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Transcript of Science Day 10 Edition 3 Leadership Reflection Leadership Reflection Yesterday marked the beginning

  • Science Day 10

    CCW NEWS Edition 3 27 February 2020 Leadership Reflection Yesterday marked the beginning of Lent in our Church’s liturgical year. Lent is a time for each of us to contemplate our relationship with God and to “change our hearts” so that we can more readily love God and each other.

    My favourite animated film is The Lion King, a scene late in the film has always provided me with an understanding of what we are called to do during Lent. Simba is confused – he wants to go back to the Pridelands but knows that his part in the death of his father is preventing him from doing so. He is angry that his father, who promised to always be there for him, is not. Rafiki explains that Mufasa is alive and that he will take Simba to him. Deep in a thicket, Rafiki instructs Simba to look in a pool and there he will see Mufasa. When this doesn’t happen Rafiki tells Simba to “look harder”, Simba then sees Mufasa in the reflection in the water. Rafiki announces “he lives in you!”.

    For me Lent is about our acceptance that God lives in us, with us and through us, and that we need to take time and find some silence so that we are more open to our relationship with God. In today’s Gospel we are encouraged to pray, fast and give alms (help others). In our daily lives it is increasingly more difficult to stop and spend time in silence. My challenge to you is that this Lent we take this time and, in the silence, “Listen to what the Spirit is saying” to us.

    I invite you to draw on the following prayer as we embrace this time to deepen our relationship with our loving God: God of Courage, today I place my hand in your hand. As I journey through Lent, I will trust in your guidance. Amen. (Joyce Rupp, Inviting God 51.)

    Chris Telford Catholic Identity Leader

    KEY DATES - Term 1 Week 5 24 - 28 February Mon 24 Year 7 Camp - Departure Group 1 (daVinci, MacKillop, Gandhi) Wed 26 Year 7 Camp - Departure Group 2 (Hollows, Malone, Chisholm) Year 7 Camp - Return Group 1 (daVinci, MacKillop, Gandhi) Thurs 27 Upper Hume Swimming Carnival Fri 28 Year 7 Camp - Return Group 2 (Hollows, Malone, Chisholm)

    Week 6 2 - 5 March Wed 4 CCW Assembly Week 7 9 - 13 March Mon 9 Labour Day Public Holiday - No school Courage to Care Exhibition commences

    Week 8 16 - 20 March Wed 18 daVinci Community Day Malone Community Mass Fri 20 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence Courage to Care Exhibition concludes

    Jumper Presentat ion, page 6

    Jumper Presentat ion, page 6

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    RITE Journey, pag e 6

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    Swimming Carniv al, page 7

  • - 2 - CCW News - Edition #3 - February 27 2020

    Principal’s pulse Dear Community, Greetings from Year 7 camp at Harrietville! One of the pure joys of being involved in education is having the opportunity to participate in Year 7 camp. The excitement that the students and staff show through these first camps is always a joy. We get to see our students make new friendships and consolidate old ones. We also get to see them participating in activities which allow them to come together as a whole group. I’d like to thank Sam Russell and a large number of staff who currently are on camp since Monday and those who are coming in the second group today. My role here on is to conduct our Ash Wednesday Liturgy with all Year 7 students. For some of the students this will be their first opportunity to experience an Ash Wednesday Liturgy, and I use this opportunity to explain the role Ash Wednesday plays in commencing the Lentin season. This is a great opportunity for students, staff and our community to consider how we can reflect on the message of Lent. Lent is a period of preparation as we move towards Easter. Periods of preparation in the case of Lent, involved sacrifice. Sacrifice can not only mean giving up things, but also giving things. Our community has gone through an incredibly difficult time over the Christmas period due to the bushfires and as a community we have participated in a number activates supporting those impacted. As we move into Lent this is an opportunity to consider how we may continue to support those impacted, but also what we can do with our own families as we prepare for the death of Jesus at Easter. Today, placing the ashes on each student and staffs’ forehead is a sign that we move into this significant period in our church. I feel privileged to share this story with our students through todays liturgy.

    CEW Conference

    On Friday, 8 May all CEW schools will participate in a student free day. This will be the third CEW conference we have hosted in the past seven years. This year’s conference will have 24 presenters from across Victoria and New South Wales, with Greg Miller (current principal of St Luke’s Marsden Park), as keynote speaker. We envisage that at least 350 educators from CEW schools, schools in NE Victoria and Southern NSW will be joining us for this day. The theme of the conference is Learning for 2032. Foundation students this year will complete their education in 2032 and the focus is on the skills we believe students will need to be successful once they complete their education with CEW. This is a great opportunity to showcase our approaches to education and to continue to explore how we evolve as a school community in the years to come.

    Paul Browning “Principled”

    This Friday I am attending Paul Browning’s book launch of “Principled” in Brisbane. Over the last few years I have used Paul’s “A Compelling Leadership” as a resource for our own Leadership Team. Paul’s school received the award for Australia’s Number One School in 2019, and has been a very important sounding board for us as we move towards a vertical learning structure. Paul has invited me to speak to his learning leaders to explore our approach towards a vertical learning structure. Whilst I am there I will be discussing how they approach entrepreneurship with his learning leaders and exploring how they teach creativity, which we know both of these skills have been listed by the Australian Government to be key skills for students in the 21st century. Happy days, Darta

  • - 3 - CCW News - Edition #3 - February 27 2020

    admin newS Learning Walks

    Learning walks are designed to give prospective members of our community a real sense of what a day in the life of a Catholic College student is. They are conducted by either the Principal or a Deputy Principal. Those members of our community who choose to engage in the activity have an opportunity to see how we utilize all areas of our school site. The important part of the conversation is also around our future, and many of the new initiatives and ideas will be discussed in these walks.

    The second walk for Term 1 is on March 12 at 4.30pm. These walks will cover conversations on our broader strategic direction and parental engagement: what families can do to further engage in the learning of their child at home. Please contact to book. The group will be at capacity with 10 participants.

    Simon Everywhere

    As previously advised, the College is making extensive use of PAM (Parent Access Module) for communication and infor- mation sharing with families. In addition to PAM, we encourage families to download the SIMON Everywhere App. De- signed in close consultation with SIMON Schools, the SIMON Everywhere app delivers PAM accessibility with easy login using existing PAM credentials, plus the ability for parents to communicate directly with teachers via the Learning Area menu.

    Internet Certificate Information Updated: 12/08/2016

    This document explains how to log in to the SIMON Everywhere application

    To download SIMON Everywhere for Android & iOS devices: Open Google Play / App store and search SIMON Everywhere and press install.

    Once you have downloaded SIMON Everywhere you will sign in with your phone number.

    Once you have signed in you will be met with the welcome screen. At the top right there should be a button to bring out the side menu.

    In this menu, select Add School and it will load up a list of schools. Choose Catholic College Wodonga.

    You will have to log in here with your PAM username and password supplied by the school.

    Once logged in, press the menu button in the top left again and it will have new options to navigate the system.

    The default screen “Home” will show your children’s details, the knowledge bank, school links, and daily messages.

    internet certificate information

    Internet Connection Information Updated: 23/08/2019


    SIMON Everywhere Updated: 21/11/2019

  • - 4 - CCW News - Edition #3 - February 27 2020

    student development

    Alinta - The uniform shop

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: DELAYED ORDERS Due to the recent coronavirus we are expecting a delay in the delivery of some uniform orders. We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our production team while at the same time working on fulfilling orders as soon as possible. The majority of Winter Uniforms are in stock and can be purchased as normal. We advised that there will be some delays and some winter stock items will not be delivered until Term 2. Further updates will be provided as we progre