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  • 1) 100,000 snowboarders break their wrists a year. I wanted to help reduce this number. One of the most common ways to break your wrist is by catching your edge. I decided to make something that would prevent riders from catching their edge.

    2) I decided to place two pieces of moldable plastic on the two major contact points on a snowboard. They peices are about 1 inch tall and prevent the downhill edge of the snowboard from touching the snow. The product essentially acts as snowboard training wheels. This makes catching your edge practically impossible.

    3) This product could be used by all snowboard schools at resorts to help teach young snowboarders faster and with less injuries. The product also would help anyone wanting to learn how to snowboard. This product could basically be marketed to anyone wanting to learn how to snowboard.

    4) These are pictures of my sister using the working prototype of the product. It worked amazingly.