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  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    4/30/2012 1Shrinivas Sharangpani
  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    I possess a degree in Bachelor of Engineering(Metallurgy)from Maharaja Sayajirao University ofBaroda, India in 1972 securing a first class withdistinction

    I am computer literate and am conversant withcommon applications

    I am a very

    good communicatorthroughspeeches, presentations or written communications

    I am a


    and easily mix with all types of people.I have traveled to about 25 countries across theglobe.

    I have a good pick-up of languages I possess excellent healthand have had no major

    illness I have a passion for learning new thingsespeciallytechnology

    I have conducted many seminars and trainingprogrammes

    Educational Qualifications and




    4/30/2012 2Shrinivas Sharangpani

  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    Training / Experience

    The Premier Automobiles Ltd, Bombay (May 1972)Summer Vacation Training for one month in HT, Forge and Foundry

    Bajaj Tempo Ltd, PuneNow known as Force Motors Ltd(May 1973-Sept 1976) as TraineeEngineer and Junior EngineerLooked after process, production and quality control in Heat Treatment Shop, failure analysisand metallography.

    Phase I: 1976-1992Engineering Research Centre (ERC)Metallurgy

    Was responsible for development of automotive aggregates and components, metallurgical and mechanical testing,failure analysis, making specifications and advising designers for the choice of materials and processesPhase II: 1992 to 1997Value Engineering DepartmentWorked on analysis of cost / worth data, proposing and implementation of changes for quality improvement and costreduction.Phase III: 1997 to Jan 1998Auto DivisionPaint ShopEstablished the entire paint process for first TATA personal passenger product SUV Safari.Phase IV: 1998-2003Engineering Research Centre (ERC)Prototype Planning and Manufacture

    Responsibilities were development of midsize sedan car Magna, planning and manufacture of prototypes. Continued thesame work for another sedan Indigo, MUV Indigo Marina and a micro-truck AcePhase V: 2003-2009Engineering Research Centre (ERC) Learning CentreI was made in-charge of Learning Centre within ERC which comprises of Knowledge Centre where knowledge isacquired, archived and dissipated; Teardown and Benchmarking Centre where features and engineering build ofbenchmark products are studied and data offered to users. Innovation Centre has been added to Learning Centre since2007 where cutting edge technological inventions and innovations are aggressively pursued.



    Tata Motors Ltd, PuneKnown earlier as Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd[Telco] and Tata Engineering(Oct 1976 till retirement in October 2009)

    4/30/2012 3Shrinivas Sharangpani
  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    I made special



    like highly reflective show carsfor MotorShows. I also invented a simpler process for making a highly reflectivechrome-like conversion coating for which I have been

    awarded a patent

    I was made a leader of

    Fresh Eyeteam responsible for cost reduction ofthe world famous low cost


    Nanocar. Some of my ideas are pendingfor patents

    I have created a world-class

    Learning Centre and a

    Teardown andBenchmarking Facility at TATA Motors.

    Through innovative ideas I have reduced the costs of various aggregatesand components in millions of Rupees

    I have presented a number of technical papers at various conferences /seminars. One research authored by me was awarded Second BestPaper award.

    I was invited by

    Engel, Austria to Austria to give a keynote speech onInnovation


    Indian Approach through Minimalism I have been a faculty at many engineering, technical and management

    institutions. I have chaired a session at Automotive Symposium INDIA at Mumbai in

    February 2009 organized by Global Automotive Management Council(GAMC), Michigan USA (

    I recently completed a benchmarking and value engineering project for aFortune 500 US company for their US Product in record 3 months timeinvolving 7 competition products. Resulted in client delight.

    The same

    company has asked to undertake a bigger project in the Far East.

