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  • 1. So We Have To Use SOAP!? Trent Johnson @trentio
  • 2. What is SOAP?
  • 3. Simple Object Access Protocol A protocol specification for exchanging sturctured information in the implementation of WebServices that uses XML format and usually uses HTTP or SMTP for message negotiation. Allows for namespacing Flexibility
  • 4. Parts of SOAP Envelope - Required Identifies the XML document as a SOAP message. Header - Optional Passes along application level info that is processed by SOAP nodes along the way Body - Required The information on the message that you are trying to send Fault - Optional Error and Status information
  • 5. Example SOAP Request ?m eso=10? sa:neoe mn:op"tp/www.r/030/opevlp" sa:edr . o euiy.. /:euiy sa:oy oerd lz vlsaCin =nwWsoplet{ vrie ay a oplet e sSaCin } tatOropletetnsSa1Cin { ri uSaCin xed op1let oerd dfrqetepnebd:NdSq vrie e eusRsos(oy oee, haes NdSq edr: oee, soe Nmsaeidn, cp: aepcBnig ades UI drs: R, wbehd Srn, eMto: tig ato:Oto[R]: cin pinUI) Ete[op1al[eal,(oee ihrSa1FutDti] NdS q NdSq]={ , oee) sprrqetepnexlihoseNmsae ue.eusRsos(mWtHitdaepc, haes+ scrtHae,..) edr + euiyedr . } } lz vlscrtHae = }
  • 20. Security Header (cont.) tatProiLouSrie3{ ri eidcokpevcV piaeti]vlsrie=(e Proitbeop2idns rvt[hs a evc nw eidcalSa1Bnig wt OSaCins ih uoplet wt saabDsacHtCins{)s ih clx.ipthtplet }. evc rie dfgttm( ={ e eAos) / terqetwl cnanorhae nw / h eus il oti u edr o vlfutrtm =sriegttm( a alOAos evc.eAos) futrtm.ih.a(alTProiTbeal) alOAosrgtmpfutoeidcalFut .etmpaoRsosTEeet lf.a(tmepneolmn) } piaeti]dffutoeidcalFutfut FutAy)= rvt[hs e alTProiTbeal(al: al[n] mpig o u oes piaeti]dfaoRsosTEeetaos GttmRsos)= rvt[hs e tmepneolmn(tm: eAosepne mpig o u oes }
  • 21. Pitfalls We Have Encountered Sax Parsing Errors Happens when the service you are connected to does not adhere to the wsdl that you are using Timeouts We ended up writing a nice little wrapper around API requests to catch the timeoutErrors and handle them appropriately
  • 22. We're Hiring Talk to one of the guys here from banno