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SAT., DEC. 15FAITHFUL PAWSOF HOUSTONCome and practice yourreading with some furryfriends! Every 3rdsaturday, 10:30 am -noon at Crosby librarychildren’s area.

TUE., DEC. 18CHAMBERCHRISTMASOPEN HOUSECelebrate this HolidaySeason at Crosby’sChamber Open House,11 am - 2 pm, 5317 FirstStreet, Crosby TX.,77532 (ChamberOffice).

DEC. 18-20CROSBY VOL. FIREDEPARTMENT will againhost Santa in theirvehicles in OperationSanta, the Jolly Ole’ Elfstarts at 6:00 p.m. eachnight Tuesday inNewport, WednesdayFoley Rd. and IndianShores and Thursday inBarrett and CrosbyVillage.

THUR., DEC. 20MOVIE TIME ATCROSBY LIBRARYA Holiday Classic: TheNightware BeforeChristmas (Rated PG).Snacks will be provided,2:00 p.m. in the PublicMeeting Room.

BIRTHDAYSDec 13--Gary Hart

Patricia HermanDon LaudersBernard KotalikMary McCee

Dec 14--Blaine Allen DickeyMandy Griggs

Dec 15--Courtney LanghamRussell Rogers

Dec 16--Kelsy BrowningDec 17--Tim Dammon

Helen DunksBrandon TappanLaurie Delome

Dec 18--Mikey MartinPauline Shields

ANNIVERSARIESDec. 15--Bob & Mary McCeeDec 16--George & Aimee

PalmerDec 17 – George & Stachia

R. Thurmond Zorro & Katie SotoDec. 19--Kitty & Bob Elkins

DEATHSJames V. “Jim” GarrettStephen Lynn SmithChristina Lee Williams Luper

INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings

Oil on Canvas 24” x 30” by mei hoffman

These storiesin the PRESS:•Holiday Heart Health•Ner Con at ChambersCounty Library•LETTER: Cedar BayouImprovements......And more, Page 5

For Information, call 713-977-2555

Artist’s Showcase:

Largest, longest Crosby ChristmasParade bears toys for kids

2017 Fireman of the Year Warren Thompson waves with Santaat parade watchers throughout North Main Street that cappedthe Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce’s Children’sChristmas Pageant. Tower 82 brought Santa around for thelargest parade in Crosby history last Saturday, but a truckwith a Mexican flag and Ole’ Glory turned upside down gotmore attention than the mission to gather toys for lessfortunate girls and boys.

Raceway sings in theHoliday Season

Annually, Raceway Gasoline Station has kids from local schools come outto sing and Santa to chat with kids about gifts. This year was no exceptionas community leaders joined the celebration. MORE on Page 10.

Sharing Christmasat B.P. Hopper

Once again, the community of Highlands provided newclothing through the Share Your Christmas project for schoolchildren in the Highlands area.

Partners in this project pictured are: B.P. Hopper counselor,Nieketta Bapiste, Nadine Goodney and Theresa CashionCatholic Daughters of the America’s, Jim Strouhal Knights ofa Columbus, Andy Scott and Denise Smith Rotary Club, GregEvans Knights of Columbus, Teresa Verret ZXP, Chrissa Teel,Tri-County Construction and Horizons, Delene Cotten Horizonsand, last but by no means least, Claudia Birdsong First BaptistChurch.

The school counselors work very hard for this to be asuccess. The elementary school counselor, Michelle Striplingand the Jr School counselor, Mary King were unable to bewith us for the picture. Sponsors not available for the pictureare Gail Clanton 2nd Baptist Church, L J Engineering,Woodforest Bank and Brett Marshall.

Theresa Cashion is chairman of this project.

Amid an array of bounce castles theChildren’s Festival featured localentertainment including Crosby DanceAcademy dancers. The Christmas event waspart of the all-day Christmas festival lastSaturday, December 8th sponsored by theCrosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce.

The offending truck was not seen during theopening entry and some speculate it musthave joined in during an enormous gap inthe ATV part of the parade.

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Attorney at Law281-421-5774

Not Certified by theTexas Board of Legal Specialization

Holiday Greetings from

GRAFIKSHOPCommercial Printing

wishes you



Jeremy Rosenkranz,Agent

440 S. Main,Highlands, TX 77562


Best Wishesfor the


Wishing you the Merriest

Christmas and a Happy

and Productive New Year



Happy Holidaysfrom


Health Care

Merry Christmasfrom our family to yours

Mont Belvieu, TX BHISD.NET

Season’s Greetings



From Our Family to Yours,Best Wishes for the New Year

Joe Stephens and family

tLetters to Santa ttLetters to Santa tDear Santa,I want slime for X-mas

and some lol dolls, abasketball and a basketbasket ball cort andshoes seize 1 andscooter.

Kimberly Alvarez, 7years old

***Dear Santa,I really want Pokemon

and Nintendo swich andfort nite monopoly and afootball.

Damien Salazar, 8years old

How are you andMrs. Clause doing? I hopyou are doing well. I amdoing good in reading. Ireally need to try harderin math. Thank you forthe gifts last year. Thisyear have a LoL dolls andI will share it to myfriends and I will like tohave a alppe wach and Ireally need it to call mymom. When somethinggoes wrong so pls.Zoey beth Valencia, 9

** **Dear Santa,

How are you andMrs. Claus doing? I hopeyou had a great year! Ihave been good I only gota couple conduct marks.Better than last year.Thank you for thepresints last year. Iwould like a nurf gunbullets and a nededo. If Igot that my heart wouldbe blown up. MerryChristmas.Brycen Schryden, 8

Dear Santa,How are you and

Mrs. Clause doing? I hopeyou are doing well? I havebeen doing good withreading! Thank you forthe tablet last year. Thisyear I would want a doll.I would be so thankfulfor it. Merry Christmas.Don’t get sick y’all.Kalli Olree, 8

** **Dear Santa,

How iseverything going? I hopeyou are doing well! I tryhard to be helpful. Thankyou for the stuf that yougave me last year! Ireally loved the pony!This year I want a intenosich. It wode make mehappy! Merry Christmas!Anabell Salinas, 8

