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HOUSE KEEPINGBarrier creams: a little dab will do! Dermatitis really gets under your skin; protect yourself. Industrial hygiene affects everyone. Some food for though: Wash up before eating. 1 A clean and safe work area is a step in the safe direction. A cleared work space is a safe work place. A droopy safety score will soar at a winner's pace when you make your personal space a safer place. A job is not complete until the site is clean. Remove all safety hazards around and in between. A messy station may lead to hospitalization. A naily board shouldn't be ignored! A quick clean-up is all it takes, to stay away from big mistakes. A safe work place can disappear with trashy habits. A cleaner place is a safer place. A dirty workplace only leaves Broom for improvement. A friend or co-worker might get bitter, if he trips and falls because of your litter. A mess on the floor is something you should never ignore! A nail you forgot to bend may get you in the end. A place for everything and everything in its place. A safe clean place puts a smile on everyone's face. A sloppy housekeeping tradition may be fuel for ignition. Clean up your act and wash hands after all lab work. Dine out, not in the laboratory. Save your skin; use proper industrial hygiene. The proper protection prevents infection.

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SAFETY SLOGANSA tidy work environment is a safety requirement. Accumulation of litter attracts unwanted critters. Allow this worker to keep on strutt'n. Keep the floor clean so he'll slip on nutt'n.


Aim to be neat, safety can't be beat!

Although housekeeping can be a real pain in the butt, somebody has to do it! An emergency can be stopped with a clean and tidy shop. An uncovered hole can take its toll on some unsuspecting soul. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; a clean workplace is a must. Avoid a first aid scene; keep your job site clean. Avoid distress, clean up your mess. Avoid the trip you don't have to take; prevent accidents with good housekeeping. Bad work habits breed bad safety records. Be sure to plan your chart for success; never work around a mess. Being a slob can burn up your job; keep it clean! Being untidy is a safety sin; be sure your waste goes in the bin.

An area full of clutter might result in profane mutter. An uncluttered work area is a safe work area An unsafe environment could result in early retirement. Avoid a crash and pick up the trash. Avoid all fall-ty habits; keep good housekeeping. Avoid pain and stress; don't work in a mess. Avoid the wails, pull those nails. Be in control of your work space; put tools back in their proper place. Before you clean, have a look around. Make sure you look both up and down. Being unaware of exposed sharp nails, may result in painful tales. By working in a mess the only things you gain are injuries and a lot of pain.

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SAFETY SLOGANSClean it up! Don't wait! You'll never know until it's too late! Clean up and care, will speed up repair. Clean up as you go. The mess you left behind may nail you in the end. Clean up so everyone can see, to prevent a time loss injury. Clean up your worksite or it can hurt you in the end. Cleaning up is the strongest defense against accidents. Clean-up is important. No butts about it! Clutter causes casualties! Cover your rear. Keep the workplace clear. Diligence to cleanup should be commended. But awareness of all hazards is highly recommended. Don't be a slob; clean up after each job. Don't be mean; work as a team. Don't get hooked on bad housekeeping habits. Don't get nailed, for safety's sake clean up now!


Clean up accidents and scrub out hazards. Clean up as you go, and you'll live to be a pro. Clean up or slip up; it's your choice. Clean up your dirt and you won't get hurt! Cleaning up by all can prevent a trip or a fall. Cleaning up while you work, adds that extra Safety perk. Clean-ups can prevent floor level falls. Cords and boards, hammer and nails... always be sure safety prevails. Danger is near if your path isn't clear. Don't allow your staff to say, you should've put this hazard away! Don't be a slob when you're doing a job. Don't forget to remove protrusions. This could lead to serious intrusions. Don't get nailed for leaving a mess. Don't get spiked, make housekeeping liked.

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SAFETY SLOGANSDon't get tripped up by untidy areas.

PBS KUMAR Don't ignore any hazards on your floor.

