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Section 508– Southern Jersey. May 15, 2007 Program Meeting ASQ “Make Good Great” “Recognition Night” Richard A. Litts Rick Region 5 Regional Director 2005-2007 ~ 2007-2009. The ~ At least one more PowerPoint Slide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Region 5 Deputy Regional Directors (DRD’s). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Section 508– Southern Jersey

  • Section 508 Southern JerseyMay 15, 2007

    Program MeetingASQ Make Good Great

    Recognition Night

    Richard A. LittsRick

    Region 5 Regional Director2005-2007 ~ 2007-2009

  • The ~ At least one more PowerPoint Slide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Region 5Deputy Regional Directors (DRDs)Tom Mudge ~ SJ, Del, DelMarvaWayne Paupst ~ LV, Phil, ReadingJim Pasquali ~ Harrisburg, NCPAEric Whichard ~ BaltimoreRobert Scanlon ~ WashDCMDMetro, NVADavid Little ~ Special Projects

  • Overview of the Section Volunteer CommunityA Resource for Section Members and Leaders

    Michael Manteuffel


    Region 5Community Care Administrator1-800-248-1946

  • Section 508 Southern Jersey2007 World Conference on Quality and Improvement

    Orlando, Fla. April 30 May 2

    Fueling Innovation Through People and Quality

  • VisionBy making quality a global priority, an organizational imperative, and a personal ethic, the American Society for Quality becomes the community for everyone who seeks quality technology, concepts, or tools to improve themselves and their world

  • Why ASQ Members Value MembershipNetworkingTraining, Certification, EventsStay up to date with Quality ProgressFlexible Levels of MembershipIdentify self as striving for excellenceGrow profession with Body of Knowledge (BoK)Articles/White Papers

  • Why ASQ Members Value MembershipWeb-based training coursesResources for certification preparationASQ worlds leading authority on everything Quality for the past 60 years and will be for generations to come

  • ASQIn top 1% of all US Professional Membership Organizations in size

    Employs 204 employees68% Female32% Male95% Located at Headquarters - Milwaukee 5% In distribution center (near airport) 5% Are bi-lingual staff with 5 languages spoken

  • CompetitorsAssociationsConsultantsPublishersBookstores / SellersInternetTraining and Consulting providersWebsites / Portals

  • Principal Factors that Determine Success Relative to CompetitorsASQ Offers 100% guarantee on products & services

    Money spent with ASQ is $$ that goes back into support of the Quality movement

  • Organizational Structure

  • Organizational Structure

  • Office of the President (OOP)Chair Jerry MairaniPresident Ron AtkinsonPresident Elect Michael NicholsVice President Grace DuffyTreasurer Hope GonzalesExecutive Director and Chief Strategic Officer Paul Borawski(non-voting board member)

  • Board of DirectorsOOPDirectorsSection Regional Directors ~ 6Division Representatives ~ 6

    Parliamentarian James Rooney, Jr.Roberts Rules of Order

    Board Staff Liaison Karla Riesinger

  • Revenue2006 Actual $ 37,158,950

    2007 Forecast$ 36,101,714

    2008 Budget $ 39,473,417

  • Revenue Generators 2006 (million) Dues$ 10.8Retail Sales$ 4.6Advertising$ 1.2Conferences$ 1.7Certification Fees$ 3.3 Training Fees$ 7.4Sponsorships/Contributions $ 2.0Subscriptions$ 0.9Royalties and Licensing$ 1.2Contract Services$ 0.5

  • Essential Activities 2006-2007CommunicationsMembership Growth & DevelopmentBody of KnowledgeEducation and TrainingWeb PlanMember Leader CommunicationHealthcare Market DevelopmentService Market DevelopmentEducation Market DevelopmentManufacturing Market DevelopmentGlobal Market DevelopmentCertification Knowledge OfferingsLearning OfferingsQuality Management (Governors Award for Excellence)

  • Society Membership7/1/04100,881

    7/1/05 94,200

    7/1/06 93,715

  • ASQ MembersManufacturing65.2%Service19.2%Health Care 4.5%Government 3.1%Education 2.2%Other 5.8%

    68% are 33 - 55 Years of age23% are Female77% are Male

  • Region 530,376 Square Miles

    18 Members per Square Mile

    2nd out of 15 ASQ Regions

  • ASQ Regions

  • Section 508 Southern JerseyRegion 511 Sections Rank out of 252Members ASQ Sections 500 Lehigh Valley466 64501 North Central Pa.165141502 Baltimore719 30503 Harrisburg 536 51505 Philadelphia 1182 10506 Delaware368 73508 Southern Jersey 198123rd509 Washington (DC) & Maryland Metro702 31510 Reading238109511 Northern VA742 26512 Delmarva 74220