Dear Santa,How is

everything going? I’vebeen helping my mom. Irealy love the ipad. Thisyear I wold like a xboxone. I will love it! MerryChristmas!Lane Landree, 8

** **Dear Santa,

I hope yourdoing well! I will be on mybest behaver. Thank youfor the gifts you gave melast year. I woud love aphone and it will make meso happy. Merry ChrismasSanta.Madelyn Sebreh, 9 Dear Santa,

How are you andMrs. Clause doing? I hopeyou are doing well! I haveinproved a lot! I havegood grades! Thank youfor the doll you got me!This year I hope for ababy alive! I would shareit a lot! And it would fillmy hart with joy. MerryChrismas!Kyndra Thompson, 9

** **Dear Santa,

How are you andMrs. Clause doing? Itried to do my best and Idid kind of good. Thankyou for the xbox 1 lastyear. This year can I getsome books and legos.And I will be really reallyhappy! Merry Christmas!Keegan McGee, 9

Dear Santa,How are you and

Mrs. Clause doing? Santaam I a bad kid or a goodkid? Thanks for the toy Iwant. Sant I want abowling pin and a bowlingball toy.Jacmine, 9

** **Dear Santa,

How are you andMrs. Claus doing? Inschool I act good I madea lot of friends and getgood grades. Thank youfor the piano last year. Ireally like it. This year Iwant hedphones and Iwant my hedphone tohave a nic and maybesome legos and a PS4. Ifeel like I deserve it alittle bit and if you getme what I wanted forChristmas I’d be filledwith joy!Gabriel Palacia, 8

Dear Santa,How are you and

Mrs. Clause doing? I ambeing nice to my frins?Thank you for the DiaryI like it. This year I woodwant to have a book. So Ican read the book?Merry Christmas.Grenlie, 9

Dear Santa,I hope you are

doing well! I have beengetting AB honor roll andthank you for the phoneyou got me last year. AndI would like a new phonethis year and it wouldmake me so happy. And Iwould be grateful. MerryChristmas.Alexiya Thomas, 9

Page 3: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

Star✯Courier / Press / NORTH CHANNEL✯STAR Page 3THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018

✯ S E A S O N ‘ S G R E E T I N G S ✯

Season’s GreetingsSeason’s Greetings

from thefrom the


Volunteer F ireVolunteer F ire


Harvey L i t t le , F i re ChiefHarvey L i t t le , F i re ChiefHarvey L i t t le , F i re ChiefStat ion 17 - 123 San Jacinto St .Stat ion 17 - 123 San Jacinto St .Stat ion 17 - 123 San Jacinto St .

Highlands, Texas 77562Highlands, Texas 77562Highlands, Texas 77562281 -843 -2466281 -843 -2466281 -843 -2466

Happy Holidaysto Everyone!!!

Crosby ISD, Omnix team to spread cheer

We hope the season leads you to a wonderful new year.

Harris County Water Controland Improvement District No. 1

Mark, Cindy, Theresa, LeslieThe Field Crew & Board of Directors.

We will be closed Dec. 24, 25, and Jan. 1.

tLetters to Santa t

tLetters to Santa t

Dear Santa,I hope you have a

good time this year. Areyou going to give my cata present? Oh and mydog. Can I have a ponyset?

Emma Benson, 7

***Dear Santa,This year I would like

10 rainbow candycanes, 1 trampoline, 20cans of sileys spray, apack of balloons and apack of water balloonsand a hairboard. I hopeyou have a good Christ-mas.

Braden, 7 years old

***Dear Santa,For Christmas I want

a X-box 1 please, andphone pixel 3 and I wasgood on my report cardbecause I got all As.

Alejandro Lopez, 7

***Dear Santa,Thank you for getting

all the kids in the worldChristmas presents!! J

Did you get myChristmas list? Thankyou for everything.Thank you for toys forthe kids!! Thanks.

Aireana Foster, 8

***Dear Santa,Am I on the list? I

really want a nerf gun,baseball gloves, iphone,hover board, arc car,Rudolph teddy. Can youplease give me this stoff?

Elias, 7 years old

***Dear Santa,Am I on the good list?

Well… … I want a Boxerrobet, a Pockemon. Socan you fix the fence forChristmas? He he

Elliot, 7

***Dear Santa,Hope you have a

wonderful Christmas.Anyways, can youplease get me a xBoxone, a dash bot and aiphone X. Have awonderful ChristmasEve.

Drake Farmer, 8

***Dear Santa,Thank you for getting

the letter last night. Iwant a galicty hoverboard for Christmas andthank you for lettingzippy bring a friend over.Zippy and pixe arefunny! J

June Reed, 8 years

***Dear Santa,I have been very good

this year. I would like tohave nice violet clothesfor my poochie becausehe gets jellois. He will besuper exited! Anotherthing I would like is agame for my Nintendoswitch. Here are someideas, I like …Mario,platton and guss that sit.I need a mermaid clockto wake me up in themorning instead mydad’s phone. It’ssoooooooo annoying.Does time stop when youbring presents? Youmight not know this, butin Christmas movies allthe reindeer includedexcept Rudolph.

Warmy yours, Bar-bara A. Trahan, 3rdgrade

Newport Elementary

***Dear Santa,I have been very nice

this year. I would like ahover board so I can ridein the park. Also, I wouldlike an electrical blanketso I can keep warmoutside. I am needing anair pump to air my ears.How old are you?

Jaxen McMullen

***Dear Santa,I want a Huver board

for Christmas.Jove Clarius, 7

***Dear Santa,I’ve been a nice boy

this year. I would like a$200 gift card to buygames. Also I would likeramen noodles to eat. Iam needing to rale theworld.

Cooper Coleman, 9

OMNIX Health Care Services partnered withCrosby ISD to spread a little holiday cheer to thosewho need it most. Omnix delivered wreaths forour students to decorate and then delivered thosewreaths to some of the health care deliveryservice patients to enjoy as Christmas decorationsbrought by their health partner and Crosby kids.



