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    ND Studio - Nunzia Diglio


    by Nunzia Diglio

    SIZE 120 cm x 73 cm /47,28 inch x 28,76 inch


    - g 250 of yarn (62% cotton, 27% viscose, 11% linen; g 50 = 135 mt);

    - hook 4,5 mm


    ch = chain(s), sl st = slip stitch, dc = double crochet

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    ND Studio - Nunzia Diglio


    With double yarn cast on 123 ch. Work following the card.


    sl st


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    ND Studio - Nunzia Diglio


    Fringes :

    1) Start by choosing something to wind your yarn around. It

    should be something that is approximately 25 cm / 9,85

    2) Starting with your yarn at the top, begin winding the

    yarn around the book. Wind it several times, but not so

    many times that you won't be able to cut through all of it

    with a pair of scissors. End with the yarn at the top of the


    3) Cut the yarn at the top of the book

    4) Now you have several pieces of yarn, all the same length.

    5) Decide how many pieces of yarn you want to use

    together (6 pieces I used)

    6) Fold your pieces evenly in half

    7) Always begin with the right side of your project facing

    up. The way to tell if it is the right side is to go back to your

    foundation chain, and position your piece so the beginning

    tail of yarn is on your left side. This makes the right side up

    8) Insert your crochet hook into the first loop from the bottom up

    9) Take the pieces of yarn folded in half, hook them with the crochet hook and pull them through the


    10) Take the ends of the pieces of yarn and push them through the loopmade by folding the pieces in

    half. You can also hook the

    free ends with the crochet

    hook and pull them through

    the loop you just made. Pull

    on the free ends to draw

    them down snugly, but not

    too tightly. Pull on both ends


    Continue in this way until

    you've added as much fringe

    to your project as you

    like. Trim the ends to even

    them up, if you want to.

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