Soweto uprising

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All The things that I know that happened in the soweto uprising

Transcript of Soweto uprising

  • January 28, 2015


    Soweto uprisingA sad story humans made just because of there skin color. A story about a colored

    and not colored humans.

    Bang. Another sound of the gun made the earth shake. The government was trying to introduce a law stating all students had to speak Afrikaans in school, even though students who did not speak Afrikaans. The protest (Soweto Uprising) began peacefully but it turned into violence. On June 16th 1976 colored students were protesting the new law. South Africa was divided because of Apartheid. The cause of the Soweto Uprising was the anger caused through Apartheid and the new language law. What was happening in South Africa?

    The separation in South Africa

    The Soweto Uprising started because of the new law that the government was introducing. Apartheid laws had been in place for many years and has not been fair for the colored people. Not all people were bad in the Apartheid but lots of people were treating the colored like animals. The government made a lot laws that was very bad for the colored people. For example you cant marry each other if you are not the same color. If you are colored you need to carry a pass that said who you are. There

    was hardly any freedom for the colored. Of course people did protest to stop Apartheid. Even though the color was

    Hector Pietersen memorial says: To honor the youth who gave their lives in the struggle for freedom

    and democracy.

    By Hana Chapman

    Hector Piersons memorial

    A poster that shows the racism

  • January 28, 2015


    How did the Soweto Uprising start?

    Colored people were not happy when Apartheid laws came out. It was the seed that the whites planted towards the colored people. It was the seed of anger. The oil was added to the fire when the government introduced a new law. The law was about how they would have to talk in Afrikaans which was the language that the uncolored people and the government spoke in. The colored children had enough. They were done with the laws that the government made. On 16th of June 1976 thousand of children burst out of their schools singing and waving posters at the police and at the government.

    The events that happened during the uprising.

    The kids were not giving up their life for all of this. They needed freedom and they needed their own lives, there own voice. They wanted their own language and to speak with it and live side by side with it. They were not scared any more. They wanted their own country back and the only way to do it was to fight for it. Not listen to the government but ignore it. Stand up to it and reach for it.

    The police reaction was not so nice. They threw gasses to calm them down. But nothing could stop the children. It was just adding oil into the fire. The police started to fire at them. The kids panicked a little bit but they did not care. They even started to throw rocks at the police. Over 500 people died from that but the first to die was a kid named Hector Pieterson. He was shot first and when arrived at the clinic he had died already. The next was another boy who had brought Hector. He also had an injury on his head. The coma happened at the clinic and ended when he had passed away soon after that.

    Stand up, put your hands up and not out

    First the teachers and parents were not standing along with the kids they knew better than to do such thing. They knew how strong the government is and the

    police is. They knew not to get all mad with them because once you are up you can not go back. But the kids dont have enough experience to understand that. A boy wrote on the news paper. our parents are ready to suer under the white mans laws and they had come immune to them. But we strongly refuse to swallow the education that is designed to make us slaves in the country of birth. The parents had no choice. There were 2 choices to suer but win victory or suer under the government's law. The parents and teachers went in to the protest as well. The government said they only had killed 93 people but almost 500 people were killed.

    That is what we humans did to another human being just because of their skin color. These events showed us how dumb we were to do such thing. They are humans like us and not monkeys that are locked up behind cages in the zoo. They showed us that we are wrong. They were screaming with the top of their lungs for freedom. We never cared. I wish that people will learn the lesson and never do such things to them. Please remember the event that happened during the Soweto Uprising. If something like that happened in the future stand up, put your hands up and not out.

    A quote that some one said from my research was Stand up, put your hands up and not out

    The photo of Hector Peterson

    Students at Soweto Uprising

    A poster that shows the racism