From Lisa, Jennifer, AndThe Woods Family


December 24th.(Open 9 am to 3 pm)HOLIDAY HOURS

Christmas Eve CLOSEDChristmas Day CLOSEDNew Year’s Day CLOSED


8314 Thompson Rd.Highlands, Tx. 77562


From Robertand AnnWoodall

Page 4: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

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By FRANCIS P. CHURCH,First published in The New York Sun in 1897

We take pleasure in answering thus prominentlythe communication below, expressing at the sametime our great gratification that its faithful author isnumbered among the friends of The Sun:

Dear Editor—

I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say thereis no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in TheSun, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a SantaClaus?


Virginia, yourlittle friends arewrong. They havebeen affected by theskepticism of askeptical age. Theydo not believeexcept they see.They think thatnothing can bewhich is not com-prehensible by theirlittle minds. Allminds, Virginia,whether they bemen’s or children’s,are little. In thisgreat universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant,in his intellect as compared with the boundless worldabout him, as measured by the intelligence capable ofgrasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists ascertainly as love and generosity and devotion exist,and you know that they abound and give to your lifeits highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would bethe world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be asdreary as if there were no Virginias. There would beno childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to maketolerable this existence. We should have no enjoy-ment, except in sense and sight. The eternal lightwith which childhood fills the world would be extin-guished.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well notbelieve in fairies. You might get your papa to hiremen to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas eve tocatch Santa Claus, but even if you did not see SantaClaus coming down, what would that prove? Nobodysees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is noSanta Claus. The most real things in the world arethose that neither children nor men can see. Did youever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not,but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobodycan conceive or imagine all the wonders there areunseen and unseeable in the world.

You tear apart the baby’s rattle and see whatmakes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering theunseen world which not the strongest man, nor eventhe united strength of all the strongest men that everlived could tear apart. Only faith, poetry, love,romance, can push aside that curtain and view andpicture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it allreal? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothingelse real and abiding.

No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives and livesforever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10times 10,000 years from now, he will continue tomake glad the heart of childhood.

Francis P. Church’s editorial, “Yes Virginia, Thereis a Santa Claus” was an immediate sensation, andwent on to became one of the most famous editorialsever written. It first appeared in the The New YorkSun in 1897, almost a hundred years ago, and wasreprinted annually until 1949 when the paper wentout of business.

Virginia O’Hanlon went on to graduate fromHunter College with a Bachelor of Arts degree at age21. The following year she received her Master’s fromColumbia, and in 1912 she began teaching in the NewYork City school system, later becoming a principal.After 47 years, she retired as an educator. Through-out her life she received a steady stream of mail abouther Santa Claus letter, and to each reply she attachedan attractive printed copy of the Church editorial.Virginia O’Hanlon Douglas died on May 13, 1971, atthe age of 81, in a nursing home in Valatie, N.Y.

Yes, Virginia, Thereis a Santa Claus

Gilbert Hoffman, Architect713-977-2555

AUSTIN — Gov. GregAbbott on Dec. 3 pro-claimed Dec. 5 as an offi-cial day of mourning acrossthe Lone Star State in hon-or of former PresidentGeorge H.W. Bush, the41st president of the Unit-ed States, who died inHouston on Nov. 30.

In the proclamation,Abbott encouraged Texansto “gather, assemble andpay their respects to thememory of George HerbertWalker Bush through cer-emonies in homes, busi-nesses, public buildings,schools, places of worshipor other appropriate plac-es for public expression ofgrief and remembrance.”

The proclamation alsoallowed state employees toattend such observances.State agencies, offices anddepartments were closedon that day, with generalgovernment operationsand services maintainedby reduced-s ize workcrews.

The former president’sbody lay in state in theU.S. Capitol rotunda.Crowds viewed the casketand a 21-gun salute wasperformed. Official funer-al services were conductedat the National Cathedralin Washington, D.C., andthe body was transportedto Bush’s longtime homechurch, St. Martin’s Epis-copal Church in Houston,f o r f u n e r a l s e r v i c e s .Crowds lined the railroadtracks as a funeral traincarried the former presi-dent's body to College Sta-tion and its final restingplace at the George H.W.Bush Presidential Libraryon the Texas A&M Univer-sity campus.

Pablos resignsfrom post

Secretary of State Ro-lando Pablos, Texas’ chiefelections officer, has re-signed from office, effectiveDec. 15.

In his Dec. 6 letter ofresignation, Pablos wroteto Gov. Abbott: "With themidterm elections success-fully behind us and the86th legislative sessionaround the corner, I be-lieve this would be a goodtime to begin the processof transitioning out of myposition and passing thebaton to the next secretaryof state. Serving Texans assecretary of state has beenthe opportunity of a life-time, but I feel the need atthis time to turn my atten-

Texas, nation mourndeath of former president

tion to my private prac-tice.”

Abbott said Pablos “hasbeen a dedicated publicservant who has done anexceptional job upholdingthe integrity of our elec-t i o n s y s t e m . H e h a ss t r e n g t h e n e d T e x a s ’standing on the interna-tional stage by fosteringour cultural and economicties with countries aroundthe world. The State ofTexas is better for his ser-vice. I thank Rolando forhis commitment to ourgreat state and wish himand his family all thebest.”

Before serving as secre-tary of state, Pablos servedas chair of the Texas Rac-ing Commission, as amember of the Public Util-ity Commission and ashonorary consul to Spain.He also was founding chiefexecutive officer of ElPaso-based Borderplex Al-liance and Uriel Americas,a renewable energy com-pany.

AG joins anti-robocall group

Texas Attorney Gener-al Ken Paxton on Dec. 6announced he had joined40 state attorneys generalin an effort to stop or re-duce “irritating and poten-tially harmful robocalls”that telemarketers andpolitical campaigns mayuse to autodial the tele-phone numbers of privatecitizens and deliver re-corded messages.

“Unwanted phone callsare both a nuisance and aninvasion of privacy, andgrowing robocall scamscould cost Texans any-where from a few dollarsto their life savings. Thiscoalition is dedicated toprotecting citizens fromthese risks and engagingtelecom companies in anationwide effort to put anend to these intrusivecalls,” Paxton said.

Revenue totalincreases

Texas Comptro l l e rGlenn Hegar on Dec. 4said state sales tax reve-nue totaled $2.998 billion

in November, 7.7 percentmore than the amount re-ported for November2017.

