SEEKING TALENT? The Game Studio Senior Show · PDF file For those who cannot attend the Game...

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Transcript of SEEKING TALENT? The Game Studio Senior Show · PDF file For those who cannot attend the Game...


    Keynote Speaker: Jack Emmert, CEO Austin Studio at Daybreak Game Company

    What Recruiters of the 2016 Game Studio Senior Show Had to Say

    “In our experience, Champlain students come well prepared, they are articulate, smart and totally love making games. A big thank you to Champlain’s faculty for taking the time to meet with us and to exchange ideas every year, and most of all for preparing the next generation of our colleagues.”

    — Matthew Wiazowski, Recruiting Team Lead, Ubisoft

    “It was a top quality event and great organization; thanks a lot for everything. We made an offer to a candidate and we are happy to have him in our team!”

    — Julien Jacob, Recruiter, Behaviour Interactive

    See What It’s All About

    View current and past student work at


    Tap into the Game Studio at Champlain College for game artists and

    animators; level, system and narrative designers; game programmers,

    project managers and producers.

    Send your job posting to:

    Daphne Walker

    Champlain College Career Collaborative Office


    SENIOR SHOW & RECEPTION April 28, 2017

    ONSITE INTERVIEWS April 29, 2017

    To make reservations, contact Daphne Walker:

    “I had a great time speaking to and meeting your students.

    Very excited for the next opportunity to come out!”

    — Mike LaPorte, Lead Recruiter,

    Sledgehammer Games

    Alexis Faintreny Mech Prototype Facility

    3D Environment

  • The Game Studio at Champlain College Our Collaborative Approach The Game Studio at Champlain College is a cohort experience that emphasizes teamwork across all the game development disciplines, facilitated by game-industry expert professors. Game Art & Animation, Game Design, Game Programming and Game Production Management majors, along with Business majors specializing in Game Production, work side by side all four years to create original projects. This collaborative atmosphere ensures the learning of essential professional social skills and the mastery of the latest game development expertise. Champlain graduates are ready to jump into any environment and be productive from day one.

    List of Game Majors Game Art & Animation, B.S. Game artists begin with a foundation in traditional media. This includes drawing, painting, visual design and motion design. From these building blocks, students choose many areas in which to specialize: 2-D graphics, animation, concept art, interface design, 3-D modeling, texturing, environments, technical art and character development.

    Game Design, B.S. Game Design requires a broad range of knowledge, from psychology to game engine scripting. Champlain’s curriculum is both broad and deep, to graduate well-rounded designers who are creative problem solvers and technically capable, and who also possess strong communication and leadership skills. Students choose to explore game system design, level design and content design.

    Game Programming, B.S. Game Programming is built on a foundation of math, programming skills and software engineering practices. With this base, students can then explore the sub-systems that add graphics, physics and artificial intelligence into modern game engines. As a result, graduates understand how to engineer games from low-level network protocols and graphics shaders to implementing the latest game engines for high-level solutions to artificial intelligence or game mechanics.

    Game Production Management, B.S. Game Production Management provides students with in-depth experience in project management, including Agile and SCRUM methods, through collaborative integration with the game studio and internships in the field. In addition, our students learn relevant business and communication skills through courses that include marketing, corporate social responsibility, organizational behavior and financial management. This program develops graduates with strong business, project and team management skills, as well as experience in current game development tools, processes and methods.

    Find out more at

    163 South Willard St., Burlington, Vermont 05401

    “The show was great! It was very

    well organized and the reception after was a lot of fun. I

    personally liked playing the games

    and meeting all the students. We will definitely be back

    next year.”

    — Christina Nichols, Lead Recruiter,

    Vicarious Visions

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    For those who cannot attend the Game Studio Senior Show in Burlington, Vermont USA, a

    livestream broadcast will be available on April 28. Skype or Google Hangout interviews with

    your selected candidates can be arranged starting in late April as portfolio links for each senior will be available one week prior to the

    Show. For more information on these options, email Daphne Walker: