Adapt to mobile friendly emails - an infographic on mobile emails

Adapt to mobile friendly emails - an infographic on mobile emails
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Mobile emails are not a new thing, yet many people fail to adapt to this trend. With most people shifting from their desktops & laptops to handheld devices, for their daily functions like email viewing, cross device compatibly is of great essence especially when it comes to mobiles. Still not convinced? View this infographic by the Monks and you might want to rethink your stand.

Transcript of Adapt to mobile friendly emails - an infographic on mobile emails

  • 1. Emailoniu ADAPT MOBILE FRIENDLY EMAILS OR PROVIDE BAD EXPERIENCE TO MORE THANWhy it is aitical?Because the use ofmobile phone to read and respond to emails is growing rapidly. of People who use Desktop.Webmail and Mobile to read and respond to their Emails50 43 40 ~ 33 25 20 0 March April May June July August September October Novervber December January February 0 Desktop Webmail Australia UK USA 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%ofoverall Email Opens by Email Clients0 iPhone0 Outlook AppleiPad0 Apple Mail GoogleAndroid0 Yahoo!Mail GmailWindows Live Mail Email 0 ens:There is no second chance! Consumers are adapting mobiles for routine email communications! Mobile is the most preferred device for checking out emails during weekends. where Email is ViewedMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday.96 of Emails viewed on Desktop 96 of Emals viewed on WebmailAlso.let's understand which devices are most used throughout the day for Emails.j J2? Night Time Early Morning Late Early Afternoon Early Late [1~3am) Morning [7-9am) Morning Afternoon (4~6pm] Evening Evening(4~6am; i ".0am- (15pm) (7-9pm) (10-12pm) 12noon; ..DesktopMobile or Smartphone usage is more prevalent in the morning and evening hours. to read Emails on the Mobile Devices? Subject Lines Sound Interesting Helps me keep on top of my emailsScreen them quicklyIts my favourite company I like to receive email from them Keen to read what it saysRead them to pass timeSaves timeNot sure who may are fromthat attract eyeballsSpecial OffersPromos + VouchersRelatime Delivery Tracking of Order New Product Launch or lnfomiationNewslettersOtherSavings attract!Promotional emails with special offers,oromos 8 vouchers attracts eyeballs the most.followed by delivery and order inforrnaiton. 75% of the CCIiiTpEi'iiES do not create ircibi. e frie'id. y enai. s and CCI? T'[i1LJE to LOSE out on the RO| .There are responsive mobile design and coding techniques in ~ ace with which creating mi:riendtyIT r SOLUTION What is Responsive Mobile Email?