“While slower than thedouble-digit pace of recentmonths, state sales taxrevenue growth in Novem-ber was strong,” Hegarsaid. “Increased tax collec-tions continue to be led byremittances from oil- andgas-related sectors, but ata slower pace than in re-cent months. Growth fromretail trade and restau-rants, the sectors mostdependent on consumerspending, was positive,but comparatively mod-est.”

The sales tax is thelargest source of statefunding for the state bud-get, accounting for 57 per-cent of all tax collections.

DSHS promotesflu shots

The Texas Departmentof State Health Services,in conjunction with Na-tional Influenza Vaccina-t ion Week, remindedTexans on Dec. 4 to pro-tect themselves and lovedones by getting immu-nized.

“Last flu season wassevere, and the U.S. sawa record number of flu-re-lated hospitalizations andpediatric deaths,” said Dr.Jennifer Shuford, DSHSinfectious disease medicalofficer. “We have no wayof knowing if this flu sea-son will be milder or justas severe as last season.We are recommending allTexans six months of ageand older get their flu vac-cine as soon as possible.”

T e x a n s m a y v i s i or contact ahealth care provider formore information.


(Family Features)The holiday season ismeant for spendingquality time withfriends and family, notstressing out overhosting. With somesimple tips, you can cutdown on hectic prepara-tions while creating amemorable holiday fullof food and fun guestscan savor.

Consider thesesuggestions from theentertaining experts atReal California Milk:

Plan AheadHeading into your

seasonal soiree with aplan in place can helpavoid snafus. Make ashopping list of ingredi-ents and decorations.Then put together aschedule a few daysprior to the event tocover last-minutepreparations.

Elevate HolidayClassics

Elevating classicappetizers is a simpleway to savor theseason. A trend on therise, the Grazing Tablestarts with the table asthe canvas, addselements of the tradi-tional cheese boardthen takes it to the nextlevel with an arrange-ment of appetizers orbrunch dishes andseasonal decor. Anotherway to lift your holidayspread is using high-quality, authenticingredients like RealCalifornia Milk chees-es, made with milkfrom California dairyfarm families, whichare key ingredients inthis Sweet Citrus andSpice Cheese Board.

Prepare Dishesand Decorations inAdvance

Preparing for guestscan be one of the mosttime-consuming as-pects of hosting. Deco-rating at least a dayahead and setting thetable the night before,for example, can helpminimize stress.Welcome guests withholiday cheer andtrendy decor like avirtual yule log made ofmelting cheese, com-plete with holidaymusic.

For more holidayinspiration and recipeslike antipasto skewersand yogurt-pesto dip,queso fundido andcheese logs and bundts,

Page 5: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

VOL. 23, NO. 49 – 40¢ © Copyright 2018 P.O. BOX 2351, MONT BELVIEU, TEXAS 77580THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018


Barbers HillDayton PressBarbers HillDayton Press✯

Serving Mont Belvieu, Dayton, Baytown and surrounding communities since 1995

Programsat Sam &CarmenaGossLibrary

These are theevents taking placeat the Sam andCarmena GossMemorial BranchLibrary the week ofDecember 3, 2018.

•Thursday,December 13 - 5:00pm, Adult Book Club

•Friday,December 14 - 10:30pm, Story Time(ages 0-5 yrs)

•Tuesday,December 18 - 10:00am, Baby & Me(ages 0-24 mos)

•Thursday,December 20 - 2:00pm, Kids Christmaswith Mrs. Claus(ages 0-11 yrs)

•Friday,December 21 - 10:30am, Story Time(ages 0-5 yrs)

Family Friendly)Visit our Facebookpage, ChambersCounty LibrarySystem, for moreinformation and toregister.Registration notrequired.

Call Sam andCarmena GossMemorial Library,Mont Belvieu at 281-576-2245 with anyquestions.

WinterGator Tales

The Eddie V.Gray WetlandsEducation andRecreation Center inBaytown is hosting aseries of Pre-schoolprograms for ages 3-5 every Wednesdayfrom 10 am to 11 amas follows:

•December 19,Ice Melts

•December 26,Nature HolidayTraditions

•January 2,“Rock” in’ NewYear.

The center islocated at 1724Market Street.

Full MoonHike

Join BaytownNature Center for aWinter Hike onDecember 22, 2018at 5:00 p.m. Thismonthly 90 minuteshike begins just aftersunset. Hikers areasked to wearconfortable clothing.Small childrenshould not attendsince hikers have abetter view ingnoctural animals in arelatively quiteatmosphere. Routesand start times varymonthly. Meet at theVisitor’s Centerunless otherwisestated. Hikers areweather permittingand free withgeneral admission.

INSIDE: Season’s Greetings and Letters to Santa

Congressman BabinCedar BayouImprovements Dec 2018

Our entire region re-ceived a big shot in the armrecently when the U. S.Army Corps of Engineersunveiled its 2019 WorkPlan for the Army CivilWorks program. CedarBayou will be receivingapproximately $9 millionfor navigational up-grades—an important andnecessary first step to-wards completing this nav-igation project. Thisfunding will improvetransportation infrastruc-ture and flood mitigation.These are significant is-sues for industry and resi-dents in Harris, Chambersand Liberty counties aswell as SE Texas. It isworth noting that CedarBayou was one of only fiveprojects nationwide in thePre-construction Engi-neering and Design phase

By Valerie Jensen, MLISCounty Librarian -Chambers County LibrarySystem

Nerd Con, the first offi-cial Comic Con convention,took place last weekend atSam and Carmena GossMemorial Library in MontBelvieu and was a hugesuccess. There were over250 people in attendanceand a day full of activitieswith vendors, authors, 6different panels on art,writing, cosplay, etc., agame show competition,scavenger hunt, artists,karaoke, light saber acad-emy for kids, green screenphotos, a ramen bar, andmore.

