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Transcript of Selection Review #1 - Talent Development Secondary · 97 Selection Review #2 Esperanza Rising...

  • Select ion Review #1

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Introduction through Las Papayas

    1. Describe Esperanzas family. Tell how she feels about each member. Esperanzas familyincludes her father, mother, and grandmother. Papa is a wealthy landowner who deeply loveshis only child. He likes to take walks with her in the fields. He does everything he can to makeher happy. Esperanza clearly adores him. She also deeply loves and admires her mother, atall, beautiful woman. Esperanza is also very fond of her grandmother, Abuelita. She is asmall, distinguished woman who likes to quote poetry and go outside barefoot. However,Esperanza dislikes and fears her two uncles, her fathers half-brothers, To Luis and ToMarco. These men remind her of goats, because they are tall and thin, with tiny mustachesand beards. They are cold and selfish.

    2. What is the social situation in Mexico at the time when this story takes place? Describethe lifestyle of Esperanzas family. Tell about their friendship with Alfonso and Hortensia,the field boss and the housekeeper. At the time of this story, a big gap exists between therich and poor. A revolution took place that was supposed to improve this situation. However,a few wealthy people still own most of the land. This makes life very hard for the other,poorer people. Esperanzas family is wealthy. Her father has a huge ranch. He has manyworkers, including cowboys, field workers, and house servants. Still, he is a kind, caringman. He has given land to many of his employees. He and Alfonso, the field boss, workclosely together. Hortensia, Alfonsos wife, has a close, caring friendship with Esperanzasmother. Esperanza herself wears beautiful dresses of silk. She goes to school with otherwealthy children. Every year she has a huge party for her birthday.

    3. What special event are Esperanza and her family looking forward to? What occurs theevening before the party to foreshadow unexpected problems? Esperanza and her familyare looking forward to her thirteenth birthday. However, several events occur the eveningbefore the party. Esperanza pricks her thumb on a rose. This is a sign of bad luck. Also,Esperanzas father does not come home at the usual time. Esperanza and her mother worry.They remember that neighbors told them there were bandits in the area.

    4. What happens to Esperanzas father? How does this change her feelings about every-thing that has to do with her birthday? Esperanzas father and the cowboys are killed out inthe brush. After this, Esperanzas birthday just reminds her of her fathers death. She crieswhen she sees the papayas that Papa had ordered for her party. She doesnt even want toopen her gifts. She cries again when she sees the doll that Papa had bought for her.



  • 96

    5. Why does Mama find herself in a difficult situation after Papas will is read? Why does ToLuis threaten her? Mamas situation is difficult because the will gives her the house and theincome from the grapes, but To Luis becomes the owner of the land. To Luis pressures Mamato marry him. When she refuses, he threatens her. He is the bank president, and he is verypowerful. He can make it impossible for anyone to help Mama financially.

    6. What are Miguel and his family planning to do? Why does Esperanza feel awkward aroundMiguel? Miguel and his family are planning to go to the United States. They have no chanceof improving their lives in Mexico. Also, they know that To Luis will be a harsh, cruel master.Esperanza feels awkward around Miguel because she is attracted to him. However, sheknows that a wealthy girl from a good family is not supposed to like a boy whose parentsare ordinary workers. She feels that she has to draw back from her feelings for Miguel, evenif this hurts his feelings.

  • 97

    Select ion Review #2

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Higos and Las Guayabas

    1. Mama seems to change her mind after the fire, telling To Luis that she will consider hisoffer of marriage. Why? Mama knows that To Luis had the house burned down to pressureher to marry him. He hints that if she does not change her mind, he might burn the workershouses down too. Mama then sees how dangerous To Luis really is. She knows that if shetells him how she really feels, many more people could be hurt. She says she will think aboutmarrying him to have time to plan what to do next.

    2. What is Mamas new plan? What are some of the problems with it? Why does Mama feelshe has no other choice? Mama plans to take Esperanza to live in the United States withHortensia, Alfonso, and Miguel. This will not be easy. Esperanza will have to leave her friendsand her school. Abuelita cannot travel with them right away since she hurt her ankle in thefire. Mama can find only field work in the United States. Still, Mama feels she has no otherchoice. She does not want to marry To Luis. He is an evil person, and she knows he willsend Esperanza away from her. She cannot safely hide from To Luis anywhere in Mexico.

