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  • Saint Joseph Catholic Church

    Saint Joseph Catholic Church Rev. Matthew R. Larlick , Pastor

    The Rectory 721 Monroe Street Berwick, Pennsylvania 18603 May 27, 2018.

    Rossello Parish Office

    730 Washington Street Berwick Pa, 18603 (570) 752-7000 Hours: Monday—Thursday 9am– 4pm Closed Friday Office will be closed on Memorial Day

  • Parish Weekend collection May 20, 2018 Offertory: $ 4373.00 Vigil/Candles 98.00 Pentecost 1009.00 Air Conditioner 239.00 Thank you for your continues generosity!

    Rev. Matthew R. Larlick, Pastor 104

    Debbie Mowery, Administrative Assistant 101 Jill Trapane, Music and Choir Director 131 Diane Kowalski CRE 103 Mille Descul, Sacristan & Housekeeper 106 Gary Shields, Maintenance 141 Cafeteria/ Social Hall/ Kitchen 140

    Parish Staff



    We are currently looking to replace two teachers that are

    leaving at the end of this year and one teacher who left last

    year. Please consider sharing your talent and love of God

    with our children. Openings are in the 3rd through 5th

    grades. We would also love to be able to have a group of sub-

    stitutes and aides in our program as well, if anyone is inter-

    ested in serving in this capacity. Please contact us at the

    Church Office and we will welcome you with open arms!

    Phone: (570)-752-7000 ext 101 or 103

    Please pray for the safety of our men and women in the armed forces whether at home or abroad. Now serving:

    Ben Brown and the men of the 509th Infantry Regiment : Jamie Ferraro,US Navy and the Marines and Sail- ors aboard the USS Bataan and Steven Huntz, US

    Air Force; Ryan Kowalski, US Navy

    Our parish will participate in the Nescopeck

    Food Pantry . Parishioners may donate PASTA

    or MAC & CHEESE only, containers will be in

    the rear of the church. This will be our parish

    commitment for the future months. Thank

    You !

    Weekend and Daily Mass Schedule:

    Saturday afternoon: 4:30 PM Sunday morning: 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM

    Daily: Monday—Thursday 8:30 AM Friday 10:00 AM First Friday: 6:30 AM and 10:00 AM First Saturday: Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary at 8:30 AM .

    Rosary at 8:00 AM School Mass: Every Friday at 10:00AM during the

    school year Holyday Masses: Depends on the Feast and the day of the week. Please check the bulletin or call the office. Sacrament of Penance: Saturday at 3:30 PM.

    Religious Education for Public School Students

    K-8: Held on Sundays, during the academic year, from

    9:00 AM to 10:15 AM. Students are expected to be at class and Mass every

    weekend either on Saturday or Sunday. Religious Instruction for Adults: (RCIA) An ongo- ing process for individuals who may be interested in be- coming Catholic, or (at this time,) those who have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please contact the parish office. Sacrament of Marriage: A Catholic must be married before a priest or deacon and two witnesses to presume validity in the Catholic Church. The Diocese of Harrisburg requires at least one year notice to the parish and an in- structional period. Please call the parish office for more information. Sacrament of Baptism: For children under the age of seven please contact Father personally.

    Cong r a tu l a t i on s ! !

    F a t he r Dom in i c

    Mammare l l a i s c e l eb r a t i n g

    h i s 6 5 t h

    Ord i na t i on Ann i v e r s a r y

    o n Wedne sda y ,

    May 30 t h . P l e a s e j o i n u s a t

    t h e 8 : 3 0 am Ma s s .

  • Parish Prayer List— Please remember the

    people listed here in

    your personal prayers:

    Debi Adams

    Stewart Anderson

    Pia Buffone

    Dorothy Dalessandro

    Jane DeFebo

    Nancy DeMarco

    Gloria Dendler

    Diane Evans

    Steve Felix

    Connie Fetterman

    Cindy Gensel

    Barbann Gibbons

    Verna Grifasi

    Dot Harmon

    Diane Howell

    Beverly Hufford

    Dorothy Koscielski

    Tyler Labus

    Michael Labus

    Stephen J Lazar

    Stephen M Lazar

    Tim Legg

    Kelby Lindsey

    Paul Kocela

    Ryan Kowalski

    Nicole McCloskey

    Marie Montecalvo

    Lori Moran

    John Petruzella

    Nancy Procida

    Jerry Prushinski

    Julie Rishkoski

    Gabe Scala

    Rick Tejpaul

    Christopher Turner

    Christopher Urban

    Mariann Waselus

    Jaime White

    Elijah Wolfe (child)

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    Votive Offerings Sanctuary Lamp: Birthday Antionette Montecalvo/ Annette Brennan

    Our Lady of Fatima : + Karen Lylo / Phyllis DiBasttista Saint Anthony: 50th Wedding Anniversary Tom and Flavia Robsock / Dolores Norce Sacred Heart of Jesus : + MaryLee Scala / Roseanne Minier Infant of Prague : + Angeline George / Phyllis DiBattista Stations of the Cross:

    • +Lorraine Lovecchio / Katie Pasak Eckhart

    • + Rose Bujno / Katie Pasak Eckhart

    • + Ron Jones / Frances Doran

    Schedule’s June 2 / 3

    Lector Altar Servers

    4:30 PM Patsy Bowers Cerminaro’s

    8:30 AM Cos Curry Daniel Miller,Rocco Romeo

    10:00 AM Carol Mahoney Cole Phillips ,

    Rachael Barnes

    ~~~~~KEEP THE DATE~~~~

    **************** Ladies Council Annual Picnic, Monday June 11th @ 5 PM. at Saint Joseph Church Pavilion . All women of the church are

    invited, please bring a covered dish .



    June 16th starts at 8 AM— Price $7.00 adults/4.50 kids