The feedback from thepublic has been wonderful.The community reallyturned out for this eventbringing their entire fami-lies to enjoy the sights andlearn more about art, com-ics, cosplay and the factthat library is not just aplace for books. People areoften surprised at some ofthe non-traditional pro-grams and events theyhave at the library, but it’sa great way to reach out topeople who may not knowthe library is here, and alsoto people who may not nec-essarily use the library inits traditional sense. Thestaff at the Sam and Car-mena Goss MemorialBranch began working onthis event back in the sum-

BAYTOWN — (Decem-ber 7, 2018) — From over-indulging in food and drinkto a lack of exercise, theholiday season brings along list of lifestyle choic-es that can have a negativeimpact on heart health.

In fact, studies show therisk of heart attack in-creases during the holi-days. According to DukeUniversity researchers,during November, Decem-ber and January, more peo-ple die from heart attacksthan at any other time ofthe year.

Nadia Fida, MD, an ad-vanced heart failure, pul-monary hypertension andcardiac transplant cardiol-ogist and director of theHeart Failure Clinic atHouston Methodist Bay-town Hospital, says it’spossible to still enjoy theholidays while not increas-


Cedar BayouNavigation Project

that was selected.Special thanks to every-

one who supported andworked on this project.This initial funding hasbeen sought for a numberof years.

A very special note ofappreciation to our Con-gressman, Dr. Brian Bab-in. Congressman Babinhas been a champion ofthis project since the dayhe took office and was ab-solutely instrumental inworking with members ofthe Trump Administration,the Office of Managementand Budget Director MickMulvaney, and Corps lead-ership to secure this veryimportant initial funding.While much work remainsto get Cedar Bayou wherewe need it, we are very for-tunate to have a championlike Congressman Babinworking for our district inWashington.

A.R. Rusty SenacChambers CountyCommissioner, Pct. 4

Avoid Holiday Heart Health dangers

Dr. Nadia Fida

ing your risk of heart at-tack by avoiding four com-mon dangers associatedwith the season.

Too much alcohol andsmoke exposure

Drinking too much alco-hol can raise the level ofsome fats in the blood andincrease the risk of highblood pressure, alcoholism,obesity, stroke, suicide andaccidents. With more par-ties taking place duringthe holidays, the opportu-nities for exposure to sec-ondhand smoke, which hasbeen linked to cardiovascu-lar-related death and dis-ability, increase.

Too much food andtoo little exercise

“Don’t entirely abandonyour healthy lifestyle, buta little indulgence on spe-cial occasions is generallynot a problem,” Fida said.She suggests substituting

low-fat or nonfat yogurt formayonnaise in dips anddressings and replacingsome of the bread in yourstuffing recipe withchopped vegetables. Shealso recommends headingto the mall or shoppingcenter to do some holidayspeed-shopping, or loggingsome miles around theneighborhood or walkingtrail.

Exposure to germsCrowded malls, school

plays, indoor parties andvisiting relatives: It’s nosurprise that respiratoryinfections like colds and fluare more common duringthis time of year. “Peoplewith heart disease have anincreased risk for dying ofcomplications from the flu,so if you haven’t alreadygotten a flu shot, be sureto get one now,” Fida said.

In addition, washing

your hands frequently, get-ting enough sleep andmaking sure other familymembers are up to date ontheir vaccinations can alsohelp to cut your risk. If youdo get sick, be careful if youhave high blood pressureand are taking cold medi-cines. Decongestants can

raise your blood pressure.Stress and anxietyWhether it’s family dy-

namics, traveling, shop-ping, cooking, hosting orattending social gather-ings or worrying about hol-iday bills, relaxing duringthe holidays can be diffi-cult. “Acute and chronicstress may contribute tohigh blood pressure. Relax-ation techniques like deepbreathing or taking a yogaclass may help alleviatestress,” Fida said. “Also,accept your limits anddon’t aim for being per-fect.”

For more information onsteps you can take to im-prove your heart health,call 281-837-7587 or to schedule an ap-pointment with a HoustonMethodist Baytown Hospi-tal heart specialist.

Library staff participating in the event includes (from back row left to right) Kar-son Kaiser, Millie Koonce, Yolie Belt, Kellee Traylor, Shelby Fielding, Annie Vass,Valerie Jensen, and kneeling are Jinnie McLennan and Liz Sandoval

Art Winner

mer by meeting with 2 keygroups, Nerd Fest andEastern Rim who were themasterminds behind thesocial media marketingand provided guidance asthe staff planned theevent. They did a fantas-tic job engaging over 8,000views on their marketingvideos. The library wasthere to provide the facili-ty, organize the layout, pro-mote the event to ourcommunity, and be onhand for whatever wasneeded to assist.

The event included sev-eral local authors and art-ists. Travis Huffman fromLast Sentry Comics is alocal author who spoke atthe Art as Storytellingpanel. He grew up in thearea and was excited to beat a convention that wasjust minutes away from hishouse. Other vendors, au-thors, sponsors and artistsincluded:

First comic and cosplay conventiontakes place in Mont Belvieu


Organized by: ChambersCounty Library System, EasterRim FBVC, Nerd Fest, City ofMont Belvieu, cosplay judgeRumplestiltseam

Writers: Lisa Vasquez,Inklings, JT Haven, Jackie Smith,James Percy, Shane Lassetter,PB & Jam, Kiba Roberts, D.Marie, Diane Prokop

Artists: Last Sentry Comics,Lilwickidz, Davy Jones, MostafaMoussa, Andrew Valdez, KonaSherwood, Edwardo Fluffy Bun-ny

Products: Sci-fi Cowgirl,Christine Nix, OMG Toyz, RetroBandit, Great Scott Collectibles,Once Upon a Comic, EmeraldDragon Comics, Krafty Krista’sCreations

Other important folks! StarWars Group Jakku Temple SaberGuild, Ramen Bar, Panel andactivity guests, KatharineTillman, Mandy Frazier Rollins,Destiny Mokk, Heather Martz,and Media with William Robin-son.

The library is already plan-ning for Nerd Con 2019.