    3. Abuelita uses both her own experience and a symbol to make Esperanza feel better aboutthe move. Explain. Abuelita came to Mexico from Spain as a young girl. She tells Esperanzaabout the problems she faced then. She uses the zigzag blanket she is making as a symbol.She tells Esperanza that hard times are like the valleys of the zigzag. After each valley, thereis also a mountain. It stands for good times. Abuelita says that each person must livethrough many valleys and mountains in life.

    4. How does Esperanza imagine her new life in California? What is wrong with this idea?What shows her what her true situation is? Esperanza thinks that she and Mama will livein California in a beautiful house with servants. This will not happen. They have no money topay for these things. Mama plans to work in the fields along with Hortensia and her family.Esperanza learns that she will have to wear hand-me-down clothes from the poor box. Thisreminds her that her situation has changed.

    5. Describe Esperanzas ride to the train station. How does Hortensia help Esperanza staycalm during this ride? Esperanza, her mother, and Hortensia ride to the train station in afarm wagon. They crowd together in a hiding place under a false floor for two whole days.Hortensia reminds Esperanza about the time when bandits were in her house and she hidunder a bed with Hortensia and Miguel. continued...

  • 6. Explain why Esperanza is in such a bad mood. How does she treat the little peasant girl?How is Mamas attitude different? Esperanza does not think she should have to travel in adirty car crowded with peasants. When the little girl wants to look at her doll, Esperanzagrabs it and hides it. Mama scolds her for behaving this way. She apologizes to the girlsmother for Esperanzas bad manners. She makes a yarn doll for the little girl. Mama is alsofriendly with Carmen, a peasant woman. She tells her about her personal problems.

    7. Why does Mamas behavior upset Esperanza? Why does her conversation with Miguelupset her? Mama seems to have changed all the rules that Esperanza has been taught. Shesays that she and Esperanza are peasants now. Esperanza is not ready for this idea. Herconversation with Miguel also upsets her. Miguel thinks that rich people are selfish. Hepoints out that the light-skinned Spanish Mexicans are usually rich. The native Mexicans arenot so lucky. Esperanza feels uncomfortable because she never thought about this before.


  • Select ion Review #3

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Melones and Las Cebollas

    1. Describe Juans family. Why do Isabels questions irritate Esperanza? Juan, Alfonsosbrother, has a wife, Josefina, two babies, Lupe and Pepe, and a young daughter, Isabel. Isabelasks Esperanza about her life in Mexico. Clearly, she has heard how rich Esperanzas familywas. Isabel thinks this is wonderful, but Esperanza does not like these questions. She doesnot want to be thought of as a spoiled rich girl. She wants people to accept her for herself.

    2. Describe Esperanzas strange feelings when she tries to hear the heartbeat of the valley.How does Miguel act when he finds her? What does this show us about Miguel? Esperanzalies down to listen to the valley, but she does not hear anything. She is so upset that she beginsto cry. As she lies there crying, she feels as if she were floating away. Then she feels as if shewere falling. She is afraid and everything goes black around her. Miguel finds her and isconcerned. He sits quietly holding her hand. He tells her that he also misses Papa, Abuelita,and the ranch. He is sorry about Isabels questions. We see that he really cares about Esper-anza. He knows what is bothering her deep down inside.

    3. Explain why Marta is so unfriendly. What do we learn from Martas remarks about theproblems in the work camps? Marta is unfriendly to Esperanza because she thinks all richpeople are bad. Esperanza is not rich any more, but Marta sees her as an enemy becauseshe used to be rich. Martas remarks show that some of the workers are not happy abouttheir lives. They want the other workers to strike. They think this would make the companiesimprove their living conditions. We can also guess that the workers of different groups do notalways get along. There are workers from Oklahoma, Mexicans, Japanese, and Filipinos. Theylive in different camps. The companies want to keep the different groups apart.

