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  • 1. ObjectiveBy the end of this session you will: Understand the different stages of the UbD model Understand the role that the Quizlet tool has in teaching students and performing assessments

2. What is UbD?Backwards designTeaching for understandingWorkings towards big ideasHaving clear learning goalsCreating assessments for studentlearning 3. 3 Stages of UbD1) Establish goals2) AssessmentEvidence/Performance Tasks3) Learning Activities 4. Stage 1:Goals/ObjectivesWhat are the desired results? Student will understand key Spanish terms Student will know better methods of studying through Quizlet 5. Stage 2: AssessmentAcceptable evidence based onassessment1. Students must pass the games at the end of the chapter to continue to the test.2. Students must pass the Quizlet test on the terms to show mastery of terms. 6. Stage 3: Plan LearningExperiences Knowledge/skills needed to achieve outcome: 1. Student will have a better understandingof weaknesses through learning. 2. Teacher can adjust lessons toconcentrate on particularsubjects/terms. 7. OutcomesThis design effectively shows studentslearning goals and allows them to setpersonal goals during assessment.Quizlet offers accurate and immediatefeedback for both students and teachersto use.