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Transcript of Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar

  • 7/31/2019 Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar


  • 7/31/2019 Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar


    About Us

    Personalized care is given to all our

    patients, which is also kept private and

    confidential taking into consideration their

    social status, psychological makeup andsocial environment. This helps by building

    confidence, trust, security and a positive

    attitude in the clients during treatment. KIC's

    resources and expertise has helped many

    couples realize their dream of having their

    own child, from various countries like India,

    US, UK, Australia and East Asian nations.

    We at KIC, provide you with the updated

    technology and expertise in field of infertility.

    With the help of world-class equipment and

    personalized care, our intent is alleviating

    infertile couples from the suffering of not

    bearing a child. We bring you the latest

    advances in infertility the world-over, through

    exchange of information and expertise with

    some of the leading infertility centers across the

    world. Thus, we have a constant flow of

    information on the recent advances in infertility

    in KIC, which ultimately helps patients attending

    our centre, to avail the latest technology, which is

    available in the western world to only the few


  • 7/31/2019 Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar


    Our Experts

    Dr Kiran D Sekhar, an eminent Gynecologist and Obstetrician.University Topper in her MBBS and also in her MD Post

    Graduate Examinations, she has a unique distinction of being

    awarded 11 gold medals. She worked as an Associate

    Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology in a Government

    Hospital and then worked as Head of Department at King

    Fahad Hospital, UAE for 4 years. Her presence in India, Middle

    East and several European countries is imminent for her

    pioneering work in the field of Infertility, and Test-Tube Babytechnology and Surrogacy.

    She then set up KIC and helped more than 3000 Couples

    achieve a pregnancy; KIC was the first to introduce the use of

    Color Doppler in the field of Infertility in South India. Also an

    expert in the field of Endoscopic Surgery and as performed

    more than 2000 Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopy Surgeries. She

    has trained more than 200 Gynecologists and several

    Embryologists in the field of ultrasound, IVF.

    She was Vice-President of Federation of Obstetrics and

    Gynecological Society of India, an Umbrella Organization for

    more than 20,000 Doctors; is a member of European Society

    for Human Reproduction and Embryology, The American Society

    for Reproductive Medicine. KIC under her leadership has been

    honored by the Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh for

    her outstanding work in the field of infertility. She is also a

    author in several local and national dailies.

    Team in KIC comprises of Dr. Samit Sekhar, Male Infertility

    Specialist, Director- International Surrogacy Program, Dr.

    Pratima Grover, Embryologist, Dr. Naresh Sekhar, General

    Physician all being among the best in their respective fields.

    Dr Kiran D Sekhar

    Dr. Naresh Sekhar

    Dr. Pratima Grover

    Dr. Samit Sekhar

  • 7/31/2019 Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar


    Services Offered & Facilities


    Ultrasound Facility: With facility of Diagnostic andIntervention, Ultrasound with the Color Doppler,APOGEE.

    Biochemistry Lab Facility IUI Facility: Separate Rooms to carry out IUI &

    Patient Recovery Rooms.

    IVF Lab Facility: Equipped with SophisticatedMicroscopes, Co2 Incubators, Laminar Flows andMicro Manipulators.

    IVF OT Facility: Ultramodern Theatre equipped forOocyte Pick Up & Embryo transfer.

    Cryopreservation Room: Equipped with EmbryoFreezer and Cryocans for Sperm and EmbryoFreezing.

    Operative Video Laparoscopy Facility: Facility withPCOD, Endometriosis and Fibriod removal,

    Periovarian and peritubal adhesions.

    Services Offered

    Surrogacy Infertility Counseling ART Procedure Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) IVF Procedure Micromanipulation ICSI (lntracytoplasmic sperm


    Blastocyst Culture Oocyte/Embryo Donation Cryopreservation Operative Video Laparoscopy Advanced Hysteroscopic surgery.

