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As some sisters had requested for the Salah Lapbook templates i have Alhamdulillah managed to put it up... Hope you will have a fun time teaching this and making this lap book with your little ones.

Transcript of Salah Lapbook

  • Salah Lap-book


    Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Ok These are the basic template stuff for the Salah lap-book.

    I tried my best to minimize the use of papers do its all kind of

    jumbled up

    Jus in case you are interested, you can take a look at the

    completed lap book at : http://just-mymommyandme-

    Hope Insha Allah you will benefit from this and May Allah guide us

    All.. Insha Allah

    If you are using this please make Dua for me and my family Insha


    Jazakallah Khair

    Sauda. Muhammed. Mubeen

  • The Five Daily

  • 12 3

    Getting Ready for Salah

  • Step By Step


  • 1.Begin with Bismillah 2.Wash your hands up to your wrists x 3

    (right & then left)

    3.Rinse your mouth x 3

    3.Breath water into your nose x 3

    4.Wash your face from forehead to chin x 1

    5. wash your arms up to your elbows x 3

    (right & then left)

    6.Wet your palms n wipe your head x 1

    7. Clean your ears with your pointers and the

    back with your thumb x 1

    8. Wash your feet X 3(right & then left)

  • '





  • Adhaan

    Supplication after the Adhaan

    The postures of

    How many


  • Fajr





  • ISHA

    What do we say inSalah??

  • Which

    direction does

    a Muslim face

    while offering


  • The Five Daily