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Brief presentation of SMS to Email technology

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2. SMS TO EMAIL Presented by :Avinash Mirajkar 3. Upon Completion of This topic wecome to know about : Improve Service Levels Speed Issue Resolution Drive down Costs Protect Privacy 4. Simplest approach: SMS as 5. Why SMS? Oldest most reliable means to communicate withmobile users Cell phone agnostic Everybody is doing 6. Improve Service Levels Solves delivery issues. Find missing messages. Address abuse and other message errors inreal 7. Speed Issue Resolution Immediately recover and resend messages in casesof non-receipt, misdirection or mistaken deletion. Gateway allows you to send/receive Email by 8. METHODOLOGYUsing Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway you can realize a two-way E-mail - SMS gatewayservice. This service allows you to forward an incoming e-mail as an SMS messageto a specified phone number (or phone numbers), and an incoming SMS message asan e-mail to a specified e-mail address (or e-mail addresses) 9. PRIVACY PROTECTION Configure permission levels to restrict user access tosensitive message data such as credit card and socialsecurity numbers. Use Message Scope to whitelist or blacklist to preventproblem recurrence, or escalate cases to let your anti-abuseteam make determinations. Subscriber receives spam, He sends complaint. Customer rep uses Message Scope to: Access and quickly identify message in question usingnatural language search. Identify the root cause of the issue. Repeated prevents recurrence by blacklisting all messagesfrom the offending domain, now blocked in 10. Software Requirement: Hardware Requirement:Two GSM mobile with GSM simFront-end=>> oracle 10g. One desktop with internetWindows XPconnection.512MB RAM.100GB Hard disk 11. Drive down Costs Save time and money by eliminating theneed to involve IT system administratorsin customer email problems. service doesnt just apply to marketing, italso holds great internal communicationbenefits, having mobile communicationwith all employees simply from oneaccount, allows you to keep staff up todate with incidents such as travel, delaysand announcements 12. Repeated responds to subscriber to explainthat the issue has the system is based onsending the email without having internetconnection on your mobile. With the help of this method, we can sendemail to any person. We are made this software that convert smsinto email, those user not having internetfacility they can send email as 13.