    4. Isabel says that the camp her family lives in is a good one. However, when Esperanza seesthe camp, she is very upset. List both good points and bad points about the camp. Explainwhy Isabel thinks it is good, but Esperanza thinks it is bad. Some of the camps goodpoints are that workers live in houses with electricity and running water, children can go toschool, and there are parties. Some of the bad points are that many people must share onetiny house, and everyone shares the same toilet facilities. Isabel and Esperanza see thecamp differently because they are used to different things. Isabel has lived in camps thatwere worse. She had to live in a tent and use a ditch to go to the bathroom. She has never



  • 100

    gone to school. For these reasons, she thinks this camp is wonderful. However, Esperanza isused to living very well. She has always had a big house and a room of her own. She used togo to a private school with other wealthy children. This is why the camp seems terrible to her.

    5. What does Mama do when Esperanza complains? How can we tell that Esperanza is tryingto be more thoughtful of other people after this? Mama tells her that she should be thankfulinstead of complaining. Juan and Alfonsos families have helped Esperanza and Mama a lot.After this, Esperanza tries to be more thoughtful. She is kind and pleasant to Isabels friendSilvia. She even squeezes Silvias dirty hand. When she meets Melina, she is friendly. Shefeels sorry when she thinks she might have embarrassed Melina.

    6. Describe Esperanzas chores in the camp. What problems does she have? How does Miguelhelp her? Esperanza is expected to help Isabel watch the babies. This includes changingdiapers and doing laundry. Esperanza does not know how to do these things. She has to watchIsabel. She is also supposed to sweep the camp platform. However, she cannot handle thebroom. Marta and some other women laugh at her. However, Miguel is kind and understanding.He does not make fun of her. He patiently shows her how to sweep.

  • 101

    Select ion Review #4Esperanza Ris ing

    Las Almendras and Las Ciruelas

    1. How did Alfonso and Miguel bring Papas roses from Mexico? What do they do with them?How do the roses symbolize Esperanzas and Mamas lives? Alfonso and Miguel dug theroots of the roses out of the garden after the fire. The roots were still alive, so they wrappedthem in oilcloth. They watered them to keep them damp all through the trip. Now they plantthem in a small garden shrine behind the cabin. The roses symbolize Esperanzas and Mamaslives in several ways. The fire seemed to have destroyed the roses, just as it seemed to destroyEsperanzas old life. However, the roses roots were still alive under ground. In the same way,Esperanza has a strength that was hidden before. The men hope that the roses will take rootand grow well in their new home. In the same way, they hope that Esperanza will do well inbuilding a new life for herself in the United States.

    2. What mistake does Esperanza make at bath time? Why do you think Mama is so proud ofEsperanza, despite mistakes like this one? At bath time, Esperanza makes the mistake ofwaiting for Hortensia to undress and bathe her, as she did at home. Mama is proud of Esper-anzas eagerness to correct her mistakes. She tries hard to learn the new way of life. Shequickly agrees to bathe herself, and even helps carry water for the other women.

    3. How does Marta use the kittens at the fiesta to illustrate her speech? Explain why theworkers do not agree about whether or not to strike. Marta tells her audience that theworkers are like the kittens. They are small and helpless unless they band together. Thismight force the companies to treat them better. Marta and her friends think the workers needto strike because some of the farms treat workers very badly. They think that if all the workersstrike, the growers will have to make things better for them. However, many workers do notagree. They think their lives are not so bad. They fear that if they strike, the growers will justhire other people to take their place. They will have no jobs, and they might have to go backto Mexico. These workers just want to feed their families and become American citizens. Theydo not want to ruin this plan by going on strike.

    4. Tell about the good points and bad points of Esperanzas first day at home with the babies.Esperanzas first day alone with the babies starts off well enough. However, she feeds themplums for lunch. The babies become sick and their diapers need to be changed over and over.Esperanza also scorches the beans in the bottom of the pot. However, she figures out how tohandle her problems. She prepares rice water and feeds it to the babies until they feel better.She even apologizes when she yells at Isabel. continued...