    Professional Achievements

    SIAT 85



    4/30/2012 4Shrinivas Sharangpani
  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    Successful Projects



    4/30/2012 5Shrinivas Sharangpani

  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    4/30/2012 Shrinivas Sharangpani 6

    Successful Projects



    ApproachesIndian IT &Engineeringcompany

    US based Fortune500 company




    Indian company requestsShrinivas Sharangpani to

    lead project team

    Teardown conducted forbenchmarking of sevenproducts

    Complete engineering dataon client & competitionproducts generated with datatables images and graphics

    USPs in each productidentified

    >100 Ideas generatedindependent and based onbenchmarking for costreduction and value addition

    All torn-down productsreassembled to usable level

    Project completed in record 3months

    Indian company gets thecontract to help design product

    based on ideas generated



    Client asks same project teamwith leader to undertake a similar

    bigger project in the Far East

  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    My PatentsSharangpanisProfessionalProfile

    Indian Patent Office has awarded a patent in my name for:

    Process For Making Mirror-like Reflective Coating On Articles(296/MUM/2007)

    Three more patents are pendingon the followinginventions:

    1. Partial ribbed hub cum brake drum with at least 3 bolts mounting2. A power window operatingsystemwith Manual Override mechanism3. Collapsible roof structure for Soft top Convertible automobile

    4/30/2012 7Shrinivas Sharangpani

  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    I am a writer, poet and graphic artist.

    My Marathi novel Shadyantrawas published in 1992 and was acclaimed as one of the best

    books published in 1992. Another Marathi novel titled IyeSwapnanchiyeNagariwas publishedin October 2009.

    My English novel Manipulationsbased Shadyantraon was published in Canada and US inMarch 2002. Both the books have been acclaimed by critics. I have several English novels andone Marathi novel in the pipeline.

    I am regarded as one of the pioneers of sci-fi writingin Marathi

    I have also written many articles, poetry, lyrics, short stories and plays in English and Marathi An album of Marathi love lyrics penned by me titled OthaatDhundMadirahas been published

    recently. Music is composed by noted composer Sharad Karmarkar and sung by famoussingers Ravindra Sathe and Suvarna Mategaonkar.

    A Songs and Recitation programme based on my lyrics has also been launched recently.

    Other AchievementsSharangpanisProfessionalProfile

    4/30/2012 8Shrinivas Sharangpani

  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    Other AchievementsSharangpanisProfessionalProfile

    I am a good communicator. I have given talks in India and abroad on various topics. Iwas invited by Engel, Austriaworlds largest injection moulding machine

    manufacturers to talk on Indian Approach to Innovation through Minimalism in May2009.

    I have chaired sessions at various conferences and seminars. I have been a judge atsome Innovation Conferences and also panelist on discussion platforms.

    I have given talks on radio. On 7thApril 2010 at 20.30 Hrs All India Radio broadcastmy talk on Minimalism. I have also given talks in Marathi on topics related to nature.

    4/30/2012 9Shrinivas Sharangpani

  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    Business Proposals

    I am available for the following:

    Technical consultancy in the following fieldsInnovation, Cost Reductionand Value Engineering, Teardown & Benchmarking, KnowledgeManagement, Product Development

    I have created new strategies / techniques for cost reduction / valueengineering and also product development. I wish to apply these in real-

    life situation in order to offer the benefits to engineering and manufacturingcompanies. I am prepared to work with consultancy / management firms inorder to augment their capabilities

    I would like to give talks and presentations on innovation,benchmarking, product development, value engineering, material

    science, creativity and many other topics.

    I am in a position to offer training and conduct workshops oninnovation, minimalism, value engineering and benchmarking.


    4/30/2012 10Shrinivas Sharangpani

  • 8/3/2019 Sms Intro New


    Postal Address: 714/1, Narayan Peth, Laxmi Road, PUNE-

    411030, INDIA

    Telephone: +91-20-24453388 (from outside India)

    020-24453388 (inside India)

    Mobile No.: 9225636353E-mail:,,

    Website: isadvised to make an advanced search on theinternet on Shrinivas

    Sharangpani as a phrase to get more info on


    Contact DetailsSharangpanisProfessionalProfile Shrin