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    Alumni Association Fall/Winter 2019 Issue 5


    What Makes Me Happy Alumni Fundraiser Grateful Experiences Neha Tomer, ‘16 Pizza & Movie Uyanga Ganbold, ’18 Page 2 Page 4 Page 5

    What Stood Out To Me Career Services Happening On Campus Abhinaya C. Kakumanu, ‘18 New Resources & Location Student Union Highlights Page 6 Page 7 Page 10

    Greetings from the Alumni Association

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    NEHA TOMER ‘18

    WHAT makes me happy, gives me joy, and makes me laugh?

    Laughter comes easily when I get together with our dear

    FXUA friends and family to share stories. My life is so very

    blessed with amazing people and experiences. Along with

    the joy and happiness, comes gratitude, as my outlook on

    life is very positive.

    Another joy for me is watching my daughter discover her own enjoyment. It happens every time

    when her eyes and hands encounter something for the first time. To see her face light up and

    continue in that moment without disruption from the world is refreshing. Every day my daughter

    does something to send me into fits of giggles. I stopped worrying about my “To Do” list and daily

    tasks just to listen to her fullness of laughter. There is nothing more joyful than her happiness.

    To me, gratitude is the invariable companion of joy, and together they transform ordinary

    moments, jobs and relationships into blessings. Every day I find joy in my life, and if we think joy

    only appears during blissful, high points, we can sadly miss all that life can offer.


    TOYS FOR TOTS State Farm & FXUA

    The Alumni Association helped to spread joy by

    serving as a drop-off point to receive new and

    unused donations for the Toys for Tots Program.

    In collaboration with Bigya Pandey, a FXUA

    Alumni, working with a local State Farm Agency,

    our combined efforts collected more than two

    dozens of toys for children to enjoy.

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    Special thank you to Jackline Masukuri and Sheryl Nazareth for their donations!

    SAMARATAN’S PURSE Operation Christmas Child Project

    Many alumni and students took advantage of the

    opportunity to participate by giving new items for the

    Operation Christmas Child Project, during the

    Wednesday, November 6th to Friday, November 15th

    donation drive.

    The gift-filled shoeboxes included footballs, coloring

    books, markers, pens, dolls, miniature race cars,

    stickers, cards, beads, caps, pencils, crayons, dolls,

    toy trucks, stuffed animals, jump ropes, toothbrushes,

    soap, hair bows, and gloves. Donations will be sent to

    a boy or girl, between the ages of 2 to 14 in December.



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    Become An Engaged Alumni!

    The Alumni Association invites all graduates to attend the monthly meet-ups, as

    a way to cherish memories and to participate in enjoyable social events,

    activities, and gatherings. Let us continue to stay connected!


    WHAT better way to enjoy a cold day

    outside then by having hot pizza and

    enjoying a movie inside during your lunch


    The Alumni Association hosted the $5 pizza

    fundraiser to raise monies for upcoming

    networking and professional development

    series. Alumni, students, and Professors

    enjoyed various toppings, along with a side

    salad, beverage, and dessert.



    IF you missed the last Toastmaster’s public

    speaking event hosted by Apple Credit Union Bank,

    the Alumni Association will send out the schedule in

    January 2020. To learn more about Toastmasters,

    visit the link:

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    WE all have the following purposes as part of the

    Fairfax University of America (FXUA) family: Dream.

    Discover. Accomplish.

    I am always grateful and confident that I achieved my

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    Degree from FXUA. The university created a door of

    opportunities for me to pursue my life goals.

    Not too long ago, I selected FXUA as my educational home and eventual place that I would grow

    to love and build lasting family relationships. For the most part, I wanted a place where I could

    explore the world, yet receive equal opportunities regardless of race, religion, sex, gender,

    disability, or economic status. With the support of instructors, staff, family, and friends, I became

    an independent and confident business professional.

    Post-graduation, I readily accepted a Retail Manager position. My advice to new students and

    graduates is to be eager, bold, and yourself. Draw from your experiences gained on the campus,

    actively attend the job fairs, visit the Career Services & Alumni Relations Department, and other

    resources offered by the school. The world is full of chances and fun. Let me remind you to

    dream, discover, and accomplish!

    NEW SERIES 2020


    JOIN the dialogue during the new series of Conversation With Coffee forums to engage

    with professionals from business and IT industries. Learn more about what is happening in the

    DMV, how to apply for employment and academic internship openings, and what employers are

    seeking in new hires, what to say during an interview, overall job market, trends, and much more.

    Bring your questions and enjoy a hot beverage and light refreshments. If you are an Alumni of

    FXUA and are interested in becoming a speaker for the forum, contact the Alumni Association.

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    Q. Why did you select FXUA for your studies?

    What stood out to you?

    A. Before relocating to Fairfax, Virginia, to attend

    FXUA, I was in the process of completing my

    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering

    from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Institution,

    located in India, when I initially considered pursuing

    extended studies related to computers.

    After searching in Google and consulting with several friends for the best universities to complete

    my masters, I ran into one of my cousin’s vacationing in Hyderabad, who mentioned FXUA. He had

    recently completed his master’s from the university and recommended that I look up the campus.

    I was excited to find FXUA offered a variety of specialized courses, was affordable, and diverse in

    population. At this point, I became more interested in the university and began considering how the

    experience could develop me interpersonally and professionally. Through reading FXUA blogs, I

    learned about how the professors took time in making sure everyone participated in learning.

    Q. What activities did you participate in while pursuing your graduate studies with FXUA?

    A. For me, participating in on-campus activities was very interesting. The FXUA team always

    came up with new ideas and themed games to encourage students to participate and enjoy

    international cultural activities. I participated in many games and the Ugadi India Cultural Fest, which

    involved me co-anchoring in the ramp-walk and dressing in traditional Indian attire.

    Q. Did you join any on-campus clubs? If so, share which club (s) and what did you do?

    A. Although I did not join any clubs, FXUA really encouraged students to actively get involved by

    volunteering, hosting events, and clubs such as the IT, Sports, Arts, and so many more outlets.

    Q. How did your program, deans, and other departments assist with your professional growth?

    A. I was in constant contact with all of the departments while pursuing my master’s degree

    (Career Services, Student Affairs, and the Library). I felt an amazing attachment.


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    If I had to describe my professors and deans, I would say they were very kind, humble, and helpful.

    More specifically, my ESL Professor, Ms. Durham, always inspired me and gave kind gestures at

    the end of each class. Further in my studies, I learned how to design, analyze, and implement

    these skills, with assistance from Professor Andy Yao and Professor Sol