  • 5. Describe the dust storm. Tell about its consequences. The dust storm is a terrible wind thatblows brown dust everywhere. It lasts for hours. When it is over, dust has settled on everythingand everyone. The dust prevents the cotton workers from striking, because it covers the cottonplants near the ground and the cotton cannot be picked anyway. Since the grape vines growtaller, Alfonso and Juan and Miguel can still work. However, Mama falls ill from the dustspores she breathed in.

    6. Explain what Valley Fever is. Why is Mama the only person in the household who is ill?Why is Esperanza so frightened? Valley Fever is a disease caused by breathing the dustspores found in the valley. Many people are only sick a short time when they breathe thespores. After this, their bodies can fight off the disease. However, a few people, like Mother,become very ill. Esperanza is frightened because she realizes that Mama might die from thissickness. Since Papa is dead and Abuelita is far away, Esperanza cannot bear the thought oflosing Mama as well.


  • 103

    Select ion Review #5Esperanza Ris ing

    Las Papas through Los Esprragos

    1. Tell how Esperanza helps Mama feel better. Why does Mama have to go to the hospital?What happens during her stay in the hospital? At first Esperanza nurses Mama at home.She feeds her broth and makes sure that she is warm. She begins to crochet more rows ontoAbuelitas zigzag blanket. After some weeks, however, Mama needs to go to the hospital. Sheis depressed, and this prevents her from getting well. Esperanza visits her in the hospitalevery week. She brings her little gifts and talks to her. After a while, Mama becomes ill withpneumonia. The doctor asks Esperanza not to visit her for a whole month. This is very hardfor Esperanza.

    2. Why does Esperanza want Abuelita to come? Why will this be difficult? What is Esperanzasplan? Esperanza wants Abuelita to come for Mamas sake. She believes that this will makeMama happy, and she will get well. This is difficult because Esperanza cannot mail a letter toAbuelita. Her uncles would take the letter and learn where Mama is. Also, Abuelita probablycannot take her money from To Luiss bank. Esperanza decides to work in the packing shed.She will save some money. She hopes that later she can find someone to take a messageand the money to Abuelita.

    3. Tell about prejudice against Mexicans at this time in history. How does it affect Esperanzaand her family? At this time many whites in California did not like Mexicans. They thought allMexicans were poor, dirty, and uneducated. Like African Americans, Mexicans had to sit inthe back at movies. They were treated badly in public places. This bias keeps Miguel fromworking for the railroad as a mechanic. This is also why the Mexicans shop at a store that isfar away. Other store owners treat them badly, but Mr. Yakota is polite to them and sells thethings they need.

    4. Some surprising things happen when Miguel and Esperanza give Marta and her mother aride home. What are they? Taking Marta and her mother home gives Esperanza a chance tounderstand Marta better. She is surprised when Martas mother says she is praying for Mama.She feels sorry for the people in the strikers camp, who are very poor. When Esperanzashares food and a piata with a hungry family, it is Martas turn to be surprised. She did notexpect Esperanza to care about poor people. She warns Esperanza and Miguel to be careful,because there will be another strike soon.


  • 104

    5. Describe the strike. Why is it hard for those who want to keep working to do their jobs?The striking workers form picket lines near the packing sheds. They shout and insult the otherworkers all day. Sometimes they throw things at them. They also put dangerous things in thevegetable crates. Sometimes the workers find razor blades, rats, or snakes hidden under theproduce. They have to work more slowly, so they can be careful.

    6. What puts an end to the strike? What is unfair about the way this is handled? What doesEsperanza have to decide when she finds Marta in the packing shed? Immigration officialsend the strike by rounding up all the striking Mexican workers. They put them on buses to sendthem back to Mexico. This is not fair, because some of the striking workers are American citizens.Some of them, like Marta, have never even been to Mexico. When Esperanza finds Martahiding in the shed, Marta asks for her help. Esperanza knows that if she is caught helpingMarta, she could be sent away too. However, she feels sorry for Marta. She does not wantMarta to be separated from her mother, as Esperanza is separated from Mama. Esperanzahelps Marta escape the officials by helping her pretend to be a worker.