  • 7/31/2019 Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar


    Surrogacy Services

    IVF Surrogacy Processes Involved

    Screening of Clients suitable for IVF/Surrogate Parenting

    Selecting of the Surrogate Screening of the Surrogate Follicular Stimulation and Monitoring the Female Partner (Egg Provider) Synchronizing the Cycles of Surrogate and Aspiring Mother Building the Surrogate's Uterine Lining with Hormonal Injections Egg Retrieval, Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Management and Follow-up after the Embryo Transfer

    For more details on refer to our Surrogacy Program on our Costs for Surrogacy Services varies from Rs.1,250,000/-(Approx.

    USD25,000) to Rs.1,400,000/-(Approx. USD28,000) all charges included.

    Surrogacy Services (Third-Party Parenting)

    Ovum (Egg) Donation Classic Surrogacy IVF Surrogacy Embryo Adoption

    Third-party parenting offers tremendous hope for success for many couples who are

    unable to achieve pregnancy through conventional treatments. Third-party

    parenting is a collective term for Egg Donation, Embryo Adoption, Gestational

    Surrogacy, Donor Insemination, and Adoption of a Child. These procedures are

    options for the Infertile Couples to consider when the Woman, for some reason,cannot produce Healthy Eggs or the Proper Gestational Environment for a

    Pregnancy, or when the man cannot produce Healthy Sperm.

    In Classic Surrogacy, a healthy young woman (usually under 35) agrees with an

    Infertile Couple to be Artificially Inseminated with the Male Partner's Sperm, carry

    the Baby to Term, and then turn the baby over to the couple shortly after birth.

    IVF surrogacy involves the transfer of one or more embryos derived from the

    infertile woman's eggs and from sperm of her partner (or a sperm donor) into theuterus of a surrogate. In this case, the surrogate provides a host womb but does not

    contribute genetically to the baby. While ethical, moral, and medico-legal issues

    still apply, IVF surrogacy appears to have gained more social acceptance than

    classic surrogacy. We offer IVF surrogacy as an option in most of our programs.
  • 7/31/2019 Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar


    Advantage India

    World Class Infrastructure for traveling and easy access fromvarious European and Asian and US Cities

    Best of Hotels catering to clientele of different regions, countriesand cultures making your stay a comfortable one and one worth


    Internationally accredited medical facilities using latesttechnologies and equipment.

    Highly qualified Physicians / Surgeons and hospitals providingpersonalized care.

    Significant cost savings compared to domestic privatehealthcare. Medical treatment costs in India are lower by at

    least 60 80% when compared to similar procedures in USA,

    UK, and Australia.

    No Waiting Lists. Well Framed Immigration Laws World Class Security Infrastructure High English Speaking Population Density. Options available such as Private Rooms, Translators for various

    Languages, Private Chefs, Dedicated Staff during your stay and

    many other TailorMade Services.

    Easily be combined with a holiday / business trip.

    Benefits for Medical Tourists in India

    India, noted for its myriad variety of Cultures and Traditions is a

    Leading Player in World Arena of Medical Tourist/HealthcareFacilitation Industry. It is Increasingly Emerging as the

    Destination of Choice for a Wide Range of Medical Procedures.

    Surgical Procedures, Cost of Treatment along with an Indian

    Vacation and the Airfares from your Home Country to India, are

    often Substantially Lower than just the Cost of Treatment at

    Home considering the Costs in US, various European, East Asian


    Medical Tourists are looking at India for the World Class

    Treatments in Alternative Medicine, Transplant Surgeries,

    Cardiac Surgeries, and various other alternatives in Medicine.

    Why INDIA?

  • 7/31/2019 Sai Kiran Hospital & Kiran Infertility Center Pvt.Ltd - Dr Samit Sekhar



    A state of the art SEMEN BANKING UNIT, for the past four years has been

    helping give birth to the dreams of those seeking to become parents,

    offering a safe and scientific solution for male infertility.

    With the alarming spread of HIV and other STDs, the importance of using

    properly tested SPERM has a very important place in the management of

    male infertility. It also provides both donor and patients own semen

    samples, which will be ready for IUI, AND ALSO FOR IVF. They also have acryopreservation unit for freezing semen for patients wherein the male

    partner is living abroad!


    Came into existence a decade ago, MEDTROTTERS has indeed

    carved a niche for itself in this blo