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Transcript of Shape Your Business For the Future: Powering ... Harnessing collaboration with your customers...

  • Shape Your Business For the Future:

    Powering Transformation With Cisco Collaboration in a Post PC Era

  • “57% of enterprise workers use

    social media in their jobs, but >15%

    of them are using a consumer tool”

    “20% of professional PC’s will be managed under a hosted virtual desktop model by 2013”

    “By 2013, over 90% of

    network data traffic will

    be Video”

    “People spend more time on Facebook than any other website”

    “Android is the #1 OS for

    mobile platforms with over

    850,000 new activations per


    “Sales of Smartphones and

    Tablets are now greater than

    all PCs including notebooks”

    “60% of server workloads will

    be virtualized by 2013”

    “One third of corporations

    say they are using video at

    least once per week”

  • The way people communicate is changing

  • Transitioning to a Post-PC World

    PC World Post-PC World

    Client OS

    Server Architecture



    New choices at every layer of the Traditional Stack


    Cisco’s new collaborative workspace

  • PC & MAC Android & iOS Tablets Smart Phones

    Explosion of Mobile Devices IT needs to support user choice and experience while maintaining security

  • Enterprise-Class Collaboration For The Post PC-Era

    Available Q2 CY12

    Cisco Jabber for iPad Cisco Jabber for Windows

    Exceptional Video • High Performance • Interoperable (H.264) • Immersive – Laptop – Mobile

    Complete UC Client • Presence, IM

    • Voice, Video, Voicemail

    • Desktop Share

    Deployment Flexibility • On-Premises and cloud

    • Microsoft Office integration

  • Cisco Jabber: Best User Experience Across Broadest Range of Platforms and Devices

    Win, Mac iPad, Cius Smartphone Web

  • Video Becomes Pervasive... But poor experiences can result from incompatible systems and poor media handling

    Any Time and Place Across all Devices

  • Cisco TelePresence Providing an in-person experience foundation

    Quality Simplicity Scale & Reliability Collaboration

     Natural, face-to-face interaction

     Visible gestures, body language, facial expressions, right eye gaze

     Imperceptible latency

     Audio and visual sync

     Normal voice levels

     Intuitive interface and controls

     Easy to schedule

     Initiate ad hoc calls

     Add users on the fly

     One-button meeting launch

     Consistent and trusted user experience

     Interoperable and intercompany enabled

     Scalable

     Mirrors in-person work environment

     Content sharing

     Recording

     Enables multiple use cases beyond meetings

  • Business Transformation Enabled by improved collaboration via Cisco TelePresence

    Reduce Travel Costs, Emissions

    Optimize Employee Time

    Speed Decision Making

    Transform Business Models

    $604,000 savings on travel in one month

    50% reduction in repair time

    Two weeks to resolve issues; down from two months

    Three times average success rate treating stroke patients

    Increasing Business Value

  • TCO Disruption The New Immersive

    Benchmark High Intensity Collaboration


  • Thin Clients Cloud Based Applications

    Challenging to provide rich media and consistent experience across hosting models

  • Cisco VXC Unique Differentiators

    • Innovative form factor

    • Power over Ethernet (POE) with support for EnergyWise

    • Enterprise-ready clients that unify virtual desktop, voice and video in one device

    • Part of Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure solution

    The New Virtual Workspace Unified Voice, Video, Virtual Desktop

  • The Enterprise Becomes Social But need to balance personal productivity with enterprise-class control

    Employee Collaboration Customer Collaboration

  • Harnessing collaboration within the organization

    • Mobile Workforce Applications

    • Optimize Team Collaboration

    • Enable a distributed workforce

    • Simplify the Edge

    • Virtualize Silos

    • Security and Risk Management

    • Virtualize Workspaces

    Within the organization

    • Harness Social Behaviors

    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    • Video as the new Voice

  • Harnessing collaboration with your customers

    • Bring the branch to me

    • Remote expert

    • Video customer care

    • Enhance customer experience across communication channels

    • Increase personalization

    • Interact with clients via social media

    • Accelerate cross-sell and up-sell

    • Extend to new operations

    • Empower mobile salesforce

    With your customers

  • Cisco’s Leadership in Collaboration

    Video / TelePresence

    Gartner: August 2011

    Unified Communications

    Gartner: August 2011

    Gartner: June 2011

    Contact Center


    Negative Caution Promising Positive



    Cisco X

    LifeSize X

    Magor X

    Polycom X

    Radvision X

    Teliris X

    Vidyo X

    Gartner: November 2010

    Web Conferencing

    Corporate Telephony

    Gartner: July 2010

  • Closing Thoughts

     Use Video Collaboration as a Competitive Differentiator

     Develop a Video Strategy using an Architectural approach

     Design your user experience for Mobile, Social, Visual and Virtual

     Collaboration is a Journey, not a Project

  • Summary

    • Industry trends continue to change the collaboration landscape

    • Customers need secure, enterprise-class options that enable employees to interact across a broad range of tools

    • Cisco offers an integrated set of people-centric collaboration experiences for the post-pc era “right-sized” to fit the task at hand

  • Thank you.