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S uper WIMP Dark matter. in SUSY with a Gravitino LSP. Shufang Su • U. of Arizona. J. Feng, F. Takayama, S. Su hep-ph/0404198, 0404231. ~.  th G    v -1  ( gravitional coupling) -2 (comparig to WIMP of weak coupling strength)   v too small - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of S uper WIMP Dark matter

  • SuperWIMP Dark matterShufang Su U. of ArizonaJ. Feng, F. Takayama, S. Suhep-ph/0404198, 0404231 in SUSY with a Gravitino LSP

  • Why gravitino not considered as CDM usually? However, gravitino can get relic density by other means SuperWIMP

  • WIMPSWIMPSM106WIMP SWIMP + SM particle FRT hep-ph/0302215, 0306024104 s t 108 s Gravitino LSP

    LKK graviton

  • Outline SWIMP dark matter and gravitino LSPConstraintsLate time energy injection and BBN NLSP gravitino +SM particle slepton, sneutrino, neutralino - approach I: fix SWIMP=0.23 - approach II: SWIMP=(mSWIMP/mNLSP) thNLSP Collider phenomenologyConclusion

  • SWIMP and SUSY WIMP SUSY case104 s t 108 sEllis et. al., hep-ph/0312262; Wang and Yang, hep-ph/0405186.~

    neutralino/chargino NLSPslepton/sneutrino NLSP BBNEM had

    Brhad O(0.01)

    Brhad O(10-3)

  • Constraints NLSP G + SM particles~ CMB photon energy distribution Big bang nucleosynthesisLate time EM/had injection could change the BBN prediction of light elements abundances

  • BBN constraints on EM/had injection EM,had=EM,had BrEM,had YNLSP Decay lifetime NLSP

    EM/had energy release

  • YNLSP: approach I slepton and sneutrino

  • Approach II: right-handed slepton

  • Approach II: sneutrino

  • Collider Phenomenology SWIMP Dark Matter

    no signals in direct / indirect dark matter searches

    SUSY NLSP: rich collider phenomenology NLSP in SWIMP: long lifetime stable inside the detector Charged slepton highly ionizing track, almost background freeDistinguish from stau NLSP and gravitino LSP in GMSB GMSB: gravitino m keV warm not cold DM

    collider searches: other sparticle (mass)

    (GMSB) (SWIMP): distinguish experimentally

    Feng, Murayama and Smith, in preparation.

  • Sneutrino and neutralino NLSP sneutrino and neutralino NLSP missing energy signal: energetic jets/leptons + missing energy angular distribution of events (LC) Does it decay into gravitino or not? sneutrino case: most likely gravitino is LSP neutralino case: most likely neutralino LSP Is the lightest SM superpartner sneutrino or neutralino? direct/indirect dark matter search positive detection disfavor gravitino LSP precision determination of SUSY parameter: th,


  • ConclusionsSuperWIMP is possible candidate for dark matter SUSY models SWIMP: gravitino LSP WIMP: slepton/sneutrino/neutralino

    Constraints from BBN: EM injection and hadronic injection need updated studies of BBN constraints on hadronic/EM injection Favored mass region Approach I: fix G=0.23Approach II: G = (mG/mNLSP) thNLSP Rich collider phenomenology (no direct/indirect DM signal)charged slepton: highly ionizing track distinguish from GMSBsneutrino/neutralino: missing energy stable or not?~~~


    SM energy distribution


    SUSY breaking scale