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  • 1. Describing Events, Festivals and Ceremonies When writing about a festival or ceremony you should give the reader a clear picture of the event, along with descriptions of the atmosphere, the people involved and their feelings. Festivals are annual events. Therefore, when describing a festival, the present tense should be used. The passive voice should also be usedto describe the preparations that take place1. Brainstorm your descriptionThink about the following questions. Choose the points that are relevant to your essay. When and where is the festival celebrated? What does it look like? What activities are organized in the festival? Is it a religious festival? What is special or interesting about it? What can you do there? Do you recommend that people visit it?2. Structure1. In the first paragraph, explain when and where does the festival take place?2. In the next paragraph(S), give more information about the place both in general and in detail.3. In the last paragraph, say why you/other people like it.3. Content1. Give examples of the things /people can do in this place.2. Explain why this festival is interesting or important.3. Use a range of adjectives to describe the events and the atmosphere. 1

2. Describing Events, Festivals and Ceremonies 4. Write a first draft. 5. Check your work! Have you followed the plan? Have you checked it for mistakes? Have you used a variety of adjectives to describe the place? Do your sentences have a subject?GrammarDo your sentences follow English word order? Do your subjects and verbs agree?Useful links EXPRESSIONS (list of useful expressions and phrases)Every year, the people of.celebrate..People in Alcanar a big celebrationThis holiday is inIt is called. 2 3. Describing Events, Festivals and CeremoniesThe festival comes from an ancient custom ..In the evenings..Its a religious festival devoted toRead the following models and find out topic sentences which you canuse in your writing. My favorite celebrationMy favorite celebration is National Independence Day. It takes place onSeptember, 18 because in on this day the country started its independence.The National Day takes place in all homes of Chile. In this party all people havea right to participate. The people eat, dance, sing, participate in typical contests.The people eat turnovers, drink chica, eat barbecue, dance cueca, wear huasosuitanddress with flowers in allcolours.There are places where peas folkloricas and fondas takes place and there aremany typical food stalls. In this time of the year the people are happy and sharewith their families. There are typical games too. Other tradition is to put one flagto show love for our homeland.3 4. Describing Events, Festivals and CeremoniesModel 2HalloweenOctober 31 is Halloween. Halloween is a fun, joyful holiday, celebrated in manycountries around the world.Millions of children will enjoy dressing up as witches, ghosts, skeletons,superheroes, monsters and princesses at Halloween.They parade through the local streets, "trick or treating", while their parentskeep an eye on them to check that they are safe. When they knock on theirneighbours doors, shouting "trick or treat," they will usually be given candy or asweet treat of some sort, before heading off to the next house. Many adults willcelebrate Halloween by going to Halloween parties, while others will enjoytelling scary stories or watching a Horror movie to get into the spirit of things!The holiday comes from an ancient Celtic custom of celebrating the changefrom autumn to winter, known as All Hallows Eve. Celtic people believed thatthe spirits of the dead walked the earth and mingled with the living on that day.They would leave sacrifices of food for the spirits of the dead, and set fires toscare evil spirits away and keep them from doing harm to the living. The masksthat people wore on All Hallows Eve were meant to conceal their identity, andprevent bad spirits from playing tricks on them.4 5. Describing Events, Festivals and CeremoniesModel 3Thanksgiving in Canada & The USAThanksgiving is a Canadian and North American harvest festival and familyholiday. People in Canada celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday inOctober. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in theUSA.About ThanksgivingThanksgiving is a big family celebration.People travel from all over the country to be with their family for the holiday.Roads and airports get very busy over Thanksgiving weekend.Many big cities hold parades and other special events.The Thanksgiving MealThanksgiving was originally a Christian religious festival.Christian families often say a prayer (called grace) before eating theirThanksgiving dinner.Many non-Christians also enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving.Traditional Thanksgiving foods include turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce,sweetcorn and sweet potatoes.A sweet dessert called pumpkin pie is also eaten.5 6. Describing Events, Festivals and Ceremonies 6