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A presentation I wrot

Transcript of Samit Malkani_Digital Creative_Northpoint_Feb2012

  • 1. Digital Creative: Planning & Process Samit Malkani Creative Head aka Yoda Jack Jack In The Box Worldwide
  • 2. Todays Plan Module 1: Digital Marketing & Creative | The Creative Team | On The Job Break Module 2: Websites & Blogs | Content Strategy | Display Media Campaigns | On The Job Break Module 3: Five Tips For Digital Creatives | Q&A
  • 3. Module 1Digital Marketing & Creative | The Creative Team | On The Job
  • 4. A point of view.Digital Marketing & Creative
  • 5. What, according to you, is digital marketing?
  • 6. Digital marketing is, simply put,technology-enabled marketing.
  • 7. And it isnt rocket science.
  • 8. So lets look at communication differently.
  • 9. Content Is The New Communication Communication has moved from a 30-second ad to Content that can keep a viewers attention for minutes and have him coming back for more. Content could be anything: a tweet, a blog post, a TV show, a game, an app...anything that your audience want to consume, engage with and share, as opposed to have to. Audiences want content that informs and entertains. Increasingly, time spent on TV is decreasing in favour of time spent online, on a PC or your mobile/tablet. A brand that delivers great content to the audience in his/her preferred environment is a winner.
  • 10. Engage, Engage, Engage With digital marketing, you have the opportunity to go beyond a screen and into a consumers life. In fact, if you blend the real world and the virtual world, its more fun. The more fun it is, the longer your audience will stay with you. And the greater his/her chances of coming back.
  • 11. Build Influence And Youll Build Virality We live in an era where everyone has a voice, and nobodys afraid to use it. People have always wanted to talk to the brands they love and have the brand talking back to them. Now, as interactive audiences, they can. A TVC or a print ad offers no opportunity to start a conversation with a brand. But a post on Facebook or a tweet does. Give them content, engagement and an opportunity to talk back to you. The more you talk with your audience, the more you treat them like friends, the better the chances that they will talk well about you and help spread your message. In short, they will become your brands influencers your brands (unpaid and most faithful) ambassadors.
  • 12. Reward Your Audience What you need to remember is that your audience isnt panting in anticipation of the next ad or product message youre going to put out. Theyre looking foryou guessed itgreat content. Information, utility and entertainment. And, very honestly, theyre also looking for gratification. It could be freebies, merchandise, dinner with a celeb, or just fame! So when you plan your next digital campaign, make sure you reward your audience with information, utility, entertainment or gratification. Think of it as a small thank-you for spending their valuable online time with you.
  • 13. KLM
  • 14. Coke Village
  • 15. Kolaveri
  • 16. The Best Job In The World
  • 17. Understanding Digital Audiences
  • 18. You Get All Types SHARING CREATINGPARTICIPATING BROAD Curator Broadcaster Taste Maker Celebrity Syndicator Feeder Thought Leader Pundit Dabbler Conversationalist Socialiser NetworkerLISTENING FOCUSED Observer Explorer Activist Specialist CASUAL CONSISTENT
  • 19. Understanding Digital Platforms
  • 20. Art and Copy is just the beginningThe Creative Team
  • 21. The Structure Creative Director Content & CreativeDesigners Community Strategists Managers
  • 22. Creative Strategists These are the Mad Men of the team. They mostly come from advertising backgrounds, mainline and/or digital. They are responsible for leading the ideation, cracking the Big Idea and presenting work to the client. They work very closely with Content & Community Managers.
  • 23. Content & Community Managers The Jonah Jamesons and Perry Whites of the team. They typically come from Editorial and Social Media backgrounds. They are responsible for setting out the editorial strategy, generating content, seeding it and managing conversations around it. They work hand-in-hand with Creative Strategists.
  • 24. Designers The Da Vincis of the team. Typically come from either print or digital backgrounds, rarely both. They are responsible for communication design across various platforms, from Facebook tab to e-commerce website. They work very closely with the User Interface teams.
  • 25. The Support Ecosystem User Interface Designers Flash Developers Software Engineers
  • 26. The Creative Director Part Creative Strategist, Content Writer, Community Manager, Designer and User Experience Guy! He also needs to understand digital media, platforms and analytics. Loses hair faster than normal.
  • 27. A mock brief on which were going to practice what weve learnt.On The Job
  • 28. The Background The Indian Premier League is the worlds most-watched T20 tournament. It has embraced innovation, not just in terms of the cricket, but also in the way it is watched. Now in its fifth year, the IPL is looking to reach out to and engage with more audiences in newer ways.
  • 29. The Problem The BCCI would like to increase the engagement of cricket fans with the IPL. They want to drive more fans to the stadium, as well as more TRPs. They want to reach out and engage online with millions of fans who do not have TV or stadium access. This has to be drive monetisation of crickets wealthiest property.
  • 30. The Strategy To make the IPL a multi-screen event. While watching it at the stadium or on TV, people should be tuning in to parallel broadcasts online that will make watching the IPL even more fun and participative. There should be enough entertaining content for cricket lovers even after the game is over. We will be focusing on the Internet and mobile phones as our primary media.
  • 31. Welcome To Your Digital Agency Where youre sitting is your office. The four of you at your table will work together to crack every aspect of the brief. Your first challenge: to brand your digital agency.
  • 32. Module 2Websites & Blogs | Content Strategy | Display Media Campaigns | On The Job
  • 33. Websites & Blogs
  • 34. Step 1: Defining The Objective What does your client want to achieve? Establish and introduce his brand and product/service. Sell products online. Provide a digital