Social Media Marketing for Independent Consultants

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smart marketing made easy Social Media 101 Shelley Mayer – Founder, Ramp Communications [email protected]
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Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn—everybody is talking about social media but how can it really work for YOU? Shelley Mayer, founder of Ramp Communications will present how three different independent consultants could use one of these tools to augment their existing marketing plan. This presentation provides practical, action oriented ideas and tips for how to get started with social media.

Transcript of Social Media Marketing for Independent Consultants

  • Social Media 101Shelley Mayer Founder, Ramp [email protected] smart marketing made easy
  • Presentation Outline Facebook Case Study Nutrition Consultant Twitter Case Study Small Business Coach LinkedIn Case Study Lawyer/Accountant smart marketing made easy
  • Case Study 1: Nutrition Consultant What is she selling? Proactive and practical consult for those looking to gain/maintain a happy & healthy body To who? Women 28-55 Young professionals and working women 50/50 smart marketing made easy
  • Case Study 1: Nutrition Consultant Current Marketing Tactics Website E-Newsletters Word of Mouth Referrals Networking Groups Lectures/ Lunch & Learns Marketing Goals To grow practice, attract more patients willing to make a commitment to their health made easy smart marketing
  • Why Facebook? Why 526 million daily activeFacebook? users Used for social engagement, sharing and keeping in touch Lifestyle content: photos, video, words Personal and professional connections Good for consumer engagement Loyal followers can exhibit strong brand love smart marketing made easy
  • Facebook 101 Create a PAGE for your company Get people to LIKE your page Update your PAGE regularly and content will flow into the newsfeed of the the people who LIKE your page If people who see your content LIKE it, they can SHARE If enough people SHARE, your content goes viral smart marketing made easy
  • Facebook 101 smart marketing made easy
  • Facebook Tips Facebook Tips Content - Identify what information or engagement you ideal and existing clients most crave? recipes, tips, advice, shared experiences etc.? Provide this information regularly Website vs. Facebook People will visit your website to learn about you People will LIKE you on Facebook because they LIKE seeing your content flow into their news feed Create opportunities for interaction Ask questions Comment on peoples comments Consider paid Facebook advertising to build your following smart marketing made easy
  • Case Study 2: Small BusinessCoachWhat is she selling?Support forsmall tomediumbusinesses toreach theirgoalsTo who?BusinessOwners &Entrepreneurs smart marketing made easy
  • Case Study 2: Small BusinessCoach Current Marketing Tactics LinkedIn Score Card/Assessme nt Email Newsletter Blog Referral program Marketing Goals Build Subscriber database smart marketing made easy
  • Why Twitter?Why Twitter? 140 million active users Short sound bites of content, links Connect with like-minded people/brands Good for driving website & blog traffic Ideal complement to content marketing strategy smart marketing made easy
  • Twitter 101 Get a Twitter HANDLE for yourself & your company (@shelleymayer, @RampedUp) Find like-minded people to FOLLOW TWEET out 140 characters at a time Enticing tweets get RETWEETED If people FOLLOW, you may be re-tweeted or MENTIONED Append HASHTAGS smart marketing made easy to your tweets
  • Tweeting Tips Interact with people on Twitter the same way you interact with people in person: advise, connect, encourage Complete your 140 char profile tell people why they should want to follow you and use keywords Tweet multiple times/day volume is key to being seen promote your articles and Enews communication marketing made easy smart
  • Case Study 3: Lawyer orAccountantWhat is she selling?ProfessionalservicesEg, Lawyer Contracts Incorporation Shareholder AgreementTo who?Business owners,entrepreneurs smart marketing made easy
  • Case Study 3: Lawyer orAccountant Current Marketing Tactics Word of mouth referrals Expert presentation s Face-to-face networking Blog Marketing Goals Grow client base smart marketing made easy
  • Why LinkedIn? 161 million members Used for professional networking, professional knowledge sharing For business/ind ustry info, sharing expertise, events Focus is professional smart marketing made easy connections
  • LinkedIn 101 Create a PROFILE for yourself CONNECT with people you know and meet Update your STATUS regularly to stay top of mind within your network SEARCH for skills, people and companies of interest and leverage connections POST events and smart marketing made easy
  • LinkedIn TipsLinked In Complete your profile adding more Tips key words and specific information Acquire connections send invites to connect with personal notes tailored to the recipient Always connect with anybody you meet following a networking event Identify 3-5 active groups your ideal client might belong to (eg, Toronto Entrepreneurs Alliance) Comment or post thought starters to drive to company blog or elsewhere on site Update status with a link each time a new blog post is posted on company blog (regardless of who the author was) smart marketing made easy Monitor what connections are
  • In Summary Honourable Mention: Pinterest great for visual/artistic/design oriented businesses Be selective and focus Make a commitment and stick to it Take your clients viewpoint - develop content that is aligned and meets the need of your ideal client Main priorities Exceptional content Expand connections Engagement Ensure the foundation is in place first website and blog if appropriate marketing made easy smart
  • About Ramp Communications Founded in 2011 by Shelley Mayer Located in east Toronto Team of 5 full time and 10+ freelancers Account Services & Project Management Digital Specialists Designers, smart marketing made easy
  • About Ramp CommunicationsScope of ServicesFull servicemarketing &advertisingagencyBranding,communications planning& strategyfortraditionaland digitalCreativedesign &productionof point of smart marketing made easy ramped.casale
  • Questions & Answers Shelley Mayer Founder Ramp Communications Twitter: @shelleymayer Twitter: @RampedUp 647-995-1340 [email protected] To connect on LinkedIn Search for Shelley Mayer smart marketing made easy