Senior Project Presentation Alexandra Webb

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Transcript of Senior Project Presentation Alexandra Webb

  • 1. THE IDEA Storytelling Write a novel How to be different? Interactive Media Marketing

2. DEVELOPING THE NOVEL Brainstorming Dream of last scene Reverse engineering Artistic desires: close to character and emotion Two perspectives Journal-like 3. WRITING THE STORY Four weeks Difficult at times Getting stuck Moving through set-backs 4. EDITING THE NOVEL More than a week Multiple self-edits Grammar and complete rewrites 5. DONE WITH NOVEL 6. Easy process Upload to website Pay $35 fee Submit and they approve Effective immediately Protects for life plus forty years 7. DESIGNING THE COVER Most enjoyable part Had to brainstorm Multiple designs Limited because of technology Turned out perfectly 8. GIVING TO FACILITATOR Matt Tamanini Drama and literature teacher Degree in journalism Had for four years/trust Gave to him Edited and gave me feedback 9. UPLOADING TO AMAZON.COM Difficult part Many setbacks Technological difficulties Reformatting and reconfiguring Frustrating due to solitude Improved problem solving capabilities