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The National Monuments Service

FTE: 24.6RESOURCESArchaeological Survey of Ireland

Planning and Licensing

Conservation and Protection

Underwater Archaeology Unit

Archive UnitNew Monuments Bill

Replaces National Monuments Acts 1930-2004

Single Register of Monuments with two levels of protection

Protection for newly discovered archaeological monuments of prescribed classes before entry in Register

Integrated licensing system

Provision to enable the State to ratify several international conventions in the heritage sphere

Drafting well advanced with publication likely in 2015

Further information: Sen Kirwan (


Recorded Monuments 139,500 recordsMonuments in State Care 750 recordsPreservation Orders560 recordsShipwrecks17,500 records (4,000 known locations)

Resources required to maintain technologies that underpin digital management of data

In-house expertise to support on-going development and maintenance

Future-proofing of existing applications

Legacy issues need to be resolved e.g. currency, accuracy

Balancing customer requirements and compliance with open-data policies at local (e-Government) and EU levels


The Minister (NMS) is statutory consultee on any application that may impact on archaeologyMakes recommendations in respect of pre-planning enquiries, planning applications and other non-planning referrals (c.6,000 per annum)Total permissions issued; 2,678 in 2006 - 649 in 2013 + c.400 in marine environment Codes of Practice (8 utilities)In-house or project archaeologists

Strategic Environmental Assessments;EIA legislation; Projects of Common Interest Legacy issues reporting, archiving and feeding into archaeological research (INSTAR)

Protective measures in new agri-environment scheme Glas under RDP

WWI wrecks legally protected from 2015

PROTECTIONMetal detection

Storm damage


More extreme storm eventsIncreased precipitation in the west with increased duration of standing water on poorly drained landsIncrease in river and coastal floodingRising temperatures and increased frequency of heatwaves

The National Climate Change Adaptation Framework Building Resilience to Climate Change published 2012

Sectoral Plan being prepared by DAHG relating to all aspects of the built and natural heritage

Representation on WG Subland of the European Marine Board

WORLD HERITAGETwo World Heritage properties

Tentative List reviewed in 2010 resulting in 7 nominations

The Burren and The Royal Sites of Ireland

Technical Evaluation of The Royal Sites

Emain Macha (Navan Fort) requires inclusion in the UK Tentative List

The Royal Sites of IrelandTaraRathcroghanDn AilinneRock of CashelHill of UisneachEmain Macha (Armagh)

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