbell receiver inside your property to advise you there is someone at the door using the pre-selected chime.

    Ring Mute (Do not disturb)

    3.Indicator Light

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