SHOE SAFETYA safe boot is a secure boot. Tie it up. A steel toe takes a lot of wear and tear, but it still requires the proper care. Always be straight-laced on the job. An untied lace may land you on your face. Avoid the crunch; wear safety footwear. Avoiding slips, trips and falls, is a matter of taking the proper safety steps. Be on your toes; wear your safety shoes. Be sure of what you wear. Foot protection is important. Before going on the site lace up tight! Better to be laced up than face down! Boot out unsafe acts - tie your laces. Boots neatly tied protect your stride. A secure lace could save your face. A sure-footed choice is proper footwear. An inch of prevention is worth a foot. Avoid foot woes; lace up those steel toes. Avoid total loss - wear foot protection. Be in the know; always wear steel toe. Be strait-laced about safety boots. Be sure your laces are tied or you may hurt more than your pride. Being light on your feet shouldn't mean losing your toes! Wear your safety boots. Beware! Have the right pair! Boot up with safety; they are the only feet you have. Boots with steel give your feet safety appeal.

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Crushed toes; no safety shoes, I suppose. Do it right; tie 'em tight. Don't be caught singing the blues; put on your safety shoes. Don't be one foot away from finishing your job; wear foot protection. Don't get the compensation blues; always wear your safety shoes. Don't let laces be your downfall. Follow the path to safety; use your safety shoes. For feet's sake! Wear foot protection. Get a leg up on steel toes. Get your kicks by giving unsafe practices the boot. Giving the boot to hazards in the workplace can be as easy as tying your shoelace! Guess who's footing the bill for your injuries - you!

Dangling laces create accident cases. Do you have a firm grip on slips and falls? Use your foot protection. Don't be in the wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong shoes. Don't cheat; protect your feet. Don't leave any loose ties when it comes to safety. Don't slip up; choose the right safety shoe. Foot loose, laces free, could cause a catastrophe. Get a grip on proper foot wear. Get safety off on the right foot with the proper Personal Protective Equipment. Give accidents the boot.

Guard your feet - you have a lot riding on them. How do you stand up to hazards? with your safety shoes!

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MATERIAL HANDLING - SAFETY TIPSA blocked view is not good for you. A forklift with more than it can hold is a danger to you and the load. A secure load makes for a safer road. A stack too tall is bound to fall. Adjust your load if you can't see the road.

A pile in a jumble is sure to tumble. A stack that wobbles is sure to cause troubles. A stack too tall, is waiting to fall! An overloaded pallet could easily slip. Do not take short cuts to save a trip. Balance your load or get squished like a toad. Be safe, don't carry them all. Ask for help before you fall. Be sure your path and sight is clear when carrying a load from there to here. Blocked vision, bad safety decision. Blocking your vision could be a costly decision. Boxes too tall could make you fall! Carry objects so you can see or a statistic you may be.

Avoid a rumble; secure your bundle!

Be aware of the path you take. One more step could be a mistake. Be safe, stack right or you and others could be in for a fright! Before your oversized load slips stop... think... then make two trips. Blocking your vision can be a disastrous decision. Blocking your vision could be a costly decision. Building the right stack takes a load off your back. Check your cargo before it takes a crash on some driver's dash.

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ELECTRICAL SAFETY110 volts? 110 jolts! A breaker box is a useful tool. Be sure to use the left hand rule. A ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI could mean the difference if you live or die. A mind on safety would have the correct fix, plug in only two cords instead of six. Adding on to an unsafe situation can generate shocking results. Always keep current on electrical fire safety. Always think safety; don't overload plugs. An electrical octopus may be fast, but for safety reasons, it won't last. An extension of thought can dismiss an electrifying experience. An overloaded receptacle is not acceptable. Are you keeping current on electrical safety? Are your power tools grounded? Around electricity your best conduct is a safe one.

A faulty cord should not be ignored. A loaded-up outlet can burn more than a fuse, give it a break and don't over use. A simple tug on the plug will take the pow out of power. Always be aware if hidden wires are around or you just may wind up being the ground. Always remember to unplug first, or you may take a ride in a hearse. An electrical current can produce shocking results.

An electrical surprise could end in demise. An overload could result in a shock of your life. An overloaded recepticle is safety unacceptable. Are you plugged into safety?

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SAFETY SLOGANSArt learns the meaning of ground, twice!

PBS KUMAR Avoid getting the shock of your life; treat electricity with the respect it deserves

Avoid shocking experiences; replace damaged cords. Be aware when electricit