Social Recruiting MacGyver Style: Recruiting on Facebook

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The gang at Fistful of Talent show you the tips and tricks of recruiting great talent on Facebook.

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2. This is aProductionHosted By 3. RecruitingMacGyver Style No Money Limited Resources Free Toolsand jobs to fill! 4. VS 5. Why Do We Like Facebook? Recent study shows 18.4M job seekers foundjob on Facebook vs. 10M job seekers onLinkedIn. LinkedIn is the most POPULAR siteforrecruiters. Facebook most popular sitefor job seekers. LinkedIn becoming the 2010 version of thejob boards of 2000. 6. 7. Why We Still Like Facebook800,000,000 120,000,000Global Facebook Users Global LinkedIn Users151,419,860 55,338,046 U.S. Facebook Users U.S. LinkedIn Users 8. So, Whats Our Roadblock? 9. Jason Seiden calls it 10. Basically, we dontlike doingthis. 11. How do you change this?OR 12. Facebook Pages vs. Profiles 13. FB Private Profile Vs. Public 14. So, What Would MacGyver Do?1. He would Create a Professional FB Profile.2. He would lock down is Personal FB Profile settings.3. He would use his Professional Profile to network like a politician without a campaign fund!4. He would get his hiring managers to do the same. 15. Ok, but wheres the talent?Strategies to build talent pipelines on FB: Facebook Market Place Pay Per Click Ads Recruiting/Resume Apps Referrals/Friend Searches Content 16. Facebook Marketplace 17. Pay Per What?! Just search Ads on Facebook 18. A Real Life FOT Case Study Dateline Cedar Rapids, IA Manufacturingcompany needs a specialized Engineer. Main competitor is 250 miles away inColumbia, MO. Pay-Per-Click Ads at work: 320 Engineering types within 20 miles of Columbia 36 People click through the Ad to our job Ad Two qualified candidates (from Competitor) =1 hire Total Cost: $146! 19. So, What Would MacGyver Do?1. He would first post all of his openings on FB Marketplace Its Free!2. He would take his traditional media and/or online job posting budget, and carve out $500.3. He would run 2 trials on tough to fill positions with his organization.4. He would add FB Pay-Per-Clicks into his Recruiting Tool Kit moving forward! 20. The Apps 21. Industry InsiderChris Merritt The resume: GM of Enterprise BranchOut VP Yahoo!Hotjobs MonsterWorldwide 22. Recruiting on FacebookWhere is it now?Where will it be, soon?What is the easiest and most inexpensive way to take advantage of Recruiting on FB?Why is BranchOut positioned to be the FB leader in recruiting? 23. Real Life FOT StoryOnce upon time there was a Curvy Girl: 24. Merediths 2012 Goal -No Monster, No CareerBuilder, No Traditional Media.Just use BranchOuts RecruiterConnect!So, What is RecruiterConnect? 25. So, What Would MacGyver Do? He would call upBranchOut Request ademothen tellthem you need adiscount becausethe cats at FOT sentyou!Im not saying youll get one but a MacGyver in HR would ask! 26. Business Case for FB at Work Referrals Referrals Referrals 27. What About These FB Friends? 28. Hello! Ms. Jackson! 29. Tips and Tricks forFacebook Search Join Groups of the people you want to recruit Alumni groups, User groups, churches in the cityyou recruit, etc. (FB Engineering 500K members) Why? Not all Profiles are public but if you belongto the group those private profiles will come up aswell. Friend Super Connectors because you willget Friends of Friends profiles in yoursearches. 30. Ive Got A Little CashWhat should I do, or not do, with it? 31. You have to have a FBThe Big recruiting strategyFinish! It shouldnt cost you anarm & leg Leverage youremployees on FB Use the Technology thatis out there