Spark an interest in stem with nasa

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This presentation will show you how to enroll in the NASA Explorer School (NES) program and spark an interest in STEM in your students by utilizing NASA educational materials, lessons, videos, resources, and NASA experts. You will also learn of an opportunity to have your students present their learning or projects at the Kennedy Space Center (Orlando,Florida) or Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX) before scientists and engineers. It is a Once in a Lifetime experience. It was one of the greatest highlights in my career.

Transcript of Spark an interest in stem with nasa

  • 1. Spark an Interest in STEM With Help From NASA Presented by Reba Gordon Matthews

2. About Me iPad Lab Educational Consultant Former NASA Explorer School Team Leader & Teacher (6 years of a fabulous experience) Regional Consultant with Scholastic, Inc. Exec. Dir. & Co-Founder of The Jamal Gordon-Hill Foundation 3. My Contact Info Twitter: @jghfoundation08 Email: Blog: My MSAP Blog My NASA Projects Used for National NASA Explorer School Symposiums Link: 4. My Goal Today Give a Introduction to NASA Explorer School Program Briefly Explain: Benefits for Students and Teachers Resources (Materials & Personnel) Special: Student and Teacher Recognition Trips Sharing My Experience Lessons, Student Projects Special Recognition Trips 5. Focus: Grade 4 - 12 Option: Entire School Project 6. What is NASA Explorer Schools? NASAs Education Program investment in education programs: By supporting educators: Preparing, Exciting, Engaging young minds of today Preparing them for the workforce of tomorrow. 7. Watch this Video Later: What is NASA Explorer Schools? Video: What is NASA Explorer Schools? 8. Sign up at the Virtual Campus website. All Educators Working with grades 4-12 United States U.S. Territory Dept. of Defense Schools Dept. of State Schools Public or Private How & Who Can Join? 9. Requirements to Join? Classroom teacher Administrator Pre-service teacher Homeschool educator Classroom support staff Higher education staff Other (resource, lab teachers, etc.) 10. Eager Educators & Lifelong Learners No background / experience in the STEM subjects needed Lessons range - Easy Detailed Most of the materials are household materials Support via NASA Educators. is just a phone call and email away 11. Register - NASA Explorer School Virtual Campus 1 2 3 12. Where Do I Start? Strategies for Success 13. Search for Lessons 14. Browse the Lessons 15. Found My Lesson! 16. Found My Lesson! 17. Teacher & Student Videos 1 2 18. Your Completed Surveys Count Toward Acceptance for Special Opportunities Measures Your Involvement Teacher School Student 19. Adding Your STEM Activities (Step 1) 20. Adding Your STEM Activities (Step 2) How did you use any NASA Explorer School materials with this activity. Ex: Family Science Night or any lesson. 21. Surveys & Your Activities Portfolio 22. Adding Your STEM Activities 23. The Special Opportunities Student Annual Student Symposiums Teacher Zero Gravity Plane Ride Conducting Classroom Experience while in Flight 24. My Team @ NES Symposiums Our Team MembersOur Team Members 25. Our Science Design Teams Grades 4 -5 12 Week Group Lab Project & Challenge Year 2 Team Year 1 Team Year 3 Team 26. 12 Week Group Lab Project & Challenge 27. Year 1 Teams Design Hydroponic System 28. Year 2 Teams Design Lunar Habitat 29. Year 3 Teams Design Lunar Plant Chamber 30. Presenting @Virtual Symposium 31. Going to NASA! 32. NES Lesson for (K-12) 33. Astronaut Dr. Michael Barrett at our Schools Science Night 34. NASA Johnson Space Center Buoyance Center Photo Credit: Photo Credit: R. Matthews 35. Each child received: An academic medal & NASA Shirts 36. Teacher Workshop @symposium 37. More Workshops & Amazements 38. R & R Time with Friends 39. Fun NASA 3-D Movies & Say Cheese 40. Symposium Days Packed with Learning and Fun 41. Leaving to go Home 42. NASA Explorer Schools Mission Producing tomorrows Scientists Engineers Astronauts 43. Questions Feel free to email me at