Page 6: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

Star✯Courier / Press / NORTH CHANNEL✯STARPage 6 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018



HIGHLANDS, TX. 77562(281) 426-7227

Wishing EveryoneWishing EveryoneWishing EveryoneWishing EveryoneWishing Everyonein our Communityin our Communityin our Communityin our Communityin our Community

the Merriest ofthe Merriest ofthe Merriest ofthe Merriest ofthe Merriest ofChristmasesChristmasesChristmasesChristmasesChristmases

and aand aand aand aand aHappy and ProsperousHappy and ProsperousHappy and ProsperousHappy and ProsperousHappy and Prosperous

New YearNew YearNew YearNew YearNew Year

ZXP Technologies, Ltd.409 E. Wallisville Rd.Highlands, TX 77562


Quality Blending, Packagingand World Wide Distribution


Home Health Care



Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,Speech Therapy, Medical Social Worker, Home Health Aide,

Hospice Services*Physical Therapy Position Available


Locally owned and Operated by Tabatha and Jonathan Brady

Non-Discrimination PolicyNo client shall be, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability or handicap,

sexual orientation, marital status, religion or status with regard to public assistance or veteran status,excluded from admission to services through Omnix Health Care Services, Inc.

First responders handlechallenge of heavy traffic

A Crosby Middle School student had got himself in a jam, having lodgedhis head where it shouldn’t go. Crosby First Responders, ambulance, fireand Precinct 3 Patrol Deputies were able to make the scene in just a fewminutes, even though Friday rush hour traffic built just after buses hadstopped traffic completely,.

Crosby ISD has newboard, new president

Randy Condra (new Vice President,) Ms. Kealynn Lewis (new board member,)John Swinney (President,) J.R. Humphries (new board member,) David Porter andCarla Mills Windfont (Secretary) were sworn in by Harris County Justice of thePeace for Precinct 3 Position 1, Judge Joe Stephens.

Justice Stephens attended a Special Called meeting of the Crosby ISD Board ofTrustees to administer oaths of office to newly elected trustees, Kealynn Lewisand J.R. Humphries. Lewis will represent Single-Member District 2 in Crosby andHumphries will be acting on behalf of Single-Member District 3. Mr. John Swinney,who was re-elected to represent the At-Large Position 6, was also sworn intooffice. Ms. Tanya Eagleton, returning Single-Member District 1 Trustee, was alsoscheduled to be sworn in, but was unable to attend the meeting due to unforeseenwork circumstances. Ms. Eagleton will be sworn in at the next Regular boardmeeting on December 17th and officially assume her position on the board.

After the new members were sworn in, the board elected Mr. John Swinney toreplace Ms. Carla Mills Windfont as Board President and Randy Condra to replaceJohn Swinney as Board Vice President. The Board is required to reorganize at thefirst meeting following an election and qualification of Board Members as statedin Policy BDAA (Legal). Ms. Windfont was elected to serve as the Board Secretary.

Page 7: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

Star✯Courier / Press / NORTH CHANNEL✯STAR Page 7THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018

✯ L I F E S T Y L E P A G E ✯

Attorney at Law

KAREN A. BLOMSTROM281-328-7311

Crosby, TX 77532




Pride only breeds quarrels,but wisdom is found in

those who take advice.


for printing jobs


God is our refugeand strengh, a

very present helpin trouble

Psalm: 46:1

I can do all thingsthrough Christ who

strengthens me.


FAITHcan move

MOUNTAINSMatthew 17:20

LOVE NEVER FAILSI Corinthians 13:8



Complete Line of Groceries

KWIK MART FOODS14443 FM 1409 281-576-5788

All of them were filled withthe Holy Spirit and began to

speak in other tongues as theSpirit enabled them. Acts 2:4

Rise in the presence of theaged, show respect for the

elderly and revere your God.Leviticus 19:32

Be alert. Continue strong inthe faith. Have courage

and be strong.1 Corinthians 16:13

ENVELOPESPrinted with your Address

1 or 2 colors

Special Rates 250 to 25,000Please call for a Quote

Grafikshop at Star-Courier713-977-2555

What we suffer nowis nothing compared

to the glory He willreveal to us later



Financing Available

MR. ROOFER281-452-0000


Stephen Lynn Smith,56, passed away peace-fully after a long battlewith cancer on Novem-ber 30, 2018 in Austin,Texas. Stephen wasborn on March 17, 1962to parents Jimmy andAnn Smith in Houston,Texas. He was a trueoutdoorsman who en-joyed fishing, huntingand playing golf.

Stephen loved spend-ing time with his familyand playing with hisgrandchildren. He ispreceded in death by hisbrother, Jeffrey ScottSmith. Stephen is lov-ingly survived by hiswife, Deanna Smith;parents, Jimmy andAnn Smith; brother,Michael Todd Smith;children, Jeremy Mayoand wife Kelly, AshleyKnowles and husbandAndrew; grandchildren,Emily Mayo, MackenzieMayo, Chandler Woo-druff, Adam Knowles;his beloved dog, Jax; aswell as numerous ex-tended family membersand friends.

Friends are welcometo join the family for vis-itation Tuesday, Decem-

13701 Corpus Christi St.,Houston, TX 77015


Merry Christmas

Christina LeeWilliams Luper

Christina Lee Will-iams Luper, 86, of Bay-town, passed awaySunday, December 1,2018, in Baytown.

Christina was bornNovember 29, 1932 inBrownwood, to parents;Luther and Sallie G.Williams. She was ahigh school graduate, aretired hairdresser andsalon manager for J.C.Penny and also spentmany of her youngeryears working as a flo-rist.

Mrs. Luper was pre-ceded in death by herparents and son: Micha-

James V. “Jim”Garrett

James V. “Jim” Garrett,80, passed away on Decem-ber 1, 2018 peacefully athis home. He was born onOctober 27, 1938 in Hous-ton, Texas to parentsJames Porter and MarieEmma Garrett. He attend-ed Jacinto City Elementa-ry School, Galena ParkJunior High, and GalenaPark High School.

James proudly servedhis country in the UnitedStates Marine Corps from1956 to 1960. He retired in2001 from his career as aState Trooper at the Tex-as Department of PublicSafety after 37 years of em-ployment.

James is preceded indeath by his parents, auntsand uncles, and severalcousins. He is lovingly sur-vived by his wife, Lisa(Gibbs) Garrett; sister,Carolyn Tarris; brother,

D o n a l d G a r r e t t ; t w odaughters; three grand-children; four great-grand-children; as well as severalnieces, nephews, extendedfamily members , andmany friends.

