Social Media Beginner. 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit

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Melissa Mathews gives tips on how to successfully use social media to the advantage of local nonprofits. From crafting the right message to understanding the numbers, all areas for the budding social media guru are covered. Presentation from the 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit.

Transcript of Social Media Beginner. 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit

  • 1. 17 Social Media Tips & Tricks for Nonprofits Melissa Mathews August 1st 2014

2. TODAYS AGENDA 1. The Impact of Social Media 2. Nonprofit Examples 3. Setting Goals & Measurement 3. Where do I even start? 3 68% donate money 53% volunteer 52% donate clothing, food or other personal items 43% attend/participate in a charitable event in my community 40% purchase a product to benefit the cause or charity 25% contact my political representatives by phone, mail or in person 15% organize an event in my community But I know I should start because it matters to my audience. #handittocleveland 4. Tip #1 Find Your Social Media Voice Who the heck is this guy? #handittocleveland 5. Tip #2 Pick the right channels #handittocleveland 6. Tip #3 Promote Your Profiles Everywhere #handittocleveland 7. Tip #4 Inspire Emotion #handittocleveland 8. Tip #5 Use Visuals Use tools like & #handittocleveland *Note: Image on Twitter should be 1024 x 512 pixels to show up in feed 9. Tip #6 Showcase people and their stories #handittocleveland 10. Tip #7 Capitalize on (relevant) trends Visit to find out fun or important days/weeks/months helps you find popular hashtags Stay up to date on popular news that doesnt always relate to your nonprofit #handittocleveland 11. Tip #8 Optimize Your Social Profiles Use keywords in the about/company info section. Be consistent with boiler plate language. #handittocleveland 12. Tip #9 Remember Location Matters Let Cleveland Empower Your Nonprofit (even if its national) Helps local SEO Adding a complete address to your FB page activates Facebook Location allowing people to check-in and review Google+ can help you takeover the SERPs #handittocleveland 13. Tip #10 Live Tweet From Events Not only your own events, but other events you attend or even webinars. Use tools like Storify to highlight top influencers or tweets #handittocleveland 14. Tip #11 Keep in mind your staff & volunteers are your biggest advocates Make sure to inspire social media activity among staff, especially founders/leaders Reinforce best practices and optimized profiles This means volunteers, too! Encourage them to share 15. Tip #12 Show Progress & Proof Celebrate successes. Your followers already believe in you, and they want to see that their support is making an impact. #handittocleveland 16. Thats great, but how do I know if it worked? And if my time invested was worth it? Dont worry, theres still 5 tips left! 17. Tip #13 Set SMART Goals & Objectives Awareness Retention Driving Action Examples: Increase email list sign ups through social media channels by 500 names by October 31, 2014. Increase brand mentions online by 25% by August 1, 2015. *Must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & time based. #handittocleveland 18. Tip #14 Track important metrics over time Make a list of the metrics that would show you insight into reaching your goal. #handittocleveland 19. Tip #15 Use free tools to help you find the data you need Facebook Insights LinkedIn Analytics Google+ Analytics Google Analytics advanced to track ROI Set up goals & UTM Parameters 20. Tip #16 Create a social media calendar Leave room for flexibility but try to stick to a theme #handittocleveland 21. Tip #17 Never Stop Testing Social media provides great audience research for free Possible tests: One hashtag vs. 2 or more Time of day Call-to-action vs. no call-to-action Questions vs. statements Post length Pictures & videos vs. plain copy #handittocleveland 22. THANK YOU QUESTIONS?