Social media and the future of social networking

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Transcript of Social media and the future of social networking

  • 1. Social Media and the Futureof socialnetworking
    Created by: Tanesha Russell, Adil Nadeem, and Mitesh Suchek

2. What is Social Networking ?
A social network is commonly described as individuals in a society connecting over the internet. Friends and families are able to interact with one another Worldwide.
3. Past, Present, and Future of the Social Network
4. Past
In recent years social media has become part of a mainstream culture and widespread in modern society.
Almost 30 years since people started using digital media for networking, socializing, entrainment and information gathering
Long distance communication began with the telephone, invented in the 1950s.
As of 1971, the very first email had been designed.
5. 1985-2002
Although Social Networking wasnt around, there was still communication
People shared the experience of each others company discussing matters.
We had the company of family and friends.
Here provided is a video of Dr. Vinton G. Cerf and Vice President Chief of Internet Evangelist, discussing the history of Social Media.
6. Types of Social networking!
The Present
7. Social Influences
The Most popular Apps!
8. February 2006

  • Founded by former Harvard University student, Mark Zukerburg

9. Initially strictly for campus use only(Students).September 2006

  • The network was then availableto all users

10. Over 47 million users begin to use Facebook as a tool 11. Used to Interact with friends and family, participate in games, and experience the total fun.Facebook
12. Navigating the Website.

  • Applications

13. Status 14. Pokes 15. Tagging 16. The wall