Small Space Decorating Tips That Will Double Your Space

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Transcript of Small Space Decorating Tips That Will Double Your Space

1. Working With Your Tight Space Small Space Decorating Tips 2. Small Space Decorating Tip #1 Use Double Duty Pieces via Apartment Therapy Want to make your dollar stretch when shopping for furniture? Buy furniture that can be used for more than one thing. 3. Small Space Decorating Tip #2 Transparent Furniture Pieces Don't want your room to look cluttered? via Architectural Digest Add a transparent piece to your room. 4. Small Space Decorating Tip #3 Raise Your Curtains & Not Your Glass Hang your curtains about an inch from your ceiling. via Want to make your ceiling appear taller? 5. Small Space Decorating Tip #4 Get Right Sized Furniture Take along some measuring tape & USE IT! via Want to know how to pick out furniture that will fit perfect in your space? 6. Small Space Decorating Tip #5 Make It Seem Bigger Add mirrors! via Want to learn how to make your room look bigger? 7. Small Space Decorating Tip #6 Make Them Look Up Give your ceiling some attention with a pop of color, wall paper or a pretty stencil. via Are you forgetting all about your fifth wall? 8. Small Space Decorating Tip #7 Make Your Walls Work For You Add some floor to ceiling shelves for extra storage. They're perfect for displaying some pretty trinckets too! via Don't think you can make anymore room in your space? 9. Small Space Decorating Tip #8 Are You Wasting Space? Simply add some shelves and viola, you've got yourself an office space! via Don't think of it as just a nook. It can easily be turned into a work space! How easy? 10. Small Space Decorating Tip #9 There's A Place For Everything Get some pretty baskets and toss all of your junk in there so that it's not seen. via Contain the clutter! 11. Small Space Decorating Tip #10 Grab Their Attention Create an accent wall with wallpaper, a photo wall, or a stencil via Take the focus off of your small room by creating a focal point. 12. Thanks for checking this out! Please share this presentation & let's stay in touch! Click here to start transforming your fugly room with FREE decorating tips RedoYourRoomOnline RedoYRO RedoYourRoomOnline RedoYourRoomOnline RedoYourRoomOnline RedoYRO 13. Well Hey There! I'm no Interior Designer and I don't have a degree in Interior Design, but what I am is an Interior Decorator with a hell of a lot of passion for Interior Design. Oh & did I mention that I can decorate the shit out of a room! I'm Julie!