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Enrolling in Centennial College

Enrolling in Centennial College I have enrolled in School of Business of Centennial College since 2012 January.Now, I will graduate soon, in the past one year study, I learned lots of knowledgeabout accounting . Thank you for my school given my education.

My Volunteer Time

During my study period, I was doing volunteer job in Express Legal & Immigration Services. I assisted applicants to establish prime plan regarding immigration as well as helped students who want to apply or extend study permit. The aim of volunteer experience is to enhance my office skills and organizing ability under multi-task work.

Interviewing timeI went to TD bank and interviewed a Funds Representative about some information to making my resume because I want to work in a bank after I graduate. This interview was on March 27, 2013 and I got some important and useful information about working in a bank.

Graduate from Lan Zhou UniversityI was graduated from Lan Zhou University in 2011. My major was Business Accounting. This pic I took in front of my university`s gate with my Bachelor Degree uniform. I am proud of myself.

Skiing Time

This pic is about I was skiing with my boyfriend at Blue Mountain in January 2013. We also had amazing holiday in that winter. We like skiing and also we are good at skiing.