  • Society UpdateLiving Community Model (LCM)StudentForum Interest in Q-Specific Industry or topicAssociate Interest in Q-Tools & TechniquesRegularSeniorFellowSustaining Company Site SpecificOrganizational (Pilot)

  • Section 508 Southern Jersey Membership7/1/067/1/05Forum 0 0Student 1 3Associate 6 3Regular 122170Senior 66 39Fellow 0 0Sustaining 2 1Organizational 1 0Total198216

  • Section 508 Southern JerseyOrganizational Member Boeing

    Sustaining MembersLockheed MartinAlcan Packaging

  • ASQ Member Retention RateSociety 71.4%

    Southern Jersey67.6%

    Region 573.7%

  • 508 Southern Jersey Compared to Other Sections RetentionMinnesota2588 75.9%Toronto1856Chicago1758Greater Detroit1759Milwaukee1505Atlanta1407Orange Empire1318Silicon Valley1277Boston1231Philadelphia1182123. Southern Jersey 198 67.6%

  • Global Community World PartnersHong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQA)Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE)Korean Standards AssociationSingapore Quality Institute (SQI)European Organization for Quality (EOQ)Excellence Finland

  • Global Community World PartnersExcellence IrelandSpanish Association for Quality (AEC)German Society for QualityIsrael Society for Quality (ISQ)Instituto Profesional Argentino para la Calidad y la Excelencia (IPACE)National Quality Institute (Canada)PGQP Regional Program of Quality and Productivity (Brazil)

  • Member Value SummitOctober 2005Milwaukee WIASQ Leadership - HeadquartersSection Affairs Council (SAC)Division Affairs Council (DAC)Section LeadersMembers

  • Member Value SummitSummit Outcome Activity Report (SOAR)

  • SOAR Office LeadershipML CommunicationsConnie FaylorLaurel Nelson-RoweBody of KnowledgeSue JacobsChris Bauman, Bill TonySOAR Project OfficeGrace DuffyPaul BorawskiArchitectureDavid LittleKarla RiesingerEducation and TrainingLarry SmithBrian LeHouillier

  • Key Theme #1 Education and TrainingDesign Team Assignment from Summit:

    Create a unified vision of how the Society carries out its training and education in todays world, in a way that is responsive to the needs of member and customer and best utilizes sections, divisions, and headquarters capabilities.

  • Education and Training Vision Task ForceProgress to Date:Vision statement createdVoice of Customer training for ASQ staffBenchmarking possible partnersModular Development sub-team up and running

  • Key Theme #2 Member Leader CommunicationDesign Team Assignment from Summit:

    Create a system responsive to the needs of member leaders to be known, be involved, and have access to the information they need.

  • Member Leader CommunicationsTask ForceProgress to Date:As-is model communicated Friday Fast Facts debuted June 30Continues reducing duplicationML TrainingRole Descriptions

  • Key Theme #3 Body of KnowledgePrepare the known knowledge of quality for best use in the quality community and assure a vital flow of new knowledge.

  • Body of KnowledgeTask ForceProgress to Date:

    Reviewed visionCompiled as is model and macro process

  • Summit SummaryThis was a strong response to SummitAll three themes are provided for as Essential Activity on the Business Plan.The themes are large projects involving change (were not so good at enabling change)Apply the knowledge were learning about change leadership

  • Ideas to Action Gathering2007 World Conference on Quality and ImprovementOrlando, Fla.

    Four Points by Sheraton HotelMilwaukee, WISeptember 23 25, 2007

  • Section 508 Southern JerseyRecognition Night

    Awards for your Section!!!!!!Total Quality ~ one of 98 SectionsSilver Excellence ~ one of 43 Sections

    Congratulations to All!!!

  • Section 508 Southern JerseyThank You for being Members!

    Thank You for attending. It is appreciated!

    Have a safe trip home!!!

    See you at another ASQ Event!

    ASQ Make Good Great

    Over the past few years, HQ has heard a few things from you from section volunteers.

    The first was that ASQNet was just not cutting it it was hard to navigate through, items were buried, it just wasnt convenient.The second concern was that you felt you needed a virtual office a space online where you could store your important documents, where you could hold dialogues with your fellow volunteers about a hot topic in your section, where you could organize the operations of your section.

    In response to you and your concerns, HQ has invested in new software called SharePoint. This software directly answers the concerns youve shared with us. Were really excited about this because it will provide HQ with a more flexible structure to house your resources and it provides each and every section with its own virtual office space that provides you with a wealth of capabilities.

    In this presentation, were going to go on a tour of the Section Volunteer Community the new online resource for section volunteers. The SVC effectively replaces ASQNet. As you can image this is a complex issue that will need several sub-teams actively taking on portions of the overall goals.

    To date the Voice of the Customer sub-team under the direction of Hal Schaal has provide training for 20 staff. The training included process instruction an