Crespo & JirrelsFuneral Home andCremation Services

6123 Garth Rd.,Baytown, Texas 77521

el Earl Luper. She issurvived by her son:John A . Luper , I I ,grandchildren: ChrisLuper, Megan LuperHart, John A. Luper, III,April Luper Hubbard,and Hailey Luper, aunt:Barbara Lummus, cous-in: Marney Mason,niece: Becky Luper, nu-merous other relatives,and friends.

Crespo & JirrelsFuneral Home andCremation Services

6123 Garth Rd.,Baytown, Texas 77521

Behold!A Child Is Born

The parishioners of St. Jude Thaddeus inHighlands extend a warm greeting to those

seeking a church to celebrate the birth ofJesus Christ and share the blessings of

another Nativity celebration.Parishioners, we are grateful for the supportand encouragement we have received during

this year.



Christmas EveMonday, Dec. 24

5:00 pm --Vigil Mass11:15 pm --Christmas Carols

12:00 am --Midnight Mass

Christmas DayTuesday, Dec. 25

9:00 am English Mass

11:00 am Spanish Mass

New Year’s EveMonday, Dec. 31

6:30 pm Vigil Mass

New Year’s DayTuesday, Jan. 1, 2019

8:30 am English Mass

6:30 pm Bilingual Mass


Rev. Jose Mundadan, Pastor

Stephen Lynn Smith

ber 4th from 5:00 p.m. to8:00 p.m. at Carter-Con-ley Funeral Home. Fu-neral services officiatedby Pastor Danny Kil-coyne will be held at11:00 a.m. Wednesday,December 5, 2018 in thechapel of Carter-ConleyFuneral Home.

Graveside serviceswill immediately followat San Jacinto Memori-al Park under the direc-tion of Carter-ConleyFuneral Home.

Visit our

Page 8: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

Star✯Courier / Press / NORTH CHANNEL✯STARPage 8 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018

Business DirectorySHOP LOCALLY -- Save Time & Money

✯SHOP LOCALLY -- Save Time & Money

To advertise in the Business Directory, please call 713-266-3444 for details


13400 FM 2354 Rd.Baytown, Texas 77523

Office: 281-383-3386Cell: 713-898-7413


Mary Dunn

Fax 281-573-1030www.marydunn.comE-mail: [email protected]


Follow local news on theInternet, on your browser:

✯ A S K T H E E X P E R T S ✯

P.O. Box 914, Channelview, TX [email protected]

= Major credit cards accepted =

Free Estimates

Siding & Contracting LLC

281-452-0000New Roofs • Repairs • Painting • Hardi Plank Siding

Financing Available


Garage Doors &Electric OpenersRepair or Replace. We also repair

broken springs. Call Ricardo





Office: 281-328-6798Cell: 832-452-6799

Crosby, Texas

richard’[email protected]

13400 FM 2354 Rd.Baytown, Texas 77523Office: 281-383-3386Cell: 713-898-7413



E-mail: [email protected]



Office: 281-328-6798 Cell: 832-452-6799Crosby, Texas

richard’[email protected]

A Ticket makes a great Christmas Gift!Call 713-252-8000

Looking for that uniqueChristmas gift for that spe-cial person who has every-thing? Well look no more.If they love history andloves historic Naval Shipsthen we have the perfectgift for you. First TexasVolunteers (FTV) in coop-eration with BattleshipTexas Foundation (BTF)and Texas Parks & WildlifeDepartment (TPWD) willhost a very special uniqueguided behind the scenes“Hard Hat Tour” aboardthe ship, Saturday, Decem-ber 15th, 2018. This tourwill last approximately (3_) hours and participantswill be able to see areas ofthe ship rarely seen by thepublic. There are (five) tourtimes to pick from: 8:30am– 9:15am – 10:00am –12:00pm and 12:45pm.This tour is available via a

Christmas “Hard Hat”tour aboard the BattleshipTEXAS December 15th

minimum donation of$50.00 per person.

In conjunction with the“Hard Hat Tour” FTV willalso be hosting a “Special-ty” Hard Hat Tour focusingon the Normandy invasionof 1944. This tour will takeplace the same day as theHard Hat tour at 2:00pmand will last approximate-ly (2 _) hours. This tour isavailable via a minimumdonation of $30.00 per per-son.

For anyone wishing toattend either or both ofthese tour you must be atleast 14 years of age andolder. Participants need tobring a small pocket flash-light, wear comfortableclothes (you may get a lit-tle dirty), good walkingshoes for climbing numer-ous stairs/ladders and a

camera if you wish. Hardhats are provided, and wa-ter will be available alongthe tour route duringbreaks. Promptness is re-quired, as start times arestrictly observed. If youcan’t make the Decembertour you can still buy yourtickets early for the nextone on January 19th andwrap them up for the holi-days.

Easy, quick and inex-pensive and 100% of allmonies raised goes to help-ing us to ensure that thelast remaining dread-nought style ship, one ofthe most important cultur-al resources of this state,will be here for future gen-erations to enjoy. Pleasevisitwww.firsttexsasvolunteers.orgfor more information.

Page 9: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

Star✯Courier / Press / NORTH CHANNEL✯STAR Page 9THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018

CLASSIFIED ADSCLASSIFIED ADS Your AD will reach up to 120,000readers in our FOUR newspapers, with acombined circulation of 40,000 copies.Get ACTION on your AD. Rates start atonly $16 for 20 words. A bargain!

Call 713-266-3444




Must be familiar withCOMPUTERS,



Fax resume to








RENTALCommercialSpace;DowntownHighlands. S.Main StStore front space.Available Dec. 2018.Call 281-843-2811ask for Mr. Bill. 47-4


PARTY ROOMFOR RENT by theevent in DowntownHighlands. Furnishchairs, tables andcooler. Call281-843-2811 Mr. Bill.



Screenings to Identify DisabilitiesCISD Special Education department provides screenings for children

with suspected disabilities in an effort to identify every student with adisability who lives within the district’s boundaries. Crosby ISD iscommitted to providing excellence in education to all students, and thescreenings are designed to help identify children who may qualify forthe district’s special education programs. Eligible students withdisabilities between the ages of 3 and 21 can be provided with services toensure their successful participation in school. These services andsupports may be provided through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Actor through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act.Special education services are also available starting at birth for eligiblechildren who have a visual and/or auditory impairment.