  • Select ion Review #6Los Duraznos through Authors Note

    1. Racism affects Esperanza and her friends in many ways. List examples. Isabel is not chosenQueen of the May, in spite of her good grades. Instead, a white girl is picked, just as in thepast. A camp with indoor plumbing and a swimming pool is built for workers from Oklahoma.Mexicans can only use the pool once a week, just before it is cleaned. Miguel loses his jobwhen new workers from Oklahoma come. Mexicans have to dig ditches or lay track whilewhites without experience become mechanics. Each case is the result of racism.

    2. How and why do Esperanzas and Miguels reactions to this unfair treatment differ? Esper-anza is very angry about the unfair treatment. She wants Miguel to confront his boss. Instead,Miguel controls his anger. He thinks that he can reach his dreams if he is patient and workshard. This occurs because these two have different backgrounds. Esperanza is used to beingwealthy. She has learned to work hard, but she is still not willing to accept injustice. Miguel,however, has known unfair treatment all his life. He does not like it, but he is used to it. He isthankful that now at least he has a chance to improve his life by hard work.

    3. Why does Esperanza give Isabel her doll? What does this show about her? Esperanza feelssorry for Isabel when she is not chosen Queen of the May. Esperanza gives her the doll tomake her feel better. This shows how much Esperanza has matured. The doll was a last giftfrom her father and the last special thing she owned. Even so, she gives it up to help Isabel.She finds a good solution, instead of just grumbling about the unfair situation.

    4. When Miguel leaves, Esperanza is angry, first with herself, then with him. Why? Whatchanges her anger to joy? When Miguel leaves home, Esperanza feels ashamed that shehurt his feelings, calling him a peasant. When she finds that her money orders have beenstolen, she is angry with Miguel for stealing them. When Esperanza sees Abuelita get off thebus, her anger turns to joy. She realizes that Miguel went away to bring Abuelita back.

    5. List some of the symbols mentioned near the end of the book. Tell what they mean. Onesymbol is the blanket that Esperanza shows Abuelita. She is surprised at how long it is. Theblanket is a symbol of her life. The zigzag stitches are symbolic of the good and bad times.Until she looks back, Esperanza does not know how much she has worked through since sheleft Mexico. Her feeling of flying over the valley is also a symbol. It stands for her ability to riseabove hardships. Her vision of herself and Miguel on the same side of the river is a symbol. Itshows that now they can dream together, and perhaps get married some day. Finally, unravel-ing Isabels crooked stitches and telling her not to be afraid to start over is a symbol. Itstands for the way Esperanza has let go of her old life to start over in a new one.



  • 106

    6. What parts of this novel are based on real-life experiences? What did the author changeor make up? Much of the story is based on the life of the authors grandmother, EsperanzaOrtega. She really was the daughter of a wealthy landowner. She became a farm worker inCalifornia and married a man who had been her fathers mechanic. In real life, though, shewas married before she moved. Her husbands name was Jess Muoz. Valley fever, preju-dice, strikes, and the Mexican Repatriation all really did affect workers lives. The authorprobably made up Alfonsos family and most of the details of Esperanzas life.

    7. List some themes of this novel. Some of this novels themes are: Riches and social classare not as important as family, friends, and faith. People, whether rich or poor, should not bejudged on the basis of social class. Patience and hard work are the secrets to reachingones goals. Different people may take different stands on complicated issues like laborunions and strikes. People of different backgrounds can be close if they come together asequals.

  • Literature Test #1

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Introduction through Las Papayas

    1. Tell about the social situation in Mexico at the time of this story. To what social class doesEsperanzas family belong? How do we know?

    2. The death of her father comes as a great shock to Esperanza because of the close relation-ship she had with him. List at least three examples from the book that show Papas love forher.


    N a m e :


  • 3. Explain why Mamas situation becomes very difficult after Papas will is read. What doesTo Luis want from her, and what gives him power over her?

    4. Who is Miguel? Why does Esperanza feel awkward around him?


  • Literature Test #2

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Higos and Las Guayabas

    1. What plan does Mama make after the house burns down? Why does Esperanza feel unhappyabout this plan at first?

    2. What symbol does Abuelita use to make Esperanza feel better about the move? What personalexperience does she share with her?


