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Sanskaar & Festivals. Sanskaar. Sanskrit Description Word Sanskaar = Sam + Kran + Ghan Meaning : To construct in well defined manner According to Shashtra Rigved : Rigved is the first to use sanskaar where it is used for Purity & Sacredness. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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    SanskaarSanskrit Description

    Word Sanskaar = Sam + Kran + Ghan

    Meaning : To construct in well defined manner

    According to ShashtraRigved : Rigved is the first to use sanskaar where it is used for Purity & Sacredness.Sanskaar prakash : Required qualities in Body and Soul can be fulfilled by following process explained in shastra known as sanskaar. Medini Kosh : Effort + Experience + Mental Action = SanskaarShathpath Brahmin / Chandyog Upnishad : Sanskaar is Cleanliness and PurityJamini Mimansa : For Brightening.

    Since then onwards the word Sanskaar is used with full of Meaning & Science. |

    Common Acceptable Definition

    Sanskaar is a process by which a person OR element become useful.

    Sanskaar is a process which give capability.

    Sanskaars are of two types Brahm Sanskaar : One nurture qualities of Rishis.Dev Sanskaar : One nurture qualities of Devta.

    Chemicals are form by processing through various furnace temperatures and then expensive materials are obtained. Human are also went through various spiritual treatments to obtain Divinity |

    Process for Sanskaar

    Education & inspiration


    Mantra Chanting

    Hawan |

    Shodash SanskaarGarbhdhan Punswan Simant unnayanJat karm , NamkaranNishkramanAnnaprashanChudakarmKarnvedhUpnayan, Vedaarambh/vidyaarambh , SamavartanVivahGaharypath Aahvaniy Dakshinagni |

    Sanskaar According to Yug Nirman YojnaPunswan : Garbhdhan * Punswan * Simant unnayan *Namkaran: Jat karm +Namkaran+NishkramanAnnaprashanMundan : ChudakarmDeleted* KarnvedhVedaarambh/vidyaarambhUpnayan,, Samavartan = YagyopavitVivahVanprasth Anteshti Marnotar Gaharypath * Aahvaniy *Dakshinagni |

    Two New Sanskaar : From Yug Nirman Yojna Birthday Sanskaar (Janmdiwas)Expanation of 5 elements of bodyExplanation of Deep.Explanation of SoulLeaving one bad qualities and vow for accepting new good quality Blessings from all relatives friends

    Marrige Anniversay Sanskaar (Vivah diwas)PanigrahanGranthibanddhanSaptpadiVow of Bride and GroomBlessings from all relatives and friends. |

    Birth Day Celebration (Deep Yagya) (Seven Step Celebration)

    Solution for Global WarmingDev Awahan5 Element Teaching(earth water air fire ether)Deep TechingLeaving one negative habit and accepting one positiveGayatri Mantra and Mahamritunjaya jap with swaha Ashirwad shower by flowers and akshatshantipath |

    Marrige Anniversary Celebration. (Deep Yagya) (Seven Step Celebration)

    Solution for Rising Divorce rate/ Lack of Family Values/ Tension / Depression Dev AwahanGranthi bandhan (teaching of 5 element : haldi money durba akshat flower)Var vadhu pratigya (9 oath for both)Aekikaran (Two deepak join together and become one & convey message of support)Gayatri mantra and mahamritunjaya mantra ahuti with swahaAshirwad shower by flowers and akshatShantipath or Concluding part

    Concluding Part Aarti Swastivachan Surya arg danShanti path |

    FestivalsDefinition : Festivals are Social Sankaar Process.

    Explanation : A man can be made divine by his own sanskaars then comes family sanskaar(Vivah) and then Society Sanskaar (Festivals) |

    Types of FestivalsSamajik :


    Sadhna : Navratri is Sadhnatmak |

    How to Celebrate FestivalsPreparation for particular Inspirational teachings, Image of energy source.Warm up by shatkarmAawahanTeachings from particular festivalYagya |