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  • 1. Formal educational system. Primary level to the tertiary level of education. The schools focused on the Christian Doctrines.
  • 2. There was a separate school for boys and girls. The wealthy Filipinos or the Ilustrados were accommodated in the schools. Colonial education brought more non-beneficial effects to the Filipinos.
  • 3. 1. The first educational system for students in the country was established. 2. Provide school institutions for boys and girls in every town. 3. Spanish schools started accepting Filipino students.
  • 4. 4. The Normal School was also established . 5. The friars controlled the educational system during the Spanish times 6. The missionaries took charge in teaching, controlling and maintaining the rules and regulations imposed to the students.
  • 5. 7.The schools before were exclusive for the Spaniards. The Filipinos were only able to enter the schoo1 in the late 19th century.
  • 6. The first established schools were exclusive for the boys. The Augustinians built the first school in the Philippines situated in Cebu in 1565. College was equivalent to a university during the Spanish regime.
  • 7. The first college school for the boys was the "Colegio de San Ignacio" which was established by the Jesuits in Manila in 1589. They also established the "Colegio de San Idelfonso" in Cebu in 1595. In 1601, "Colegio de San Jose" was established. In 1589, the "Escuela Pia" was entrusted by the government to the Jesuits.
  • 8. The University of Santo Tomas opened in 1611 by the Dominicans. The San Juan de Letran for the orphaned boys, in 1630.
  • 9. "Colegio de Santa Potenciana" was the first school and college for girls. This was opened in 1589. Colegio de Santa Isabel opened in 1632. The religious congregations also established schools for the girls called "beaterio".
  • 10. The friars were effective in evangelizing the Catholic religion to the Filipinos. One major failure of the educational system of the religious congregations was the withholding of the Filipinos to learn other bodies of knowledge.
  • 11. Education during the Spanish regime was privileged only to Spanish students. Several educated Filipinos referred to as ilustrados began movements directed towards change in the system of government in the Philippines.