    N a m e :


  • 3. Why does Esperanza begin to panic on the way to the train station? How does Hortensia helpher calm down?

    4. Esperanza and her mother have very different attitudes during the train ride. How do theirattitudes differ? How is this difference shown in either their behavior toward the little peasantgirl, or their feelings about Carmen?


  • Literature Test #3

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Melones and Las Cebollas

    1. Marta treats Esperanza as an enemy as soon as she meets her. Why? How does she makeEsperanza feel?

    2. In the T-chart below, list at least two good things and two bad things about the camp whereIsabel and her family live. Explain the difference between Isabels and Esperanzas feelingsabout the camp.


    N a m e :


    Good Points





    Bad Points





  • 3. List two examples that show that Esperanza is trying to become more sensitive to otherpeoples feelings.

    4. Tell about Esperanzas chores in the camp, and explain why she has trouble with them. Howdoes Miguel handle this situation?


  • Literature Test #4

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Las Almendras and Las Ciruelas

    1. Where did Alfonso and Miguel get the roses that they plant behind the cabin? Explain howthe roses symbolize Esperanzas new life.

    2. The Mexican farm workers disagree about whether or not they should strike for better payand working conditions. Explain the two opposing positions and tell why each group feels theway it does.


    N a m e :113

  • 114

    3. Esperanzas mother tells her, I am so proud of you for all that you are learning (p. 136).Give two examples from this section that show that Esperanza is becoming more thoughtful,mature, and responsible.

    4. Describe the dust storm. What complication in the story arises as a result of the dust storm?

  • Literature Test #5

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Las Papas through Los Esprragos

    1. Why does Esperanza decide that it is important for Abuelita to come to California? What plandoes Esperanza make to help Abuelita come?

    2. How were Mexicans usually treated in the United States at the time of this story, the 1930s?Give at least two examples from the book.


    N a m e :


  • 116

    3. How does Esperanza surprise Marta when she and Miguel give Marta a ride to her home inthe strikers village? How does Marta repay Esperanza for her kindness?

    4. What does Esperanza think is unfair about the way the immigration officials stop the strike?How does Esperanza help Marta when she finds her hiding in the packing shed?

  • Literature Test #6

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Duraznos through Authors Note: Essay questions

    1. Real historical issues are very important in this novel. These issues include the farm workersattempts to organize strikes, and the harsh racial bias that Mexican immigrants had to facein California. Give examples of the ways these issues affect Esperanzas life and the life ofher friends. Describe some of the different ways that characters in the novel handle thesedifficult issues, and explain why their reactions differ from person to person.

    2. Symbolism is very important in this novel. Some of the most important symbols are:Abuelitas zigzag blanket, the roses that Alfonso brings from Papas garden in Mexico, andEsperanzas vision as she lies on the mountaintop at the end of the book. Choose ONE ofthese symbols. Explain how it represents Esperanzas life, giving specific examples from thebook.

    N a m e :117

  • 118

    Vocabular y Test #1

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Introduction through Las Papayas


    N a m e :

    resounding forlorn customary

    anticipated taunting pretentious

    distinguished methodically corrupt


  • Vocabular y Test #2

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Higos and Las Guayaba


    N a m e :

    penetrate discreetly monotonous

    salvage resentfully irritable

    intact exotic intimate



  • N a m e :120

    Vocabular y Test #3

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Melones and Las Cebollas


    barren careening visualize

    reassuring monstrous humiliation

    sensation solemnly ridicule


  • Vocabular y Test #4

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Las Almendras and Las Ciruelas


    N a m e :

    established extravagant sympathetic

    accustomed atrocious propelled

    shabby peculiar eerie


  • Vocabular y Test #5

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Las Papas through Los Esprragos


    N a m e :

    nimble ritual aggessive

    intent impulsively voluntary

    listless squalor despondent


  • Vocabular y Test #6

    Esperanza Ris ing

    Los Duraznos through Authors Note


    N a m e :

    devoutly anxiety transition

    confront infuriated diligent

    optimism skeptically resigned