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Transcript of Search Marketing and SEO

  • 1. BDMM 4336 Search Marketing Well examine:Search Why is search important Class 12 How do use search to your advantage Fall 2011 Paid search Black hats vs. white
  • 2. BDMM 4336 Search is TrickySearch Constantly changing Moving target Class 12 Tweaking is key Fall 2011 What is SEO anyway? Lets
  • 3. BDMM 4336Search Class 12 Fall
  • 4. BDMM 4336 Easy to CrawlSearch How do you do it? Class 12 KEYWORDS!! Fall 2011 (Not graphics) Also, update often and link
  • 5. BDMM 4336 How to Find KeywordsSearch Tools: 1.Google Webmaster Class 12 2.Word Tracker Fall 2011 Your list should initially contain 30 words Put yourself in the prospects shoes. What would YOU Google?
  • 6. BDMM 4336 TipsSearch Stay away from generic words Narrow your list of 30 to 12 specific Class 12 Choose 2- 3 phrases with keywords Fall 2011 Choose LONG TAIL vs SHORT TAIL words SEO each PAGE of your
  • 7. BDMM 4336 All About TailsSearch Long Tail: 3 or more words in a set of keywords. A phrase. Super complex. Class 12 Fall 2011 Short Tail: one word keywords. Easy and not hard to find. Exercise: write 10 short tail keywords and 2 long tail
  • 8. BDMM 4336 Anatomy of a webpageSearch Class 12 Fall
  • 9. BDMM 4336 Basic Web StructureSearch Class 12 Fall
  • 10. BDMM 4336 More HTMLSearch Class 12 Fall
  • 11. BDMM 4336 TITLE mattersSearch lives near the header This is what show up in the bar on top Class 12 of your browser. Fall 2011 Its also the click able in SERP (search engine results page) This is the first glimpse of your
  • 12. BDMM 4336 META tagsSearch (This is the description portion of SERPS) meta name="Description" content="Basic HTML Class 12 Code Articles - HTML Tutorials HTML code, Fall 2011 code validation, HTML code validators, link checkers, cross browser compatibility, DOCTYPE declaration, character encoding, HTML document structure meta name="Keywords" content="Your set of keywords for the page "
  • 13. BDMM 4336 Write for peopleSearch Class 12 Fall 2011 Not for
  • 14. BDMM 4336 What is content?Search Everything on your site: Graphics, animations, banners,sliders, Class 12 (things spiders cant see) Fall 2011 And TEXT (that spiders CAN see) Graphics arent content and dont allow for as much
  • 15. BDMM 4336 LinksSearch Secure high quality inbound links from authority websites to achiever even higher results Class 12 Why blogs are so popular (Link Love) Fall 2011 Links act as references for search spiders Links are votes of confidence Build quality over quantity Larger sites with lots of traffic are gold mines (CNN, ESPN) Dont forget about internal
  • 16. BDMM 4336 Link TipsSearch 1. Generate valuable content 2. Let people know your site is there Class 12 3. Create a blog Fall 2011 4. Network! 5. Ask for links 6. Link within content 7. Submit your site to directories 8. Offer to swap
  • 17. BDMM 4336 Black vs White HatsSearch White= good Black= bad Class 12 Legitimate Use tricks Fall 2011 Adheres to Exploit sites SEO guidelines Banned from indexes when caught Use multiple@AndreaGenevieve
  • 18. BDMM 4336 Black Hat ExamplesSearch 1. Keyword stuffing 2. Cloaking Class 12 3. Invisible text Fall 2011 4. Doorway page 5. Spam page 6. Interlinking 7. Selling links 8. Buying expired
  • 19. BDMM 4336 PPC vs CPMSearch PPC PPM or CPM Google Adwords Facebook Class 12 You pay per click Pay per million Fall 2011 Funds go quickly Usually cheaper Dont need Not as control control over over timeline
  • 20.