If you know a child who may be challenged with a disability, pleasecontact the Crosby ISD Special Education office at 281 328-9200,Extension 1108. If the child is already a student in Crosby ISD, pleasecontact the counselor at the child’s school. The counselor will be happyto assist you.

The special education personnel will coordinate efforts to evaluate thestudent and, if eligible, ensure that the student is provided with supportsand services needed to benefit from instruction.


Classified ADS713-266-3444



Page 10: INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Artist’s ......2018/12/13  · Christina Lee Williams Luper INSIDE: Letters to Santa, Local Season’s Greetings Oil on Canvas

Star✯Courier / Press / NORTH CHANNEL✯STARPage 10 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018

tLetters to Santa tDear Santa,I’ve been a good boy this year. Can I

have the game Super Mario Smashbro’s to play on my Nintendo switch.Also, can I have a batting cage topractice hitting. I’m needing a calcula-tor to do my math.

Salomon Ramirez, 8

***Dear Santa,I have been a little naughty and a

little nice. Santa I really want whitegold earrings. I would like a phonebecause I sleepover at my grandpar-ents house and we have to call myparents. I need winter boots so when Igo to a softball tournaments my feetwon’t be cold. Santa I don’t know howold all your elves and Mrs. Claus are?How old are you?

Kalli Johnson, 8

***Dear Santa,I think I have been a good and bad

boy, but that’s your desishon. Can Iplease have a fortnite v-backs giftcard? Also, I realy want a new case formy ipod because it broke. I am needingan iphone Xr so noone will know thepassword any man. Why do peoplecall you the Jolly fat man?

Warmy yours, James Sell, 3rdgrade, Newport Elementary

***Dear Santa,I have been a nice kid this year! I

will try to keep it up. I want the newspider-man game and when I get it Iwill play non-stop. I want call of dutyBlacklors 4. I need a snake to catch thecritters. Ho do youy reindeer lift yourheavy backpack?

Alex, Pedraza, 8

***Dear Santa,I have been a good boy. I have tried

to be one and help my mom out to be agood boy. I want an xbox 1 to playwith my brother. Also I want roobox toget some cool items on the game. I amneeding for my family. How do yougive every boy a gift in one night?

Malik Abulawi, 8 years old

***Dear Santa,I have been a nice girl this year I

would like a lap top to play games.Also I wold like a smart watch for myphone and to call my mom and I amneeding a new pait of boots. Santahow do get the gifts with no kidsseeing you?

Emma Dow, 9

Holiday music at Raceway,CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

tLetters to Santa t***Dear Santa,I’ll be honest I was a little good hope

you forgive me. If you could I’de like agame called call of duty 4 on playstation 3 to beat my dad. I also want aJeffy Pupet to play around with. I amneeding a Phone to connect my smartwatch and listen to music. Where wereyou and Mrs. Clause married?

Sincerely, Isaiah Joel Gonzalez, 3rdgrade, Newport Elementary

***Dear Santa,I want a BayBlock nerf sniper hover

board, hot wheels, Rocket League, NFL19, Nintendo switch, MLB, and afootball, DS, and a fortnite Monopoly.

Brayson Ybarra, 7

***Dear Santa,I’ve been a nice boy this year. I

would like to have a new iPad so I canplay games on it that we can’t play onthe TV. Also, I want Robux so I can buynew gear for me and my friends skin. Iam needing food so my family and Ican live. How many elves work foryou? How long does it take to getaround the world? How did you findthe raindears?

Warmy yours, Ethan Niguez, 3rdgrade, Newport Elementary.

***Dear Santa,I have been a really nice boy this

year, but I had coffing issues along theway. I will be happy the rest of theyear.

Charles, 9

***Dear Santa,I’v been good this year and I’v

messed up a couple of times. I’d like atablet Samsung so I could play on itduring boring trips. Also I would like anew electric dirf bike to ride with myfriends. I am needing another husky totake care of. How old are you?

Jayden Peralta, 8

***Dear Santa,I have been really good this year. I

really don’t want anything but I dowant joy for all the families. I needpeace for families in town with foodand presents. How much do youweight? If you weigh 1,000 pounds itwould break your slay and our roof.

Nicolas Morfin, 9


David MendezGeneral Sales Manager



Must take delivery by 1/2/2019. Photos for representation only does not depict actual vehicle.2018 Silverado, stk# JG256345, MSRP 50050.00, $45170.13 Employee Price for All -2000 Rebate,-2000 Private Offer (must be on GM Manifest 18-40CBI-000) -500��Costco Members prior to 10/1/2018,-3000 Bonus Cash,-1250 Bonus Cash,-1500 DPA thru GM Financial, $34920.13 FinalPrice� $15130 Total OFF, OVER 30% OFF! 2018 Tahoe, stk# JR137122�, MSRP 71,220, $64370.82Employee Price for ALL, -1500 Rebate, -3500 Private Offer (must be on GM Manifest 18-40CBI-000), --500� Costco Members prior to 10/1/2018 -750� Bonus cash -1500 DPA thru GMF OVER14K Off. 2018 Impala MSRP 29865, 20% OFF� 23892 Final Price all in inventory 2018, 20% offon Impala, Sonic, Spark of 2019 models 20% off on Sonic, Spark. See dealer for complete details.

Pricing with approved credit. Prices do not included T.,T.,&L.

Crosby Elementary Star Steppers sing the classics at Raceway. Eddie Fosterof Eastside Veterans provided the sound equipment.

Long Crosby Paradebears toys for kids,CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Monster Trucks made the parade a scene of wonder for kids of all ages butone truck that came in bearing twin nationalities of flags and displayedthe distressed sign for one sturred controversy to the extent that paradeofficials are now going to limit the ATV entries because the aformentionedtruck offended so many. The intent and the accomplishment of the toydrive was to gather toys for Clothe A Child to give to kids determined bythe schools to have a need. Turner Chevrolet alone filled two trucks withtoys for children and few appreciated the side show.