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  • The Reader is the quarterly newsletter of People, Words & Change. We welcome stories and articles by our learners.

    People, Words & Change Heartwood House 202-404 McArthur Ave. Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8 Tel: 613-234-2494 Bus #14 stops in front of the building. There is street parking.

    Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!

    Wow! 2014 is coming to an end. We are, once again,

    approaching the holiday season and a new year – 2015. How

    time flies! PWC will close for two weeks from Monday, Dec. 21.

    The office will open on Monday, January 5th.

    PWC would like to send a special thank you to all the volunteer

    board members and tutors for their time and effort. We would

    also like to say thank you to all PWC learners who give us so

    much satisfaction in return. The PWC staff would like to wish

    everyone happy holidays and all the best for 2015.

    –Dee, Heidi, Jennifer, Susan, & Suzanne

    In this issue:

     PWC Holiday Office Hours

     PWC News

     Now I Can! PWC Learners Write

     New Books for Learners in PWC’s Library

     Ottawa Community News

     Brainteaser: Snow!


    Dear everyone in the PWC community,

    It has been 3 years since I started working at PWC, teaching in the Computer Lab. I am happy to say that I’ve taught people from all over the world and they’ve taught me too! I’ve learned how to be concise, how to watch and learn, how to rise to a challenge and how powerful personal choices can be.

    One of my students calls me her “eager teacher”. I guess it is true, I am an eager teacher. Eager to share what I know and eager to learn what my students know – how they think and how we can work together.

    Dee and Jennifer, Heidi and Margaret, dear students, and generous Board Members, I am very grateful for my experience at PWC. I feel happiest and safest when I am part of a community that learns together.

    Thank you all. I have learned so much working here. And Mavis Beacon blessed me too! With affection, Suzanne Hale Instructor, PWC Computer Lab

  • Now I Can!

    PWC Learners Write…

    My Trip to Niagara Falls

    I would like to go for a trip to Niagara Falls because I want to see the Horseshoe Falls. I also want to take the Maid of the Mist, a boat that goes under the Horseshoe Falls. I would like to go in the summertime. I would go with my family. We will see the waterfalls and also swim there and go on a ride around the falls.

    - Ethiopia

    My name is Sofia. I work with

    Cathy for a few weeks and we do a

    lot of writing, spelling and how to

    write a sentence and I am happy

    with Cathy.


    About Snow - Vida

    Snow is appealing to me whenever I see it.

    I didn't have snow at the place where I grew up. We

    only had summer and spring.

    I always wanted to see snow when I was back home.

    I still like the view of the snow.

    I like to watch the skaters skate.

    I also like snow-falling days.

    It is always nice when it snows.

    What I don't like about snow is that it is cold on

    snow days. Whenever I want to go out, I have to

    bundle up! I don't like to shovel snow because I get

    tired whenever I shovel.

    That is what I like and don't like about snow!

  • Now I Can!

    PWC Learners Write…

  • PWC and Me

    I have no regrets since I started with People, Words & Change (PWC). In the past six months and with only four hours a week, I have learned a lot. My spelling and vocabulary have improved and so has my confidence.

    I learned about PWC while driving through Westboro village last summer. As I was listening to one of my favourite radio stations, I heard a commercial that caught my attention. It said, “Free computer and literacy classes for adults, call 613-234- 2494”, and so I did, reluctantly.

    I made an appointment and had an interview with Jennifer who assured me that I had nothing to be afraid of, and that they were there to help. We then had an enlightening conversation in which she asked me a few questions about my educational background, had me sign a few forms, and asked me to do a skills assessment. Upon leaving her office, I had a happy feeling and a sense of accomplishment, although it was just the beginning.

    Two weeks later, I had my first basic computer skills and literacy sessions. My computer instructor is Suzanne, and my volunteer tutor is Patricia. There is also a computer lab tutor named Liam, who volunteers his time, and of course Dee, in administration, who puts on a wicked Power of Words Breakfast.

    In conclusion, if you ever have never heard of PWC, get off the couch and away from the T.V. and become a student. Just do it! In the end, you will be the beneficiary of your self-improvement.


    Now I Can!

    PWC Learners Write…

  • Now I Can!

    PWC Learners Write…

  • Take Shelter at Home and Around the World By: Nickki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton

    A roof, a door, some windows, a floor. All houses have them, but not all houses are alike. Some have wings, some have wheels, some float; some are made of straw, some of snow and ice. Some are enormous, some are tiny; some are permanent and some are temporary. But all are home. Take Shelter explores the way people live all over the world and beyond.

     Excellent photos of shelters from around the world for discussion. Text suitable for level 2 and 3 readers.

    Down to Earth – How Kids Help Feed the World By: Nickki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton

    Families all over the world help collect seeds, weed gardens, milk goats and herd ducks. From a balcony garden to a farm with hundreds of cows, families can pitch in to bring the best and freshest products to their tables and to market.

     Excellent photos of gardening/farming cultures around the world for discussion. Text suitable for level 2 and 3 readers.

    NEW Books in the PWC Library

    The Mystery of Meerkat Hill By Alexander McCall Smith

    Precious wants to be a detective when she grows up. She is always practicing at being a detective by asking questions and finding out about other people’s lives. There are two new students in her class, a girl called Teb and a boy called Pontsho. She learns that they are brother and sister, and— even more exciting—that Pontsho has a clever pet meerkat named Kosi.

     Suitable for high level 1 and level 2 readers

    The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency By Alexander McCall Smith

    An adult Precious sits in the shade and ponders the wisdom of her cattle farmer father, observes her neighbors, and cares for employers and subjects with humor. A clinic doctor has two different personalities depending on the day of the week. A Christian sect member vanishes. A witch doctor may have the bones of a kidnapped boy in his magic kit.

     Suitable for level 3 readers

    I Am Malala – Young Readers Edition By: Malala Yousefzai with Patricia McCormick

    Raised in a once-peaceful area of Pakistan transformed by terrorism, Malala Yousefzai was taught to stand up for what she believes. She fought for her right to be educated. And on October 9, 2012, she nearly lost her life for the cause. Malala was shot while riding the bus on her way home from school. Not only did she survive, but she recently was one of two people to share the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

     A simpler version of the mainstream I Am Malala – suitable for high level 2 and level 3

  • Ottawa Community


  • Brainteaser

    The following are called compound nouns beginning with the word snow. A compound noun is a word that is made up of two words that, when put together, have new meaning. How many of these words do you know? The answers are upside down at the bottom, but only look if you need to!

    1. Snow_ _ _ _ – a round object made with snow by children

    2. Snow_ _ _ _ _ – when wind blows snow into a shape that looks like an ocean wave

    3. Snow_ _ _ _ _ – a weather event with a lot of falling snow and wind

    4. Snow_ _ _ _ – the accumulation of snow after a winter storm

    5. Snow_ _ _ _ _ – when there is so much snow outside that you are stuck at home

    6. Snow_ _ _ _ _ _ – it takes many of these small particles to make a ball

    7. Snow_ _ _ _ – a mound of snow at the sides of a road

    8. Snow_ _ _ _ _ – you use these to walk on top of soft snow without sinking

    9. Snow_ _ _ _ - one or two pieces of clothing that cover the body and protect it from cold

    10. Snow _ _ _ _ _ _ – a small machine used by people for clearing snow

    11. Snow_ _ _ _ _ _ – a machine used for travelling across snow and ice